Washington, DC

480 7th Street, NW. Photos by Mark Lyon

Over the weekend we learned from Jose Andres’ ThinkFoodGroup:

“We will operate “Bodegas” out of our Beefsteak locations in Foggy Bottom and Dupont, adding an additional one at Jaleo DC on Monday.

These markets are intended to connect the community to staple items such as eggs, milk and flour along with household goods like cleaning solutions, paper towels and hand sanitizer, all of which have become scarce during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Beefsteak Bodega items, which will also include produce and fresh-cut vegetables, will be available for pick-up and delivery through our delivery partners from 11am to 5pm daily. Jaleo DC Bodega items will be available on the Jaleo website, for pick-up and through our delivery partners from 12pm to 8pm daily, beginning on Monday.

Thanks to Mark for sharing: “The Jaleo bodega.” Read More


Thanks to CP for passing on their INDIEGOGO campaign:

138 U Street, NE via Yang Market

“Yang Market has been the cornerstone of Eckington for over 70 years. Located at the corner of Summit & U Streets NE, the store opened in the 1940s as one of many District Grocery Stores (DGS) operating throughout the region. Yang Market has stood witness to the evolution of our neighborhood and city ever since.

Yang Market’s closing last December was a blow to the neighborhood because it was more than a convenience store, but an integral part of Eckington’s history. Read More


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