Dear PoP – BikeHouse Photos


This is the free bike clinic offered now at Qualia Coffee at 3917 Georgia Ave. NW.


I stopped by last weekend and there was a very friendly vibe going on. It’s just a super cool event that you can get your bike fixed this way. An organizer sent some photos.

“Dear PoP,

I’ve attached a few photos from theBikeHouse bike clinic. We are holding them behind Qualia Coffee on Georgia Avenue on Saturdays between 12 and 3 PM. If you have a problem with your bike, need something installed, or just have a question about your ride, you can come to us and we will walk you through how to fix it. Our goal is to empower you to have the confidence and know-how to successfully perform your own work. At this stage, we do not have parts for sale, so bring any parts you have and we will help you install them for free (although a 5-7 dollar per hour donation is welcomed and encouraged, it is by no means required, ever.)

For more information, please visit”


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  • DC is quickly becoming one of the most bike friendly cities in America! Keep it up everyone!

  • why are bike guys always so hot?!

  • There is a clinic on Saturday mornings at the Mt Pleasant Farmer’s Market too.

  • it’s all of the exercise. feel their calves. That, and you are probably attracted to their smug (albeit totally justified) sense of superiority for being so green they are offsetting other people’s carbon footprints.

  • bike calves: like grabbing a sock stuffed to capacity with heavy chainlinks.

  • I like the one who used to work at the coffee shop. He is sooo cute.

  • Bikers are so smug they like the smell of their own farts..snnnnnnnniiiiff.

  • But bloggers are always above cliche

  • This is such a cool idea. I love that these young people are giving back to the community. Anon that is so immature.

  • You can also follow them on twitter at

  • I spent 100 bucks on my bike and saved $10,000 by not buying a car (not to mention all of the money I’m saving right now by not buying gas or insurance).

    I am a smug ahole! I’m like sitting around in my money piles with my sweet calves. How are people not as enlightened as me? You save huge amounts of money, most trips really are bike accessible, you get healthy really quickly, and you help the environment.

    Oh..hold on….ffaaarrtttt (sniff)

    / sarcasm

  • anonymous 3:24 pm….: you are sooooo funny! i agree with all of it. i love my bike, and i love the bike racks on the buses, and the bike lanes (even though they are not perfectly set up like copenhagen’s or amsterdam’s). but why quibble? the more i explore DC on my bike, the more I LOVE IT.

    i especially love all the exercise i’m getting and all the $$ i’ve saved in the 17 years i’ve been here without owning a car!!!) also, let’s hear it for the cabbies! if it’s too cold & nasty to bike or walk, or you’re too sick to take the bus, there’s always a nice DC cab. you can take LOTS of cab rides every month for what you’d have to pay just for insurance on a car.

    viva DC bikes and bikers and all! and three cheers for these wonderful free bike clinics. i’m too old to be grabbing bikers’ calves, but they are HOT!

  • Anon 2:32 – nice south park reference!

  • I think cyclists have great quads!

  • The handsome guy in the purple shirt is my son. I’m so proud of his committment to the community and to the environment. Seems like yesterday he was bombing around on his trike!

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