12/21/14 10:22pm

1927 Florida Ave, NW

The Post Express finds out who’s taking over the former Visions Theater (briefly AED):

“The studio, slated for 1927 Florida Ave. NW (formerly the home of Visions Cinema Bistro), will be Flywheel’s 33rd location.”


Flywheel’s website says:

“This is the workout for you.

Whoever you are.

The workout that offers a chance to achieve something more.

The step up onto a custom engineered bike.

And ride as hard as you dare.

The Flywheel indoor cycling ride includes climbs and descents, while working arms with weighted bars. It’s an amazing escape that challenges your body and relaxes your mind.

Our music playlists are choreographed to each class and make the time fly.

Our instructors lead the way, suggesting target resistance levels and RPM’s to strive for. But YOU decide exactly what’s right for you by controlling the technology on your bike. And your performance stats are made available in your private account on our website.

You’ll ride just once before you understand completely, “Why Flywheel?”

always taunts me

12/20/14 9:00am

“Dear PoPville,

I am writing to inform everyone to keep a look out for a man who assaulted my wife last night while walking our dog on the corner of Allison Street & the 4500 block of Georgia Ave around 8:30pm. I am writing on her behalf as I think people need to be aware of this.

A hooded Hispanic man was standing up against the fence along the 4500 block of Georgia Ave as my wife was walking north up Georgia Ave. Suddenly the man charged full speed at my wife shoving her, and tried to knock her to the ground. She caught her balance before he began charging at her again to knock her over. She then screamed at him and yelled “WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM??!!!” and he stopped a few feet short of her I guess surprised that she was not backing down. He said nothing to her and he began approaching her again. She screamed at him again and he apparently just stood there staring at her like a F***ing creep. My wife at this point was bracing herself to fight back and slowly began backing up as to not turn her back towards him. He kept walking slowly towards her, but she has told me he seemed unsure about approaching again since she was going to put up a fight. When she had enough distance from him, she ran away down the block with our dog towards 13th Street. She looked back after running down the block to make sure he wasn’t following her and said she saw him just calmly walking away up Georgia Ave out of view.

My wife ran back to our house, as this was only a block away and called the police. The police came within 2 minutes and immediately began relaying the man’s description to the other police in the area. They were great and many thanks go out to the two officers for making sure my wife was safe and arriving so quickly.

My wife’s description of the man was this: Hispanic male, probably late 20s, dark hair, stocky, probably around 200 pounds, wearing a bright blue coat with the hood on. The coat appeared to be a wind breaker. I wouldn’t be surprised if this psychopath lives nearby.

Sadly our 80 pound dog is really friendly and didn’t do much to protect my wife at the time. Unfortunately, I happened to be at my office Xmas party when this all went down. I have to say this guy was pretty brazen to attack my wife with such a large dog at her side. The police were equally puzzled by this. We have lived in the neighborhood for years and never had a problem like this. Either way, if you see somebody suspicious on the street fitting this description, please call the police and be careful.”