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OK, on March 25th 2019 the first GA series was spotted. Since that day I’ve been counting down the arrival of the HA series. Doth my eyes deceive me? I think not, I’ve spotted this JA car two mornings in a row now. Now so many questions: What the heck happened to H and I series? Did they get skipped entirely or was a JA issued by mistake? Has anyone else spotted a JA plate? Anyone spot an HA plate?

Update: Yup, the JAs are out since Hs are for taxis and Is look too much like ones apparently. Still confusing, as a few have noted, where did the GW-GZs go? Nevertheless, welcome J series!! Standby for the K series in a few years. God willing.


Update from an email:

I’m passing along owner Aaron McGovern’s statement regarding the Sakharov Sculpture (which is safe and sound in storage):

“At this point we’ve been forced to protect our property, our building, and our residents from the continued hate crimes against us. To date we’ve experienced nearly 20K in property damage and an undetermined financial loss of business because of these circumstances. Russia House’s future is uncertain and we still have faith that it will one day provide DC with another 20 years of amazing experiences.” – Aaron McGovern

Thanks to all who messaged me on Friday which was also April Fool’s Day so I needed to see this with my own eyes to confirm. And indeed my Sakharov Sculpture, our Sakharov Sculpture is gone. I have been using a photo of this bust to illustrate various posts here for over 10 years. There are no words. What best captures how I’m feeling right now is: Read More


MLK Day 2022

I hope you have a meaningful and reflective day today.

We will back posting on our regular schedule Tuesday.

not like this

Last Christmas Tree in Town is brought to you by the Friends of the White Whale Society.

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Mayor Bowser, led by the Department of Public Works (DPW), announced that Christmas trees and holiday greenery will be collected from homes that receive DPW curbside between January 3 and February 28, 2022. Trees and greenery can be left at the normal point of collection for trash and recycling or at the curbside. Items collected during this period will be composted; in the spring, the mulch will be provided to residents at no cost.

Residents can also drop their Christmas trees and/or holiday greenery at one of four locations: Read More


Well this is awesome. A new electric-scooter (and e-bikes soon too) company, King, is launching and have offered to give one of our supporters a free electric scooter!

At 12:30pm tomorrow (Friday) I will randomly pick a winner from one of our supporters.

Please consider supporting PoPville’s long term viability and become a Patreon supporter today. And get a chance to win a free e-scooter!!

it’s gonna be a cold one tonight so bundle up!!

All right y’all tomorrow we officially turn 15 years old so, tonight, just like when I turned 15 in High School, let’s tip back some wine coolers, or a few beers if you prefer!! Moreland’s Tavern (5501 14th Street, NW at Kennedy/Colorado) has been kind enough to set up some patio space for us (so close to getting my kids vaccinated!!) I expect to be there around 6/6:30 and stay till at least 10:30 or until I start getting too weepy/wobbly. And with deepest sincerity – thanks to you guys for making this all possible.

And not much has changed. Sorry, so, so much has changed since we started blogging in 2006. But what has not changed is what this blog is about. The engine that makes this blog run has always been and will always be curiosity, questions, wonder and appreciation. Chronicling what goes on in our neighborhoods is a never ending task that has brought me the greatest joys, the deepest sorrows and everything in between. Read More


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