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From Events DC:

“Events DC, the official convention and sports authority for the District of Columbia announced today that OMA, a globally-recognized architecture firm has been selected to develop both short and long-term redevelopment concepts for the future usage of the RFK Stadium-Armory Campus. In collaboration with Brailsford and Dunlavey (B&D) and the existing subcontractors who are part of the team conducting the RFK Campus site and market analysis study, OMA will develop a holistic conceptual plan for the iconic Campus located in the Southeast corridor of the District.

“On behalf of Events DC, we are tremendously excited about bringing OMA on board to help us reimagine the RFK Stadium-Armory Campus. OMA will help us develop both short and long-term redevelopment concepts for this important site in our nation’s capital,” said Max Brown, chairman of Events DC Board of Directors. “They will bring world-class credentials and ideas to this effort and we are looking forward to working with all our stakeholders on this important effort.”

OMA’s conceptual designs will address connectivity across the 190 acre site – while creating a sense of place for the Campus that resonates with the surrounding community and across the District. It is our shared goal that OMA will deliver conceptual plans for the entire Campus that create axis points and public areas of convergence from which residents and visitors can benefit. The conceptual concepts will be available and made public in mid-January 2016.

This project continues OMA’s urban engagement with Washington, DC, following their award of the 11th Street Bridge Park in 2014. The project is a public park elevated over the Anacostia River that connects two historically disparate sides of the river with a series of outdoor programmed spaces and active zones. (more…)

10/09/15 11:18am

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From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating two incidents overnight that resulted in members discharging firearms at suspects.

On Thursday, October 8, 2015, at approximately 9:30 pm, in the area of 7th Street and Mississippi Avenue, SE, MPD members were pursuing a male suspect armed with a gun. The suspect fired at MPD officers. One officer returned fire. No injuries were reported to the involved members, the suspect made good his escape. Two illegal firearms were recovered from the scene.

On Friday, October 9, 2015, at approximately 12:45 am, an officer was conducting a traffic stop in the 3000 block of Bladensburg Road, NE, when a male driver pointed a loaded handgun towards the officer. In defense of his life, the officer fired at the suspect, who then fled in the vehicle before crashing a few blocks away and fleeing on foot. A suspect later appeared at a local hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm. The suspect was arrested and is being held as a fugitive, pending charges in the District of Columbia for assault on a police officer. An illegal handgun was recovered from the scene.

Both incidents remain under investigation.

Additional information will be released as it becomes available.”

10/09/15 10:35am

2441 18th Street, NW

Subterranean Sakuramen now sees the light! Almost exactly a year ago we learned that Sakuramen would be expanding into the former Botanica Yemaya space upstairs. For those not familiar with the deliciousness at Sakuramen – you can check out their menu here. I’m told that the new upstairs space is opening up soon, possibly today. Check out the great new mural:




10/09/15 9:45am


Person First Project is a photo blog that seeks to give those currently or formerly experiencing homelessness in D.C. the chance to share their stories. In doing this, we hope to reduce the barriers that separate people in D.C. and spark a dialogue. The Person First Project aims to connect us – and to make us all feel a bit more human.

Author’s Note: George was interviewed near Central Union Mission near Massachusetts Ave. and New Jersey Ave. NW.

“I believe it’s depression. I have family members who are diagnosed with it so I’m pretty sure I have that same spirit. But I try not to go to the doctors because I don’t want to be prescribed medication, because I see what it does to my family. It makes them zombies. All they want to do is sleep all day. I don’t want to be that way. So I try to cope with it, to go through it, but sometimes it’s just so heavy. I just can’t. I end up self-destructing.

It’s pretty much ups and downs. From what I’ve read, it’s called manic. You’re up and you’re ready to do things and you want to do things. I get that way, and I get to work and I love my job. I never have any complaints about my job, I love working. But then all of the sudden I feel like I become anti-social. I don’t want to be around people. I get upset, I get angry, so I just separate myself. And that’s when I stop going to work, and I just hide in a cave for a few months.

I worked in food service for about 11 years, and then I started getting into construction. I did a little bit of courier service. I do all kinds of stuff. I do whatever people don’t want to do, I’ll do it. The last job I had was in an oil field. It was pipe inspection. It was a good job, a great job. But I just – boom, all of the sudden I didn’t want to be around anybody.”

– George

Author’s Note: I included three posts and three photos to help better tell George’s full story. (more…)

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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I really enjoy our random questions so bear with me again this week. Every morning one of my favorite things to do is ask my daughter what she dreamed about last night. Most common answers are cows and horses and occasionally dogs. Sadly I can’t seem to remember my dreams too often anymore so I wonder about you guys. Do you still remember your dreams in the morning? What was the last dream you remember? I was walking by a homeless man who was sleeping and I couldn’t get the thought out of my head – I wonder what he was dreaming about. Anyway, I’m super curious – what was the last dream you remember having (good or bad)?

10/08/15 10:05pm

Photo of ‘First day of the new Supreme Court term’ by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

Congrats to PoPville pick Emmaleigh504 with:

“ReadY, aim, PEE!”

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“Straight Outta Congress”

Honorable mention to BBNE with:

“According to most who waited in line, the pissing contest outside turned out to be far more entertaining than the shit-show inside.”

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