Dear PoP – National Night Out Casket Display and No DC Litter Laws – Can that be right?

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“Dear PoP,

This ghastly thing was on Columbia Rd. It was a trailer with glass enclosing a casket and the goriest pictures I have seen in my life of gunshot wounds to the face and torso. I asked Marco S., the DCPD liaison who organized the PSA 302 event on Columbia, if he had lined up the hideous casket ‘n’ blood trailer – he said he didn’t know who invited them, they just showed up!”

I actually think that could be a pretty good deterrent. What do you guys think – too graphic?

Also from National Night Out:

“Dear PoP,

Get this. MPD PSA 405 had a Night out event on the unit block of Buchanan St, NE tonight. One of the questions asked was related to littering. Did you know the city does not have a litter law? Yep thats right if you toss trash the street in front of a cop, they can’t do anything! The only law on the books is illegal to through trash from a moving vehicle. Apparently though, you can pull over and shovel trash out of your car on the curb and it is perfectly legal.

I am just stunned This is the national’s capital for goodness sakes.

I am writing my Councilmember.”

Is it possible that DC doesn’t have a litter law? That seems insane to me. I always thought they just weren’t really enforced but surely one has to be on the books – anyone know for sure?

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  • I thought that traveling casket was a new ad campaign for POPEYE’s, no?

  • I believe this is only partially true. DC has a Litter Control Administration Act, enacted in 1985, which established littering as a civil offense, punishable by fines and administered by the Department of Human Services.

    Mayor Anthony Williams attempted in 2000 and again in 2002 to criminalize littering and sent proposed legislation to the City Council for consideration. The City Council did not hold hearings nor did it vote on the matter.

    Harold Brazil followed up with similar proposed legislation later in 2000, and again it was not voted upon.

    Kwame Brown also introduced proposed legislation, with essentially the same language as Williams’, in 2006. The City Council website and legislation records indicate a hearing was held on June 26, 2006 but no vote was held on this proposal.

    In 2007, Kwame Brown introduced the Anti-Littering Amendment Act of 2008, which proposed to criminalize littering from a vehicle. Public hearings were held on Juy 13, 2007, and September 30, 2008. The council voted unanimously (except for Marion Barry, who was absent) in November of 2008 to pass the legislation. Under this law, MPD may issue a traffic violation to any driver found to be littering. The legislation does not apply to pedestrians.

    So we do have littering laws, just not always enforceable against all kinds of littering.

  • One word…UNBELIEVABLE! But, true.

    Once again, we can thank the councilmembers for their wisdom… Council decided the potential benefits of police issuing littering violations are not worth the potential costs. They would call this a cost $aving$ passed on to the residents.

    Please don’t spread the good word to the rest of the world. It will be our little secret.

  • one thought about the DC Police organized and sponsored Night Outs … is it only me who has a problem with that? so one of the most crime ridden blocks in the neighborhood gets a party thrown for them paid for by tax money. That after months and months of shooting. now I am all for outreach by the police and all of us getting to know us better, but to throw a party for a street block which certainly was one if not the worst performing block (from a crime statistic view) seems just a bit odd. i think one way DC PD should have handled this is as an incentive. At the beginning of the summer they should have set out goals for crime ridden blocks and announced that those blocks that have no crime will win a block party all complete with bbq, bands … something to look forward too.

  • It ain’t littering, it’s “Disorderly Conduct.”

    And I’ll bet there’ll be some “Resisting Arrest” in there too.

  • no ‘no loitering’ law either. cf. MtP 7-Eleven

  • There shouldn’t be a law for basic human civility.

  • As far as I know we do have a litter law, whereby littering is a misdemeanor. As a misdemeanor, it requires that the perpetrator have a valid ID to be charged. However, the perp is not legally required to carry an ID, nor to produce it when requested for misdemeanor offenses. Thus, the standard street defense against a littering charge from an officer would be to state you have no ID, as it is with any misdemeanor accusation.

    The finest legal minds in DC are the thugs on the street…

    I can’t find the part of the DC code detailing litter, anyone? (

  • Welcome to the Littered Life…

    As an environmentalist, I’m upset by litterbugs getting a pass.

    As a resident feeling the curse of the summer crime wave, I’m glad DC police men and women are able to focus on safety. They’re also getting assistance from DDOT, leaning on them to write minor traffic violations:

  • DC should cut the littering fine in half, just like they did the nuisance property tax, because they both make about the same amount of sense.

    They should also double the taxes on people who earn money in DC, so as to discourage this sort of behavior.

  • I am the author of the email to PoP about the littering. The MPD folks at the event said the only things they could write tickets for was for people chucking trash out of moving vehicles. They said if a driver pulled over parked and threw the trash out, they could do nothing, as with pedstrians.

    This just makes me nuts.

  • As another environmentalist, besides the trash, I was also shocked that the National Night Out in Mt Pleasant this week included opening up the fire hydrant for kids to play in. First of all, I didnt realize that was still common practice (at least since like 1987). Pretty wise as our region is experiencing “Abnormally Dry” conditions according to the U.S. Drought Monitor–the precursor to drought. At least the cars on Lamont St got a nice watering.

  • What’s wrong with throwing things on the ground when you’re done with them? A little casual littering can really spice up your day. Hey, has anyone seen my dog Baxter?

  • “so one of the most crime ridden blocks in the neighborhood gets a party thrown for them paid for by tax money. That after months and months of shooting. now I am all for outreach by the police and all of us getting to know us better, but to throw a party for a street block which certainly was one if not the worst performing block (from a crime statistic view) seems just a bit odd.”

    I’m guessing that maybe the thinking was that not everybody on that block is a criminal, and, if the police engage people through these events and become friends (or at least not enemies) to the residents in that area, then it’ll become less of a haven for criminals, people will come forward and say something if they witness crime, etc.

    If you wait for the block to improve and then throw a party, that improvement might never happen. I don’t think the party would be enough of an incentive.

  • @Steve – So, lemme get this straight: if I pull my car over, pee in a cup, and place the cup in a treebox, there’s nothing the police can do, right? And the same goes for Number Twos? Because, technically, that’s not public urinating/defecating; also, since I’m doing it in my own car, there’s the whole property rights/privacy thing going on.

    You just opened a second front in the War for the Right to Go Doody in Public.

  • They need to make sure there’s a trash can on every street corner first, IMO.

    What are thouse kids in uniforms doing anyway?

  • They need to make sure there’s a trash can on every street corner first, IMO.

    What are thouse kids in uniforms doing anyway?

  • monkeyrotica – I suspect you are right! Seems like a lot of trouble though.

  • People who park on my block seem to think of clearing the trash from their car into the gutter as some kind of inalienable right.

  • @steve – I guess you’re right. It’s not like they police are handing out tickets for public urinating or treebox poopin to begin with.

  • @CHP – you are not alone in this observation. I have NEVER understood how people can live surrounded by garbage and waste???? i do not undertsand that habit of taking care of your yard, but trashing the sidewalks and streets in front of your house. I make it a point to pick up recyclables on my way home from the Metro and pick up trash on the street around my house.

  • Litter, schmitter.

    I want to find that WOUND-MOBILE….
    “yes, I’ll take one, please.”

    God, I hope they play a rousing amplified ditty like the ice-cream truck that has mysteriously begun trolling Irving Street…

  • Two things, I agree about not living surrounded by waste, but after about 5-10 years I gave up cleaning up after the same families in my neighborhood. I suspect that trash exists because all you need is one 40 year old living in his 75 year old grandmother’s house buying a beer can in a bag and Rap snacks or fried chicken and throwing them on the ground in front of his house week after week, month after month, year after year, the same Rock Creek Fruit Punch bottle, the same stereotyped food trash and after a point in time I get sick of it or someone calls me racist for talking about it and I give up. I don’t want to live with trash on my block, but we live with human trash on our block. So what’s the solution? You are welcome to clean up the block for the next 5 years, I was the drug crew’s personal maid for 5 years and maybe even 10.

    In my naivete I thought that they would change when the neighborhood changed, but instead their utter recalcitrance changed me.

    A class of people who falsely feel downtrodden delight in making yuppies pick up after them. that is a sick reality I recognized too late.

    CS, I cannot understand your issues with national night out. The parties exist for two reasons:
    1. The police get out and meet residents, get to know them by name, and they get to know us by name. I met 5 new officers I didn’t know at National Night Out and passed out my business cards to them.
    2. The police and families take over a trouble spot one night to push out the drug dealers.

    I can say if you think it’s a reward you’re not thinking.

  • For once… I agree with Neener. I seriously doubt pizza parties are going to deter feuding thugs from swapping lead in the streets. The purpose of these block parties is to introduce and foster the idea that police are helpful servants of the people and not corrupt stormtroopers. Rewarding the hood with pepperoni isn’t going to stop the beef, but proactively introducing it might break down preconceived notions held by the community against the authorities.

  • But what’s up with the coffin truck?

  • Pop – file this one away for you next conversation with any of the city’s elected officials. Would love for someone to put them on the spot. If they don’t think its necessary, tell them you readers will gladly give tours that speak otherwise.

  • They did this a while back. This is just another tactic that fails to address the problem. Why are these people shooting each other? No one wants to address that.
    The last time they did this they had a cop on the scene. A fat black female cop. She even said it was essentially a waste of time as these “young’ins are gonna do what they gonna do.” Yet, no one ever asks why.

    Last night I was coming home on NH Ave. I passed by Taylor St. 4 cops were sitting around the spotlight laughing having a good time. This is their approach to effective policing. A monstrous waste of resources. To add insult to injury, it isn’t even effective. That spotlight is ~2-3 blocks from the police station on Taylor. Yet, they have to resort to a spotlight to stop crime.

  • My neighbors told me about two years ago that some folks in the neighborhood litter because they hope it will discourage new folks from moving in and keep the neighborhood real, so to speak. It’s a political act.

  • That coffin car is pretty weak. That’s supposed to attract kids? They need to roll out the Munsters’ Cryptmobile or the funeral sedan if they want the younger peoples’ attention. Thems some pimpin hooptys. Bonus points if they’re blasting Usher.

  • saf

    Anon 12:06 – your neighbors are nuts. These kids don’t litter for political reasons. They do it because they were never taught any better.

  • I don’t think it is the MPD’s job to figure out ‘why’ people shoot ar each other. Their job is to maintain order. It is the job of other groups, such as Child & Family Services and the prosecutors office to address the ‘why’. The police need to focus on what their job is and not try to morph their jobs into something more because that is when they get into trouble with civil rights violations and such.

  • I have to agree — I think most people litter because they’re nasty careless slobs. Littering as a political act is giving people far too much credit for being *conscious* assholes.

    I’m in a rowing club and our boathouse is on the Anacostia. If you saw the kind of trash that we routinely have to deal with (particularly after heavy rains, yay) you would never litter again. Or even buy anything in a plastic bottle. It is atrocious. And I’m just talking about the visible trash. I routinely see people fishing there and I hope to god they’re just doing some kind of catch-and-release thing and the coolers I see next to them are just full of beer, and that they’re NOT taking that pollutant-ridden fish home to eat.

  • Define “politcal” – while I’m sure that many litter because they were never taught any better, littering fits into the “destruction at all costs” mindset that pervades many DC neighborhoods and the never-ending blaming of all negative behavoir on racism. It’s maddening.

  • oh and yes, I know I was being a jerk in my post, I sort of did it on purpose. I apologize for offending people because my anger is with one specific crew and their self-righteousness and I found it interesting to “turn the tables” on their situation where they would view yuppie gentrifiers (though I’m certainly no longer young) as wrecking their neighborhood and bringing in the cops (6 arrests at one address since June 1!) while I look at them wrecking the neighborhood and leaving the most utterly ridiculous trash on the sidewalk- I mean how can you not laugh/cringe at the Fruit punch, beer can in a bag, rap snacks and fried chicken! I mean it’s like Mayor Barry smoking crack, it’s like “no you didn’t just throw THAT on the sidewalk” you know? Like have some self-awareness so your life isn’t Chappelle or Dick Gregory satire.

    the reality, of course, is that after the arrests the litter has disappeared.

  • I was amazed reading one of the earlier comments that DC does not have a litter law. BUT, I did find this article from the CityPaper about the police cracking down this past spring. –

  • Because when I look at the situation of the families on our block we were being oppressed by the dealers taking over the sidewalk and imposing their will upon us. They had control over the situation and for 2 years made us miserable and unable to utilize our public space due to petty insults and annoyances all the way up to assault with a deadly weapon.

    So at some point this spring we rose up against them. Like a union we united against the goons and fought back against the drug money and, as far as I can see, won and 6 guys are going to trial.

    So… it comes back to the main issue of who’s experience is the “true” experience. Are they “put out” by our transformation of a block some of them grew up on into some place they can’t afford to live or are we put off by being their maids and/or running away from their violence? Whose story is truer?

  • Rewarding the hood with pepperoni isn’t going to stop the beef, but proactively introducing it might break down preconceived notions held by the community against the authorities.

    Under normal issues I do not believe that such efforts are worth it if “only one heart is changed.” In this case though, if one heart is changed then maybe one woman might not get raped or one man might not get murdered. In those extreme cases then these efforts are worth it.

    My whole take on this is that MPD is so EXTRAORDINARILY lenient on criminals that I have no problem associating with them and getting involved and supporting them because they really aren’t arresting anyone who hasn’t been out there causing problems for 6 months already.

    I might feel completely different if I lived in PG County, in fact I can guarantee you I would, but in DC the police are so lax that you’d have to be an anarchist not to be their friend.

  • what exactly would a “litter law” do for us? does anyone seriously think it would make a difference?

  • Neener, I’d say the DA for DC and DC Courts are the lenient ones. I find MPD often does their job…

  • They did this a while back. This is just another tactic that fails to address the problem. Why are these people shooting each other? No one wants to address that.

    Ok, Nate, I’ll bite, why do you think that they’re shooting each other?

    You want me to tell you exactly why I think they are?

    The children have internalized stories of the history of racism and its violence and have decided that fighting authority, any authority, helps them stay truer to what it means to be a black person in America than being a “Sell out” or “acting white.” They value the macho attitude of being “hard” over being “soft.”

    I learned this when a woman I knew REALLY WELL talked to a church lady at our office and she mentioned that her kids acted up and she smacked one so hard she had to keep him home from school so they wouldn’t call family services. Our coworker was stunned by this and came down hard, “Children are a gift from God, you must raise them right but do not smack them like that.” Her response, “There you go, Acting White. I live in Capitol Heights and we keep it real.” This was a true story and I’m sorry to say I was too naive to call the police about it.

    Jim Crow and institutionalized racism was REAL. The abandonment of the cities from 1966-1986 was REAL. The African-American underclass (which is to say the percentage of people directly affected by this) had reason to rage that even after the reversal of Jim Crow laws that business and tax racism and overreaction to the 1966-68 race riots kept a generation of baby boomers angry toward the government and businesses or simply “authority.” I would be angry if business didn’t want to rebuild the stores that were destroyed in the riots too. I might also be really conflicted.

    The increased use of political crony positions, false credentials and phony theories in DCPS, schools and churches came at the same time of increased leniency toward drug use and abuse. My mother, to this day, cannot understand why I don’t consider sending my kids to experimental programs or why I don’t consider drug dealers to be Robin Hood type characters? This is because she lives in a wealthy area where experimental programs are run by Harvard PhDs and not an ex-offender without real school experience. She may believe in drug legalization because her community sees absolutely no substance abuse violence that isn’t domestic. Drunks fall asleep in their hammocks on Saturday afternoons. DCPS, essentially the window outside the family world for these kids was run for a generation by kooks and weirdos who don’t believe they are kooks or weirdos. I know hippies within DCPS who have ideas far far outside the mainstream, such as teaching the public school students entirely in Spanish with no English or refusing to teach the kids American history, folktales, patriotic songs or the pledge of allegiance because of this country’s imperialism! Other teachers are barely literate and don’t understand how reading works- one equated learning to read to learning to drive?! (some of those people have been fired by Michelle Rhee since I met them) These kids are brought up by parents who might feel one way and then exposed to absolute freaks in the classroom.

    So, like the Russian mafia, after living through negative authority/government policies with a LOT less family support than they might need or that their parents might need they feel essentially disassociated from the society and civility that the rest of us take for granted as “the way the world works.”

    I know two guys on my block, one of whom got his act together via the Marines, the other of whom has literally no concept of cause and effect. ALL arrests to him are racist and unfair even though he was dating an underage girl, was a drug dealer, participated in violence, vandalism, gambling, etc. I’ve heard this guy talk for 5 years and I can tell you that his outlook on society is absolutely backwards and/or upside down. He does not appear to see any relationship between his criminal actions and his arrests or his friends arrests and has expressed no understanding of how anything in the world works from getting a car loan to paying rent to having a career instead of a job. Some things I heard from him include, “Man I bought that guy so much smoke and then he’s all like, you gotta pay rent. I got him high, rent is his problem. He locked me out!” I remember him telling a woman to stop sending money in to her car payment because the car’s already hers. He has at least two children by women who looked to be, at the oldest, 18 years old and likely were younger. I remember one of his friends told him about the housing prices in our area several years back and he got this idea that he could sell the title to his mother’s house but still live in it. He told a friend that he has never filed taxes.

    So I think the issue is that these young shooters, through their interpretation of racism lore, do not see anything acting “fair” in the world and do not see that rules need to be followed because of that. They imagine battles between white and black residents like “The Plan” as if individual houses are not sold to individuals and that these are battles they can’t step down from or away from. As yuppies encroach their neighborhood or money becomes scarce they lash out, stealing, fighting, shooting, selling drugs.

    I am convinced, completely convinced, that they are all mentally ill and need to see psychiatrists who will correct these incredible neuroses. The guy’s brother who went through boot camp, basically did that and came out normal and has a normal blue collar job at a tire store. The dealer really does not appear to have any idea and I mean ANY idea how life works.

  • If a law against littering seems like it would do the neighborhood some good, perhaps it’s about time we had a law against killing people. Why have we not thought of that one yet?

  • Neener,

    Good post. Many white have an understanding of self-destructive “entrenched” behavior, although it’s primarily familial and not connected to historical racism (present day racism notwithstanding).

    As a people, united by race, do you think more successful and law-abiding black people (especially thoses out in the quiet burbs) who could do more to engage those living in the cycle you describe? There are well-intnetioned people of all races that work for change, but white people, for the most part, have little credibility with low income black folk. Somehow, refraining from impregnanting multiple women, dealing drugs, shooting rivals, etc must cease to be seen as “acting white” and seen for what these behavoiors are – destructive and that truth is not going to be accepted by whites.

    I just looked at the Baltimore Sun website- front page story of how Snoop Dog is Ravens “coach for a day” courtesy of Ray Lewis. Hooray – a drug promoting mysonginist gets to play coach at te invitation of a footbal player implicated in a murder. What a celebration of African American success! This phenomenon is repeated over and over again – Jamie Foxx proclaiming “Michael Jackson is ours!” or the cries of joy at O.J’s acquittal after two white people were brutally murdered.


  • But the “Plan” is real. Rich whites do want to move out poor blacks to “revitalize” neighborhoods and have an urban playground while they make money on their real estate investments. That’s the system. Legal. Real. In progress.

    It doesn’t justify violent behavior but it sure as hell helps explain it.

  • I love how you assume there aren’t any young African-Americans, Asians, Latinos, or people of mixed races also “gentrifying” neighborhoods. Really, do you have to be reminded of who’s living at 1600 Penna. Ave. to see that there is diversity in the young professionals moving to DC for work?

    I now return you to your previously-scheduled hatred of white people.

  • even if litter laws were on the books, i would love to see them enforced. no joke, i saw a female cop throw her gum wrapper on the ground outside of rite aid on u street. i mean, i guess walking those three extra feet to the garbage can is a pain in the butt, so i understand why she did it.
    oh, and pennywise, it’s funny that you mention “legally required to carry an ID.” i once got stopped for jay-walking and when the cop tried to give me a ticket, i told him i wasn’t carrying ID (which was actually a lie). he told me that “dc law mandates that all adults must carry ID on them at all times.” clearly, he was lying, but so was i. moral of the story, if cops can lie, so can i. it’s a win-win situation.

  • Neener- very reflective and honest post. @ anon 4:50, how is “the plan” real? Do we really believe that there are meetings of white people deciding to ruin the lives of their black brothers and sisters by orchestrating a displacement plan? I have never gotten this. The white people I know who move to Petworth and other traditionally black neighborhoods do so because of affordability and a desire for urban living and diversity in their lives. White people who are haters do not move to urban neighborhoods.

  • Neener, I’d say the DA for DC and DC Courts are the lenient ones. I find MPD often does their job…

    Ok, I’ll buy that argument. My point is that in a stricter jurisdiction my left-leaning politics would mean I’d fight the police, but here in DC where people get 4th and 5th chances unavailable in the suburbs, I can be very friendly with MPD.

  • GoFish, I totally agree with you. Very few racist white people move to DC, but I also know people personally who became racist once they moved here. I have a coworker like that who I have to tell to shut up who lives right in Petworth. He was liberal for Arizona, very liberal, but here he’s become a racist. He was happy to move into an integrated community but unhappy about what was allowed in that community. He’s not cool, but the guys drinking at the children’s playground were also not cool. I can’t defend Archie Bunker but I can’t defend the Zebra Killers either.

    After the first shooting I witnessed I tried to get my neighbors together to make an offer on the shooter’s house. We stopped when we realized there were three white people and one black person conspiring to evict a black person from their home. Unfortunately the shootings happened again and then again. We can’t completely dismiss “the plan” because everyone who knows a landlord has heard of one racist idea or another- such as only advertising rentals in the City Paper. But on the other hand, if residents didn’t want white people to move in they shouldn’t sell their houses at all- no one is really forcing you to sell that house and you might make more money renting it out for 40 years.

    Then add in the absolute weirdness that some of our very neighborhoods were Whites-Only up until the end of World War II. Totally segregated, then integrated, then 100% Black, now integrated again. That’s weird and tell me again what ethnicity can lay claim to the neighborhood?

    The reality is that redlining f*cked a lot of people up badly and they couldn’t get loans to flip houses and houses couldn’t sell, so they became slummy and it changed within the last 20 years. But I also spoke to the intelligent daughter of a neighbor who complained that “They sold us lead paint but then the government wouldn’t come in and clean it out of the houses.” And while I kept my mouth shut I had to wonder why she thought the government was supposed to clean up after her father’s painting decisions? Why didn’t she drop the $15k to clean it up?

    Obama is without a doubt the best thing to happen to this situation in our lifetimes- equal to MLK. All we can hope for is that the 10 year olds “Get it,” Michelle Rhee fires Mayor Barry’s girlfriend’s niece from that kindergarten class and replaces her with a Harvard graduate with big ideas. We can hope that a 15 year old sees that “the man” is black and dresses well and went to a real college.

  • I just want to say how sad that a posting about “Night Out,” and litter laws, becomes a racially charged discussion. Another classic and sad DC moment.

    How does this happen? Race baiting. It’s wrong on any side, and when people pop their heads up with phrases like “keeping it real” or “rich white developers,” well, hell, that’s about as helpful as when a drunk uncle says something about Jews controlling this or that.

    And if you try to reason with that drunk uncle, God help you. “But it’s true! Oh, I’m a bigot because I’m telling some facts!?” And around it goes. Division is born instead of unity, and the nutjob gets the attention he wanted in the first place, and if even one person somewhat agrees with the nutjob, he’s further comforted.

    Here’s an idea, let’s call up a certain young man of color from Shaw who has done about $300 million in developing in DC’s neighborhoods. He sure as hell ain’t a “rich white developer,” so quiz time, is he a brother getting over, or a traitor?

    In a strictly black and white world, the options are pathetic, aren’t they?

  • Thanks for this, RR. I never know where someone like me fits in these stupid, well-worn, “hipster vs. local” discussions. I’m so tired of hearing about “the plan” or from white people offering their “expert” views of the pathology of minority communities. Life is a damn sight more complicated than that. But the conversation always goes around and around the same way.

  • The ironic thing is The Plan is working perfectly. AIDS, addiction, and diabetes are the real agents being employed, and within 40 years the local black population will be a shadow of its former self. I am sure the secret society of whites responsible is very pleased.

    Sad but true. I am generally highly amused by references to The Plan, which uses the insane to justify the immoral. Like religious guys saying the bible commands them to marry young girls. Lots of young girls. Instead, the spectre of racial domination is converted into totally self destructive behavior by relatively small numbers of complete idiots.

  • Neener,
    I have grown more “racist” since I moved to DC. I’ve always lived in black neighborhoods. I am black by the way. But I don’t think I ever internalized the dysfunction in black neighborhoods until I moved here. Men beating their girlfriend(s) in public in front of their mother, people getting a free pass to openly selling drugs on street corners before. As I have gotten older, I just can’t rationalize this behavior. Then I had to clean the blood of a man executed on my property by young kids. That is when I said enough is enough. I see why white people pay through the nose to live where they live. You just can’t comfortably live in a black neighborhood.

    Someone posted on here about drug dealers selling drugs on school property and being defended by the principal. That just does NOT happen in other communities. It’s not allowed.

    I am so saddened by the demise of any values in much of the black community. We blame everyone but ourselves. My girlfriend has a valid point. When we were growing up at least the mothers were strong. Now the mother and father (if he is even around) are just there. No parenting is happening. Case in point, my neighbor watched her son beat two women (both were pregnant or had a baby by him) in one weekend in her FRONT YARD and allowed him to continue living there. There is no way my mother would have allowed me to do something like that. Nor should the girl’s mother.

  • Neener – how exactly is advertising rentals in a FREE paper that is available all over the city, as well as online at the FREE Library – racist?

  • victoriam,
    it’s not racist. But it allows you to target a different market. I advertise in the Post when I want Section 8 people, I advertise on craigslist or city paper when I want working class professionals.

  • The litter in my neighborhood has traditionally be AWFUL, and it is still bad, but been getting a little better because…you guessed it…gentrification!! Woo hoo! bring on the yuppies! Its good for the area. Tough sh*t if the current residents are pissed that they can’t afford to live here anymore. People who trash their own neighborhood dont deserve to have a say. Move out it you’re annoyed that the area is cleaning up, or heres an idea…join in! Take some pride in your home and your neighborhood and try to make it a nice, safe place to live. I’ll never understand why some people actially PREFER to live in filth because it makes the neighborhood more “real”. Its such a waste.

  • Victorian- If I wasn’t clear, let me explain… You are absolutely correct! But when I talked to a landlord about how landlording works he told me that he would only advertise in the city paper because it’s what college educated interns and recent graduates read… aka white hipsters. He was saying that you got a “better class” of renter if you catch my drift.

    It straddles the line between what’s allowed and what’s not allowed, what’s legal and what’s moral. It’s totally legal while “Wink wink” getting the “results” you “want.”

    I also want to make clear that I’m only talking above about the violent criminals and I would normally not try to psychoanalize someone in public but that Nate asked. All of the MPD officers I know are black except for Officer Quiles who is Latin. I live on a block with several Biracial couples where the black husband is an absolute professional with education far above mine (Ivy League MD, PhD, JD, etc). I live with warm and wonderful blue collar retirees. I know several black college kids who are doing great work and having fun too.

    I also need to mention that there are weird white hippies in our neighborhood who, while not participators in the violence are contributors to the drug culture. When I say hippy, I know two men born in the 1940s who I am sure still smoke pot today. They use the N-Word freely and would never call the police on anyone for anything and delight in discussing real criminals, weapons and robbery.

    But after a recent shooting I heard a very nice 60 year old lady with a small grandchild mock the child who was shot, saying he was “crying like a little b*tch” and as soon as she heard the shots she “turned off all her lights and went to sleep in the basement so the police would think she wasn’t home.” We’re talking about someone’s cookie-baking grandmother hearing the cries of a child shot and like Kitty Genovese, refusing to help. In other words- Satan incarnate, a woman with a cold heart of stone filled with hatred.

    I don’t feel good that people might read this and thing, “oh great, another white person trying to tell us what our lives are like.” But you have to understand where we’re coming from- this street culture is evil, violent, misogynist, sometimes psychotic, is causing us major problems and good, moral people cannot allow it to continue to exist. There is absolutely NOTHING like this where I’m from and only in areas near where my cousins lived in St Louis did we hear about trailer parks and skinheads and the Klan who acted like this and we absolutely avoided them and relatives took part in a vigil against their violence.

    All you have to do is google “Kitty Genovese” to see that white people do the same thing to urban white people. This is about a working society, not about “you” per se.

  • “Here’s an idea, let’s call up a certain young man of color from Shaw who has done about $300 million in developing in DC’s neighborhoods. He sure as hell ain’t a “rich white developer,” so quiz time, is he a brother getting over, or a traitor?”

    Depends on what he is developing, if he’s doing it in a way that further marginalizes black people in the neighborhoods, I’ll go with “traitor”. Or a bunch of other words that come to mind.

  • It’s called private property, people are free to sell it to a developer (of any color), that developer is allowed to build any damned thing she/he wants on her/his property (within regs), and people anywhere in this nation have every right to purchase a home anywhere in this nation, and furthermore to expect and demand safe and clean environs. People own their own property, but nobody owns a neighborhood.

    If that offends you, get over it, or don’t, but we’re all moving on regardless, black, white, latino, asian, etc. Nothing you can do except sit and nurse your resentments and polish your victimspeak. Good luck with that, I’m sure it’ll work out real well.

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