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Progress on New Bar Coming to Bloomingdale

by Prince Of Petworth — August 5, 2009 at 7:48 pm 44 Comments

DSCN1491, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This has been quite an epic development at 84-86 T Street, NW (just off North Capitol). A friend of mine lives nearby and told me that construction has restarted on this spot. It is supposed to become a bar (the first for Bloomingdale?) and will also serve some food. I believe there were some legal battles that slowed down progress and most recently I’m hearing construction is on again – off again. But at least construction has (sorta) resumed. I believe this spot is owned by the same guy who owns Veranda at 1100 P Street, NW. I hope they finish soon as folks have been pining for a bar in Bloomingdale.  What are your predictions for when Bloomingdale will finally get a new bar?

  • Stop calling it a bar or the NIMBYs will get all irritated. It’s a pizza place! 😉

  • Phillip

    We couldn’t be happier. We’re dying for a place to grab a beer in the neighborhood.

  • JohnDC

    You mean … place to grab a quick bite.

  • if you’d like some more information about the bar (which will be called ‘baraki’), please check out the following posts from right here on the same block in bloomingdale:

    liquor license announced

    agreement with the neighbors

    recent restart of construction

    latest construction update (similar to picture above)

    and yes, this is owned by the duni family, who also own veranda and heller’s

  • HouseInTheRear

    yes please.

  • Eric

    Dc is a town of Drunks, every corner is a Bar, when will we have some marjuana shops like Amsterday.

  • Andy

    Whatever happened to the Baraki project?

  • Prune Tang

    Hopefully you’ll be able to get a bloomin’ onion there.

  • andy,
    that is Baraki

  • Andy

    I thought so but the lack of mention by name made me think something had changed.

  • Yes!!!
    just what the city needs…More Bars !!!!

  • GforGood

    Completely off topic but related:

    Room 11 wine bar on 11th St to open 10 or 11 August
    Social on 14th St to open 17 August.

    Thaitanic II, the peruvian steak place at DC USA and the peruvian chicken place replacing Kikos should all come fairly soon.

    Also, a pho/vietnamese place called Pho Saigon apparently coming near the Cavalier building on 14th (I was told 14th & Otis.

    Anyone know what happened to the kabob place that was supposed to come more or less accross from the firestation on 14th, under the yoga place? Ran out of money to build it?

  • Sully

    Best news all week. The guys at Veranda are awesome. They even offered up figs to me from their tree when they ripen. Yeah!

  • eric in ledroit

    how the hell is that related?

  • Sully

    Veranda is opening Baraki. The Veranda owners are nice people. ( story about the fig) So Baraki will be owned by nice people.

  • bloomingdalian

    yeah.. a long time in the making. we first heard rumor of “Hellers” moving to the hood three and a half years ago.
    are we guessing an october opening?

  • Jenya

    YIMBY!! I live down the block & I am thrilled. Yes please!

  • dcpublius

    Replacing the old corner liquor stores with corner bars. Great.

  • Anonymous

    Every new business in DC just about is a bar and/or restaurant. It’s the DC way, oversaturate then crash and burn. See, e.g., condo glut.

  • bloomingdalian

    someones always gotta find the negative.

    there’s also an educational supply store opening around the corner.
    there’s a relatively new dry cleaners on north capitol. important to have. sure. buzz worthy? hardly.

    its just less fun to talk about those kind of shops.
    there was a rumor of a gallery moving to first street as well.

    also, baraki will be a pizza place, not a bar.

  • Andy

    well, the new corner businesses in my neighborhood are
    1. a dance studio.
    2. a Peruvian chicken place – awesome, though I guess that IS a restaurant. But I think the complainers are usually talking about places where you can get Amstel Light, not anticuchos.

  • eric in ledroit

    there is also a new art gallery on rhode island avenue and a yoga studio just across the street from this joint.

  • drjonboyg

    “Every new business in DC just about is a bar and/or restaurant. It’s the DC way, oversaturate then crash and burn. See, e.g., condo glut.”

    Oversaturated? Have you been to Bloomingdale? I want somewhere where I can get something to eat or drink and not have to order it through a screen of bulletproof glass. And it’s not like our ‘hood is saturated with drinking establishments either.

  • i hope to have the opportunity to get oversaturated at baraki.

  • Chris in Eckington

    DC is hardly saturated with bars/restaurants. Sure, certain neighborhoods are (Adams Morgan, Georgetown, Dupont, Gallery Place/Chinatown, U Street) but there are vast parts of the district that have little or nothing. East of the Anacostia river there are exactly two places that you can sit down and have a drink with your meal. In my neighborhood we have nothing, ditto Bloomingdale, Truxton Circle and Edgewood. In fact, the only place in all of Ward 5 (which, according to the 2000 census had 71,000 people and an average family income of $54,479) where you can get a drink with your meal is Brookland which has all of six such establishments.

  • Formstone Bar

    Looking forward to this opening and can’t wait to have a drink and some pizza – as long as the pizza isn’t $25 per pie…

  • dcpublius

    DC definitely needs some cool take out places and more restaurants. Most of this area is still full of horrible Chinese takeouts and little else. I’m jealous of the Annandale and Fairfax where you have some top notch ethnic food takeouts.

  • dcer

    def that they ‘ve got some good non american food choices. but dont be jealous, just drive out to them like they do.
    its a 20 minute drive. if you ordered something at thai x crossing, you’d have to wait at least that long.

  • Anonymous

    Why does every neighborhood, every block, every area have to have bars? Most other cities have residential areas, and commercial areas. People around here bitch about having to go a half mile to get a meal. A freakin’ half mile! It’s amazing to me.

  • eric in ledroit

    anon 4:51 what other cities are you talking about with the mix that you prefer? i’d love to know.

    also, dc has residential areas – palisades, upper northwest, etc. ledroit park / bloomingdale is right in the middle of the city in a very dense area of rowhouses and apartments.

  • bloomingdalian

    “Why does every neighborhood, every block, every area have to have bars? ”
    clearly it doesn’t have to…

    but many of our neighborhoods have lots of empty storefronts. not just empty residential units, but storefronts. its not bitchy to hope that they get utilized.

    my neighbor recalls fondly a burger joint that used to be at Lincoln and rhode island. another recalls a beer garden in a now current church on north cap. these places HAD restaurants and bars.
    what do you care if people want that kind of thing again?

  • anon 4:51: honestly, i’d like to know what “most other cities” you’re talking about too. sounds like you’re talking about suburbia, or some kind of zoned-to-death fantasy.

    we’ve learned from experience that segregating uses does not make for a healthy, vibrant city. mixed use cities are much better places to live for everyone involved.

  • Chris in Eckington

    It’s a city with a population density higher than Los Angeles or Baltimore. We shouldn’t have to go far for a meal. The fact that we do just goes to show that many parts of this city are underserved, largely a consquence of white flight, the ’68 riots, subsequent disinvestment, and no doubt, some amount of residual racism.

  • ScottRobertsinBloomingdale

    Back to Baraki — note that Bloomingdale currently had only Class A and Class B liquor licenses.

    The neighborhood currently does not have any restaurant-class liquor licenses.

    Baraki pursued and obtained a tavern-class liquor license.

    I think that it is fairly amazing that the neighborhood jumped over the restaurant-class liquor license straight to a tavern-class liquor license!

    And I * do * think that we will survive.

  • Hell, I’m still thrilled I can walk around the corner for a $4. cup of coffee. And someday I’m going to go back to yoga, I swear!

  • Naomi

    GforGood Says: Room 11 wine bar on 11th St to open 10 or 11 August
    🙂 I can’t wait for Room 11 to open!!

  • Anonymous

    This will be a restaurant…the first one in Bloomingdale. Yes, it serves alcohol, but it doesnt sell it in 40s for less than a bottle of water, like Widows and every other minimart, Flagler mart, etc, that keep the drunks in the neighborhood and on the streets. If you drink at Barakis restaurant, you will have to consume it on premise and not walk the streets drinking and trashing Bloomingdale with cans.

    Such negative bias by emphasizing this is a bar, with food. very shallow for a neighbor.

  • ScottRobertsinBloomingdale

    Since Naomi mentioned the new Room 11 wine bar on 11th St NW — see the 8/7/2009 entry from Washington Business Journal reporter Missy Frederick on Room 11:

    “Room for one more » The long-awaited Columbia Heights wine bar Room 11, slated for 3234 11th St. NW, is set to open Aug. 10. The restaurant comes from the team of Warehouse’s Paul Ruppert, Benjamin Gillian, Dan Searing of Looking Glass Lounge and designer Nick Pimentel. They has been dutifully blogging the bar’s progress at http://www.room11-comingsoon.blogspot.com.”

  • Prince Of Petworth
  • DCSaraKay

    I enthusiastically second the earlier YIMBY!!
    When you let something positive come into your neighborhood, it keeps the BAD stuff out!

  • Peter

    I live 5 or 6 houses away on T St NW and I am excited about it opening! Bring all the bars and restaurants you can to Bloomingdale there are plenty of us that will welcome you with open arms.

  • dano

    Those of you sick of the typical Chinese/sub shops, try out Jam Doung Style on N. Capital around S St NW. I wandered in there one night not wanting to cook or go out or eat crummy Chinese food, and was pleasantly surprised. I got the ‘ox tail’ by recommendation of the Caribbean proprietor, which was definitely something’s tail, I had to pick the meat off of the vertebrae. It was awesome. Well, its a good spot if you’re not squeamish, and like good ethnic food. http://www.yelp.com/biz/jam-doung-style-cuisine-washington

    I hope that Baraki keeps the prices reasonable, Big Bear is great, but kinda spendy.

  • reflexive

    i found jam doung style kinda pricey for takeout.

  • bloomingoniondale

    “six months at the latest”

    this was on the eckington listserve:

    “Last night I happened to be at Veranda, the restaurant at 11th and P in Shaw
    that opened a few months ago, and spoke with its proprietor, Aleks, who’s
    still in the process of building Baraki, the perpetually “opening”
    restaurant at the corner of 1st and T, NW.

    Aleks is still planning on opening it, but has experienced a number of
    setbacks, some of them bureaucratic, some financial. However, he says, it
    will happen: “six months at the latest,” according to him. In the meantime,
    construction still moves forward. No doubt I spoke for many of us when I
    told him how the neighborhood is champing at the bit to have a place to call
    its own, and that we would turn it out in droves to support it because,
    well, where else can we go?


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