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Dear PoP – DC Trash Collection Damaged My Brand New Car

IMG_4917, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

I am so livid right now I can’t tell if I want to yell or cry. I just brought a brand new Chevy Aveo yesterday. This is my first new car. It is obviously in pristine condition. Until the DC trash collectors came through this morning and collected the garbage. I park my car in a driveway off the alley behind my house. My car is always pulled in well out of the way of anyone driving through the alley. For the last few weeks I have noticed the garbage cans have become increasingly beat up after the garbage collectors come through. The cans are often broken and laying all over the alley so I have to actually get out of my car to move them before I can get to my house.

This morning I came out and there was a can laying down right next to my back bumper. I looked closer and there is a sizable scratch and chip now in the paint on the bumper of my day old car. I called 311 to find out how I can report this claim and they referred me to the claims department in the office of risk management. I called and there was no claims adjuster in the office at the moment. I have been promised a call back within the day though.

Have you gotten any other reports like these. Is this common? What can I do to make sure the message that this is not acceptable actually gets to the garbage collectors themselves and is not just tied up in the office of risk management. Is there someone else I should call and complain to?”

I’m very sorry to hear this. I’ve never owned a brand new car but can imagine how frustrating this must feel. I’ve always ascribed to the notion that cars will get dinged a bit in the city but so soon is understandable painful. Eventually your bumper is going to get dinged up. That just happens. I’m not sure it’s worth going through all the aggravation to fix this damage. I really hope that doesn’t come across as callous. I would be supremely pissed for sure. But this is gonna happen again. Though, it does look like the scratch on the bottom is pretty deep and might be worth fixing. Ed. Note: I’m very good at equivocating…

What do you guys think? Will the city pay to fix this? Anyone have a similar experience?

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