This rental is located at 1456 Corcoran Street, Northwest. The listing says:


You can see a few more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,700/Mo.

04/01/15 2:10pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user brunofish

Can owner live in a basement and rent out rest of house?:

“Is it possible in DC for an owner to live in basement that is less than 7 ft in height and rent out rest of house where there is a connecting stair to basement? Would it be possible to get BBL for rest of house? What do the laws say about owner’s right to use property for self? I have been researching but am confused. Thanks”

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04/01/15 1:25pm

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“Dear PoPville,

I have been having a problem the last couple of months at the Yards Harris Teeter, and I’m wondering if its exclusive to this HT or if others have had a similar experience at either this location or at any others. When shopping there have been a few times that I bought a specific brand or more of something that I needed because it was either on sale or BOGO (buy one get one) via my VIC card. I use the self check outs and at first I thought I was paranoid or misunderstood the sales signs and wrote it off, but the last 3 times I have noticed that SOME sale prices were reflected when I rang them up, and others weren’t. Those three times I have pointed it out to the clerk monitoring the self check out and they have helped me resolve the issue by typing a code into the computer…. but they didn’t seem surprised and acted like it happens all the time and didn’t apologize or anything.

I know it might seem like small amounts, but they add up, in the last visit alone I would have paid $15 more than I should have. I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience, and (if nothing else) alerting folks to pay attention to the prices you are paying vs what was advertised. The real confusing aspect for me has been that some of the the items will reflect sale prices when rung up, and others (in the same transaction) do not.”

04/01/15 12:55pm


This home is on Fessenden St, NW. The listing says:

“Simply Impressive. New home in Forest Hills on the perfect homesite, sitting high above the street with two historic trees in the front yard. An amazing Dutch Colonial w stained cedar shake and stone exterior. Circular sunroom, secret reading nook, mature plantings, fenced yard and private patio. Detached garage, finished rec-rm and attic. Decorated by nationally recognized P Four.”


You can see more photos here.

This 6 bed/5.5 bath is going for $3,200,000.

04/01/15 12:25pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mike Maguire

“Dear PoPville,

A man (description: mid 40s, short, chubby, African American) came to my door around 9 p.m. on March 26 claiming to be my neighbor from four doors down. He said he was short $38 to pay for a locksmith. He said the police refused to assist him and bemoaned how they used to back in the day. He gave a generic name (Mr. Nesbit, I think) but I did not recognize him or the last name from my block. Given the various of money-seekers with bogus stories that have come to my house since moving to Petworth I declined to give him any money.

My wife suggested offering to pay with my credit card and telling him that since we were neighbors I trust he would pay me back.

Package Thief:
I saw a man (description: mid 40s, short chubby, African American) pacing in front of my door around 5 p.m. on March 30. He walked away and I went to the door to see what was going on. I saw him casually kicking a box down my steps while he glanced left and right. When he had kicked the box to the gate at the sidewalk I asked him what was up with the box. With the box at his feet he literally said to me “what box”. A back and forth ensued with him claiming to not see it on account of his blindness. He then said he was looking for his friend John’s house and mumbled some address that was four blocks to the north. He kept on with the blind argument, then claimed to be handicapped. He went as far as to produce his “handicap papers” to demonstrate his truthfulness. I picked up the box and he waddled off to the south.

I thought they might be the same man but I cannot say so with much certainty.

I live on the 4000 block of 7th St. NW.”

Another reader reports the same scammer story:

“Middle aged black male, dark clothing, medium complexion, weighs about 290+ pounds,

Talks like he is out of breath, sweating on his forehead, says he is locked out of his house on the next block, his money is inside his house, the locksmith is waiting to open his door but he needs $38’s more to get the door open; begs for the money and says he’ll be right back with repayment just as soon as he gets entry to his house.”

04/01/15 11:25am

From the MPD 5D Listserv:

“Yes there was another shooting last night [18th and Otis St, NE], 3/30/15, exactly a week from last week on Monday 3/23/15. This time the shooting occurred around 10 PM, last week shots were heard earlier around 7 PM. Luckily no one has been hurt so far.”

MPD confirms:

“You are correct, we are fortunate no one was injured. At this point, MPD does not have any complainant(s), other than for the property damage.

If anyone has any information regarding this matter, please call 202-727-9099.”

Ed. Note: I believe the “complainant(s)” refers to victims.

04/01/15 10:55am

1350 I Street, NW

Whoa. More big news from the Washington Business Journal:

“A new upscale restaurant and raw bar from the team behind City Tap House will open in the former Tuscana West space in downtown D.C.”

WBJ says the new spot, Pennsylvania 6, hopes to open this summer. City Tap House is located at 901 9th Street, NW.

Tuscana West closed in Feb. 2014 after 20 years at that location.