Free Pedicab Rides Fri. and Sat. Nights From Wonderland to Looking Glass Lounge (or Vice Versa)

Pedicab, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to Rose for sending the photo and providing some info:

“So it’s a free ride (tips appreciated) from Wonderland (11th and Kenyon) to Looking Glass Lounge (Georgia and Princeton) back and forth. There are two pedicabs that circulate. One only does the WL and LGL route while the other is open to the possibility of doing other short neighborhood runs meaning Columbia Heights and parts of Mt. Pleasant, Petworth, Adams Morgan but its up to the drivers discretion. In short there is one pedicab that does the loop and the other does the loop and possible other “area” locations. For the other area locations they have to pay and that rate is based on the driver.”

This is a pretty cool idea.

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  • Sweet idea!

  • Awesome idea. As a community we should support this eco-friendly means of shuttling us boozehounds between tavern districts. I was in Charleston, SC recently and this was certainly the highlight of the trip. Great was to see the city!

  • would they take me home afterwards…I only live 5 blocks from LG? 😉

  • I’ve always been hesitant to use one of these pedicabs, mostly because I’d feel pretty lazy allowing someone else to haul me around under their own power, when I’m perfectly capable of walking. Then again, walking from Wonderland to the Looking Glass at 11 PM on a Friday night is probably a really bad idea.

  • So, getting driven on a bicycle will make you feel safer?

  • Seeing as I don’t patronize either of these places, but live near Looking Glass, perhaps I can take the Pedicab service from LGL to Room 11?

  • “For the other area locations they have to pay and that rate is based on the driver.”

    Really? There’s no standard rate for pedicabs? Why aren’t the fare rates regulated by the city like they are with regular cabs?

  • Yeah, no standard rates. Actually I think they have no rates at all and are technically “free” and the riders work for tips. This was discussed on one of the local bike blogs, and it sounds like a semi-shady thing to avoid either taxes/licensing or the kickback fees that the riders have to pay to the pedicab company they ‘rent’ the pedicabs from. There was a stink kicked up because the pedicabs were operating on the Mall and there’s some issue with soliciting on the Mall without proper permitting from NPS. Anyway, I’d love for one of the pedicab operators or riders to fill us in on how it all works, but it really sounds like they’re trying to stay below the radar and avoid getting mired in any taxicab or business license regulations.

    All that said, I love the idea – just wish everything was a bit more above board.

  • hmmm do i take the pedicab to see the surly ineffective staff at wonderland lounge or lookingglass lounge…wow tough choice.

  • what we definitely need is lots of involvement by the DCRA in this. Because the DCRA makes everything much better. Here’s to regulation!!!

  • ok, first of all. if you feel unsafe walking btwn. temperance (eff a LGL) & wonderland at 11pm on a friday you probably should leave the neighborhood for good. also, you are lazy if you cant walk for 7 minutes.
    and second of all, if you feel safer on one of those stupid bike cab things then you are crazy. lets see, a car could run it off the road, or someone could want to have a new ride to cruise the neighborhood in. shit i wanted to scare dude away when i saw one cruise up new hampshire recently. maybe next time.

  • Dude, that sounds fricken awesome. wonderland gets packed on the weekends, it’s nice to have an alternative. The burgers at looking glass are some of the best in the city!

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