05/04/15 10:55am

4015 Georgia Ave, NW

Update from the owner of The Pitch about their temporary closure:

“The Pitch Tavern will be reopening on Wednesday, May 27. We’re taking this time to bring on some new hires, take our staff through a new training program and revise our menu. With The Pitch Tavern being a new establishment, my partners and I being new restaurateurs, and the summer months approaching, we decided it was more effective to close temporarily while we get our house in order. We will continue giving our guests an outstanding experience through the summer and beyond!”

05/04/15 10:25am


From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department announced today the deployment of new photo enforced locations beginning on or about May 4, 2015. The deployment locations for the Photo Enforcement Units will be sites where speeding has been identified to be a problem.

The 30 day educational phase, or “warning period”, will commence on or about May 4, 2015. During this period, violators will receive warning citations. After the 30 day warning period, MPD will begin issuing live moving citations to violators. The new photo enforcement locations are (above).”

05/03/15 10:22pm

4235 Wisconsin Ave, NW

A reader reports:

“The spot between Cava and Nando, Pie Five (get it – it’s like high five – groan) has put signs up they are coming to the site of a former dry cleaner.”

Pie Five’s website says:

“It’s about the RIGHT ingredients, starting with the dough, which we make fresh for you every day, throughout the day. It doesn’t stop there. We make our all-natural, preservative free (and naturally fat free) Tuscan Marinara and Spicy Marinara in house every day as well. Everything from our hand-cut veggies to our homemade desserts can make you feel good about what you’re eating at Pie Five.

We’re all about making your pizza the RIGHT way, just for you!”

You can see their menu here. There is currently a Pie Five in DC at 429 L’Enfant Plaza Center.