Washington, DC

3001 Sherman Ave, NW

Thanks to A. for sending:

“The beloved Stop & Go Market on the Corner of Columbia Rd. and Sherman Ave. is no more! After 20 years, the owner has decided to retire and sell the building. Real estate agent said something about a Capoeira Studio / Brazilian Café taking it over.

National Photo Company Collection via Shorpy

As an interesting aside, Shorpy has pics of this same building from 1921.” Read More


4701 Georgia Ave, NW at Crittenden

Backyard Smokespot BBQ’s website says:

“Backyard Smokespot BBQ serves an assortment of delicious foods that will satisfy your taste buds. Checkout our mouth watering menu.”

Thanks to Danny for sending:

“Have you checked out Midnight Deli yet at 4701 Georgia Ave NW? It’s looks like a regular little convenience store, but I noticed a smoker outside a couple weeks ago when I was walking to Buna after your coverage. I went by Midnight Deli yesterday afternoon to see what was going on and they had some really good bbq going on – I got an order of 4 bourbon wings and 4 smoked maple wings. The bbq is available Weds – Sun, but they have other items on Mon and Tues. They also sell 6 packs of beer and a few other random stuff. I spoke with the guys running it a bit and they said they opened in January. Read More


Stuart reported on Saturday:

“Passing along that the Hi Market located at 15th and Fuller had a significant fire incident, with fire crew/ police on the scene. Seemed to occur this morning. Hopefully they will be able to recover and open in the near future. Very sad to see this store have to temporarily close and hope they are able to recover and re-open.”

DCFD reported from the scene: Read More


1133 11th Street, NW

Thanks to Chaya for sending the photo above. Kristin writes:

“Apparently happened last week when I was out of town, but they’ve been closed all this week too. Phone is disconnected. Some of the shelves are empty but there’s some stuff still in there. WEIRD.”


Town & Country Market back in the day at 823 Upshur Street, NW during Domku’s white picket fence period

A reader reports:

“You know the mini market on Upshur between Domku and the book store, the Ethiopian gentleman who owns the place told me tonight that at the end of January, they will be closing for a month in order to remodel the store. He said I wouldn’t even recognize it when it was done. I didn’t ask if he planned on removing the the bullet proof glass.”

Ed. Note: Back in 2008 Family Foods removed their glass partition but it only lasted a few weeks before they put it back up. Hopefully in 2016, if Town & Country does decide to take theirs down, it can be down for good.

Update: Well this is randomly awesome – thanks to a commenter for posting this 1926 photo of Upshur Street from the Library of Congress:

823 Upshur Street, NW


1828 1st St, NW

“Dear PoPville,

The Mini Mart on 1st St in Bloomingdale (between Red Hen and Yoga District) has also not been open since Christmas, and I’m wondering if you or any of your readers know what’s going on? It’s one of a few prime commercial spaces in our neighborhood, and I hate to see it going to waste.”

Hmm, I noticed it’s gate just got a fresh coat of paint – so something’s going on. Anyone know?



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