Hmm, Wild Irish Rose or Manischewitz

Bodega Manshewitz, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Hold on I have to stop laughing for a second. Ok, this is a photo from my local bodega in Petworth (from the cell phone, c’mon I can’t always have my camera on me). At any rate, I was stunned and overjoyed to see that they were selling the traditional kosher wine Manischewitz. Manischewitz is the sickly sweet wine that every Jewish boy and girl knows all too well. Why it is being sold in Petworth that probably has a .05% Jewish population is beyond me. But the mere thought of someone slugging Manischewitz on the side of the road is simply beautiful. And a bit sad. I think this may be the only bottle of Manischewitz in the world that is located behind two inches of bulletproof glass…Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Manischewitz to drink.

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  • both these wines take me back to my friday night, drinking and chilling with my buddies phase. none of us, by the way, were jewish…ah, nostalgia…

  • mazel tov PoP!

  • PoP: next time you wanna come on one of my corners you best be askin’ me nice or I’m sending the squirrels for you.

  • Nothin’ to be stunned about. Manischevitz, to the non-Jewish, is just another cheap wine at any ole liquor store.

  • Anonymous is right. For those non-members of the tribe (I’m a MOT, of that small Petworth percentage), man-oh-Manischewitz is wino-wine. And for us, it brings back memories of what Grandpa liked to have with Seder.

  • Oops, I forgot to mention above, in DC we don’t call corner stores or little neighborhood markets bodegas. That’s a NY expression, of course borrowed from (Puerto Rican) Spanish.

  • you guys are really making me wanna grab a bottle of Manischewitz just to work on the ‘vibe’!

    i’ll be the dude in the motorhead t-shirt near the stated bodega. :o)

  • Manischewitz is the communion wine at my church … talk about ecumenical.

  • Crestwood – Manischewitz is the ideal communion wine. Remember, the last supper was a seder, so of course they were drinking the 1st century equivalent of Manischewitz that night.

  • so columbia heights and petworth used to be jewish neighborhoods i heard. some evidence of this is on spring road between 13th and 11th. the government building has stars of david on it. i heard it was a jewish community center at one time?? anyway, manischevitz reminds me of my little grandmother, Polish Catholic that would drink that and warm gennesee cream ale.

  • Anon – Columbia Heights, Petworth and Brightwood, especially Brightwood and Petworth.

    Indeed, it’s been less than 15 years since the last Jewish Bakery/grocery closed (Posin’s, on Georgia Ave).

    And it wasn’t a JCC, it was the “Hebrew Home for the Aged.”

  • The neighborhoods that were developed east of Rock Creek Park in the 1920s, etc. were very popular with Jewish immigrant families because the neighborhoods west of the park were “restricted”. The irony in this is that much of northwest DC west of the Park was developed by Irish Catholics, who, after being completely discriminated against in Boston and other points north—decided to do unto others as had been done unto them.

    Never underestimate the power of one oppressed group to turn around and visit misery upon someone else.

  • Does anyone recall all the lyrics to the Manischevitz radio jingle? The first line is “Man, oh, Manischevitz, what a name for wine”, but the rest of the words are lost in my brain and are nowhere to be found on the Internet, either. I contacted Manischevitz, but they have no record either.

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