Meridian Hill Incident Update from MPD CMDR Diane Groomes (Not a Crime)

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It appears that no crime occured in Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park. However an individual did pass away as a result of falling and hitting his head. Please see the email from CMDR Groomes below:

“Sir…we had a male who was extremely intoxicated and left a club…he fell and hit his head and was able to get up and walk towards his home which is near malcolm x park…he eventually was found by his roommate in park and park pd handled incident and male was taken to medstar….eventually he was pronounced……no crime or assault…abra is being asked to investigate what actions club took when they put out such an intoxicated patron and their lack of calling the ambulance when he fell…..”

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  • How long until they find Darwin and arrest him….

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @Jax please be a little sensitive. This is someone’s friend that has passed away.

  • i’m glad to read that this wasnt an attack, but its still very sad.

  • @Pop I understand, but at the same time don’t have much sympathy for people who drink themselves into a state of intoxication whereby they are unable to help themselves. While I’m obviously not pleased anyone died, I thank God that this guy didn’t get behind the wheel of a car and exhibit further poor judgment.

  • Jax, you’re an ass****.

  • Seconded. Not cool, Jax.

  • So does that mean the crime problem isn’t as bad as everyone thinks?

  • Why would the city need to investigate the club? Did the club owner stick a tube down this man’s throat and force him to drink such large quantities of alcohol thereby leaving him unable to stand upright? Let’s let natural selection do its thing – if you are so stupid that you drink yourself into oblivion, you need to be taken right out of the gene pool!

  • Bars/clubs are sometimes legally responsible for continuing to serve someone who is obviously intoxicated. If the bar/club is going to make a profit getting people drunk, they have some responsibility to keep those drunks from hurting themselves and others.

  • Let’s also remember for a moment that we are all human and make mistakes. You do not know ANY of the circumstances surrounding this event, so to make a statement that you have “no sympathy” is ignorant. Keep your insensitive opinion to yourself and remember that friends of this person are reading this and they just lost a loved one.

    It must be a lot of pressure being that perfect Jax, I’m sorry you have to live like that.

  • I’m relieved to hear that it wasn’t a crime and saddened to hear what happened…not in that order. I’m also saddened that I live in the same community as the self-righteous a**hole that is Jax.

  • Oh for God’s sake. I’ve definitely been so drunk I’ve fallen down, and I’d venture to guess many people who comment on this blog have been as well. We’re all human and we all make mistakes. Stop judging this guy – this post was about PoP letting folks know there was no crime, not inviting people to hate on a guy who just passed away.

    My heart goes out to his friends – they must feel so awful.

  • Pretty sure that if that person had stumbled into traffic on their way home and the car that swerved to avoid them hit someone you loved you wouldn’t feel so sad. Also fairly confident that you don’t enjoy subsidizing health care for alcoholics.

    No one pours alcohol down your throat.

  • This is another blog post that underscores the importance of confirming crime reports before they are posted.

  • Take it to Church, Jax. You can’t think of one time when you exhibited poor judgment? Got a little too drunk? If so, change your name to Ned Flanders and move on.

    If not, then as has been said, you don’t know a damn thing about this. Maybe he just got dumped by his fiancee or his parents died in a plane crash. Maybe he wasn’t even all that drunk and couldn’t help himself as a result of hitting his head. You know nothing, and you’ve talked trash about someone you don’t even know who’s dead. Get a life and stop judging.

  • I am curious what bar or club is involved here. We need more details.

    We have all made mistakes where we drank too much when we were young and none of us paid for those mistakes with our lives.

    One time, and this will bother me to this day, I had like 4 beers after a truly terrible day at my internship and then realized that I was the one who drove and all my friends drank too. We walked like 5 blocks to get pizza at midnight, ate pizza, walked all the way back to the car, walked around, threw cold water on our faces, drank entire big gulps, etc. Literally spent 3 hours in Northwest until like 1am before my buddy was ok enough to drive us home. It sucked! Worst night ever and never, ever made such a mistake again.

  • That’s some fine strawman beating, Jax. All you need is one more hypothetical for the trifecta you insensitive d*ck.

  • That said I am surprised about the reaction to Jax, nothing he wrote was that bad people! Who’s the Ned Flanders here, you or him? I don’t think it’s him.

  • I’m not defending Jax’s insensitivity, but it seems to me that the rest of you speculating on what happened to berate him, and all your hypos, are just as insensitive to those involved.

  • You’re right. Ned Flanders is actually a good guy. He wouldn’t judge someone he’d never even met, in circumstances he knew nothing about. Jax is both a goody two-shoes AND an asshole, and interesting combination. Probably a closet alcoholic, too.

  • jax,
    you’re embarrassing yourself. walk away.

  • Anonymous @2:10 I’m happy to take you to any number of real-life funerals and rehab facilities so you can see the effects of these “strawyman” arguments.

    As I said, I’m obviously not happy someone died, but I really reject the idea that this topic deserves posting 3X times in 24hrs by PoP, but we don’t get similar posts on drunk driving deaths.

  • Why do you need to know which club, Neener? So that you can stop going there? And instead patronize some bar that will be sure to nanny you and cut you off? I don’t think that would be a big selling point for a drinking establishment.

    If we go out drinking, we need to be able to count on our friends to take care of us and get us home safely. Not the booze-peddler.

    Also, where did this person fall FROM? The roofdeck? It seems unlikely (or perhaps incredibly unlucky) that a simple stumble/sprawl would cause a fatal level of head trauma.

    Very sad, all around.

  • I’m not saying that other events dont happen. I was just commenting on your first post that insinuated that this was due to natural selection. Just pretty tasteless when friends of this person are probably reading this.

  • This is why this blog shouldn’t try to report breaking news. Sad incident, but rampant speculation and fear mongering is not part of the beautiful life.

  • DC law requires bar managers to be trained and certified. The training includes recognizing when someone is so intoxicated as to be a danger to themselves or others.

    DC law also makes it an illegal act for a bar to sell alcoholic beverages to any intoxicated person or to any person who appears to be intoxicated.

    While some might like to live in a society that values “individual responsibility” above all else, that society ain’t here. Here, the culture and law requires that to some extent, we be our brother’s keeper.

  • @Anonymous 2:10

    I was referring to the fact that this was originally reported as a crime and that it was reported that he was attached (and thus, someone should be arrested in response). While I obviously am not happy someone died, as I said, I just thank God that it wasn’t worse.

    I get really frustrated when people absolve themselves or others of their responsibilities because they were drunk. Obviously, this is an issue to which I am extremely sensitive, perhaps overly so.

  • @Anon 2:20 – I disagree. This is not a newspaper. There is no expectation that anything you read is anything other than hearsay, and POP always says exactly how he got his information, be it an official source or “someone told me.” This is the picket fence.

    If you think he shouldn’t report anything that’s not been vetted in an official capacity, e.g. by news release, then there really wouldn’t be a lot of value would there?

    I hear about things here that I never, ever read about elsewhere, and when it comes to crime, I almost certainly hear about it here first. If you can’t take what you read here with a grain of salt, then that’s your problem, not POPs. The rest of us enjoy hearing about breaking news before the AP picks it up or it gets buried by the local press. I can handle things being wrong sometimes.

  • It’s nice that people stick up for this person that killed himself. Perhaps some of that compassion can be passed around to the kids that may have accidently cut down the tree, or who you feel are loitering around your house. After all – as was stated, none of us are perfect.

  • Tony, I considered posting a similar comment. It’s amazing how the facts involved can change the levels of sympathy and empathy from folks. Sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly.

  • jax – i’m sure you have never overindulged or otherwise acted less than 100% responsibly right? glass houses as they say.

    and to the others, yes, a club is actually legally responsible for the actions of their drunk patrons and can be guilty of manslaughter if a patron dies or kills someone as a result of being drunk. this is why clubs have drunk tanks instead of just kicking people out on the curb – though of course in practice this is not 100% well enforced by any means.

  • tony,
    judging things without a reasonable sense of them is not good.

  • “get really frustrated when people absolve themselves or others of their responsibilities because they were drunk.”

    I have not seen any comment from the deceased, or anyone else, to the effect that this was or was not his fault. Someone just died. Can’t you imagine for a minute that someone else might care, despite whatever flaws the deceased may or may not have had?

  • What I’ve learned today.

    Kids need supervision and accidents happen, even deadly ones.

    My heart goes out to this man’s family. No one should die alone in a park, no matter the cause.

  • I re-read my comment and it can come off as a bit flippant. I didn’t mean it that way in the slightest. I feel for the person that lost their life. I’ve wandered home many evenings after too many, and have always been lucky enough to make it home. I’ve also been guilty of slacking off at work (re: this post and others), hanging out where I wasn’t wanted, etc, like other people that have been blamed for on this site. We all have at some point, I think. Just something to ponder….

  • Wow – everybody take a breath. Sounds like a tragic accident, nothing darwinian or blame-ish about it but for our vast imperfect humanity. Years ago as a bartender I cut a guy off when I knew he was too drunk, took his keys and one of the waiters took him out and put him in a cab. He was a legit-type normal businessy guy, a semi-regular who just got, for whatever reason, blotto that night. He got out of the cab a few blocks away, no one knows why, staggered into an alley, passed out and froze to death.

    I also know of someone who was killed while waiting for a bus to church on Sunday morning when a retaining wall collapsed on top of her. Let’s have compassion for the loved ones and stagger a little more carefully ourselves.

  • Real quick….the guy who passed away was a friend of mine. He was the most model person you would ever want to meet. I hope to be half the guy he was by the time I die. Yes, he had a couple of drinks at a club and passed away. Is that any worse than skiing down an ice covered hill, slipping, hitting your head, and passing away? Is that any different than eating lots of fried food and dying of a heart attack several years later? This guy was a smart, caring, awesome human. If the world was full of people like him…it would be lots better.

    Jax, the anger inside of me wants to ask you to get drunk, go skiing, or eat cheeseburgers until you die so we can all talk about how worthless you were. I have no sympathy for people who talk before they think. If you think this guy was dumb and deserved what he got…then I can only assume that you are the perfect individual….you never take chances/have fun….

    The man who passed–he wasn’t a kid–would HATE for the bar to be held responsible. He would take full responsibility for his actions. Again, he was an amazing guy, and he would upset if he knew the bar was being investigated.

    On that note…if you people up here would relax your alcohol laws, it would get safer. For some reason, there’s this push to get wasted because you know “last call” is coming up. Why can’t we just go out have some drinks, socialize, enjoy music, you know….like the rest of the non-protestant world? Get rid of last call. Keep bars open all night. Have more entertainment at bars to keep people coming for the music and people….NOT THE DRINKS! The drinks just compliment the party. Again, Jax…..please think before you speak.

  • Just because the police report says he fell doesn’t mean he fell. Hasn’t anyone seen “The Wire”?

  • What a sad and awful situation, and an untimely death for a young person. We should all take this to heart and head, and keep it in mind when watching out for our friends on nights out.

    Those two sentences should just about cover it, no? No need for the cruelty and judgment. Really.

  • Prince, thanks for following up on the original story. That sort of diligence is appreciated. Condolences to the deceased as well.

  • Thank you, nolame, for bringing some sanity to this conversation. And sincere condolences for the loss of your friend.

  • I am pretty sure he did NOT fall and hit his head. He was also a friend of mine, he was put in a cab at 1230, why would he end up in the park. I know him, something is not right here. Don’t judge. He was an amazing person.

  • I also knew this person and his death is so shocking to me because as others have said, if you were lucky enough to know him, you knew he really was amazing and one of the most genuine good-hearted people you could ever hope to meet. I am not just lifting him up in death, I said those same exact words just a few weeks ago when talking with a friend about him. I also hung out with this man on several occasions and I NEVER saw him in a situation where he could not handle his alcohol. I agree with Andrea, something is definitely not right here.

    @Jax-perhaps you should be naturally selected to die before you have the chance to procreate. Your complete lack of compassion and disregard for human life are NOT what we need to inject into the gene pool.

  • Have the news stations acknowledged the incident yet?

  • Why do you need to know which club, Neener? So that you can stop going there? And instead patronize some bar that will be sure to nanny you and cut you off? I don’t think that would be a big selling point for a drinking establishment.

    Dude, you are fantasizing about other people online behind your keyboard.

    I stopped drinking at age 30 and don’t go to any bars.

    I think if a patron falls and hits their head within the view of the club there are moral good Samaritan ideas or rules that should require the door staff to call an ambulance so that someone doesn’t die.

  • perhaps some of that compassion can be passed around to the kids that may have accidently cut down the tree, or who you feel are loitering around your house.

    I don’t believe for one second that the kids who cut down that tree did so accidentally and if you think so, I have zero respect for your naive little Kansas attitudes.

  • I am sorry for the people who lost their friend, but it is really unfair of you to try to put your personal feelings about this person onto us commenting on such a story divorced from the individual involved. Jax didn’t write anything wrong or bad and in time you will grow to recognize that in the vast realm of all that is wrong with the world, it’s important to focus on what’s important to you.

    You have a friend who died. That is really sad. I tend to believe the poster who suggests that the individual was put into a cab and ended up in the park more than I believe the original story. I think you should fight to get to the bottom of what happened and continue to follow up with the police detectives. When people describe this person in glowing terms of his friendship and goodness I fear that means someone wasn’t streetwise. Now is the time for you to contact POP and make the change that is necessary to avenge this person’s death.

    Targeting people who didn’t know him reflects badly on you, as if we’re supposed to know this guy and react in ways that are ok by you or by him. I don’t give a rat’s ass if he didn’t want the bar to get in trouble here- it has nothing to do with him and while my comments may shock and upset you, in time you’ll come to realize that our reaction to his has nothing to do with him because we had no idea who he was and you have to accept that. Divorce yourself from our comments in the same way you divorce yourselves from the problems in Rwanda. That is how to survive this.

    I read with interest the comments from the person who mentioned the “Last Call” concept. For this person their last call came the night they died. This is god’s way of telling all of you to stop drinking. Listen to the meaning of these incidents in your life. Death is a big flashing warning sign.

  • I never have understood the “nanny” arguments. People don’t want a “nanny” bar, or a “nanny” state.

    To me, I think we should ALL be nannies, all the time. Humans don’t live in isolation from one another. We should all be taking care of each other, being our brothers’ keepers. If a bar is going to serve alcohol, that bar has a social responsibility (and a legal one) to watch out for its patrons, within reason.

  • “I stopped drinking at age 30 and don’t go to any bars.”

    Maybe take a step back and fix yourself a drink?

  • it would great if there was a talk show with Neener, jax and monkeyrotica.
    we could cal it The Park View, or PoP Off, or something. monkeyrotica can come up with the name.
    there would be special guest like neeners punk rock friends. they could talk about how hard they try, but no one else does, but its okay because they’ve got solutions and they’re here to teach you. all of them would use the word “i” about a millions times per episode. and they’re cool, cuz like, they make more money that you. you lazy shit. go straightedge! grrrr.

    jax could recall his/her tale of sadness involving alcohol/drunken driver, then be a shithead toward everyone else that even dares to take a cab while drunk. no mistakes! no sympathy! poor me! ( and to be fair, it probably is a sad tale that deserves sympathy) and watch as he/she magically transforms the tragic tales of others into the miseries of his own life. but fuck you because you dont understand him, and have you read any ayn rand?
    monkey could just say stuff about weird food +bodily fluids/semi solids +trivia from the dc he remembers. and safely never say anything that has value. but there will be words you’ll have to look up. and we’ll laugh, cuz jokes about mumbo sauce and jizz and trannies are always funny. he’ll always be eating some chili from bens. or an awesome sandwich from some place you’ve never heard about that may or may not still exist in a neighborhood you didnt know existed 5 years ago. thank god for blogs.

    all in all it will be a goodhearted educational show. we’ll laugh we’ll cry. we’ll learn a thing or two. all comments would be all call-ins from hipsters like us ( no of course not YOU) , cuz we like to say absurd and sarcastic things. we’ll invite all the commentors from dcist to be the live audience. but we’ll make fun of them. i’m sure target has all the stuff we need to start.or.. are we too cool to shop there? or too cool not to be too cool to shop there.. i can’t keep up. maybe we’ll film it in a booth seat at Ruby Tuesdays.
    PS, sorry i had to partake in the sarcastic pipe. carry on.

  • that is seriously an awesome idea. PoP you should get those three together and film this. The perfect counterpoint to PoPTrekker – like “The View” from the Comments.

  • Ah, I love blog comments. What did we ever do before they were around. I feel so refreshed after reading hundreds of them each day. Ahhhhhhhh

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