OK I’m pretty psyched about this one. Folks are often asking me where they can get shirts etc. and I usually only have them in person once a year – but now the folks who run advertising for the site have put together a merch shop for us. Full disclosure, it’s run by a third party called Spring. It’s given us an opportunity to add some fun stuff beyond just the logo – rep your love of the White Whale Society, Hawks*** around Town, the maniacal crayfish and more: Read More

Dan Silverman: Citizen of the District of Columbia

If you are able and would like to support the page through our Patreon, you can contribute as little as $2 bucks a month and it really helps out. Thanks for considering! And if you do join, you’ll also get access to PoPville Plus + and this week we’re admiring some sweet architecture.

Cheers, thanks again, and Go Nats!


Prince of Petworth

photo by Lee M..

Half of you are already gone, but for the half still hanging in there – I want to wish all the happiest of holidays. Like the last few years, it’s been a helluva year in so many ways. Thanks for sticking with us throughout all the ups, downs and in-betweens. The community we have created together continues to amaze me. Thanks for all your tips, questions, messages, photos, words of support, financial support and simply for reading and being part of PoPville.

Normally, I preload posts when I’ll be offline but since Monday is a Federal holiday and Monday, Jan. 2nd is a Federal holiday – I’m gonna take the opportunity to take an actual break too. Please continue to send your tips, photos etc. ([email protected] and/or DM me @PoPville) and I’ll be sure to get to them upon my return in the new year. I’ll pre-post some rant/revels next week so all will not be silent :)

Take good care and be well,


In this week’s PoPville Plus + I mentioned that this photo (above) would have been a good one to accompany the super controversial question from 2012: “Do You/Your Guests Take Off Your Shoes When You Enter Your Home?”

At any rate some folks were keen on me restarting the Friday Question of the Day (I started random ones back in 2008 when I ran out of new restaurant openings one day and thought it would be a fun filler.) Would you like to see it return too? Could be fun to revisit some and see how folks feel now as well as new topics too of course.

And what ARE you doing shoes-wise these days? :)


This is also the title of my upcoming podcast and if I ever form a John Denver cover band we shall be known simply as Chicken Visits @ The Gate.

God I love this chicken (and family.)

Also, please enjoy this “red-tailed hawk riding an updraft at Rock Creek Park”: Read More


My dream becomes a reality Thursday night 6-10pm (Nov. 3rd) at Atlas Brew Works Navy Yard (1201 Half Street, SE) as we get to celebrate 16 years AND taste the PoPville Cedar IPA. Big thanks to the team at Atlas Brew Works for this incredible honor and big thanks to you guys, as always, for making this all possible. Cheers!!

For those interested in t-shirts or just helping ensure we make it 14 more years please consider adding your support via our Patreon (with weekly bonus content now available.) Shirt sizes are small-2XL (until all gone.)

Looking forward to tipping back a few PoPvilles with ya!! And there’s pizza too.

Every week I have a number of posts that I never get to and I think I’m gonna call these PoPville Plus +

I haven’t decided if I’ll post them once a day or once a week but they are for Patreon supporters at every level. This won’t change the number of posts you see here on PoPville everyday, this is just some of the extra I never get to that I think you may enjoy too. I’m also thinking about sharing other cool/random photos I’ve taken of murals etc. that I never got to posting here. It’ll likely be organic and evolve over time.

Cheers and have a great weekend,


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