04/01/15 10:00am

3118 Georgia Ave, NW

I apologize in advance but this is one of the transformations that makes ramble because I’m so happy. First of all I had no idea it was gonna turn out so nice. I just thought Colony Club was gonna be a very bare bones ping pong hall. I was very very wrong. Their website says:

“Colony Club is a neighborhood coffee shop, bar, and ping pong club. We serve quality products in a friendly and approachable setting.

Located on historic Georgia Avenue in Park View, Washington, DC, Colony Club tries to capture an old-school vibe, and pay homage to the history of the street (including the family flower shop, pictured below).”

Photo via Colony Club

Check out their beer/wine/spirits menu here and breakfast and bar snacks here.

So a bit more info – which I totally didn’t realize. They’ll be a proper coffee shop during the day. They’ll open Monday-Friday from 7am-11pmish (hours likely to change a bit based on what folks want) and 8am-midnight(ish) on the weekends. Coffee is ceremony. Pastries will come from Bakehouse (14th and T St, NW.)

As for the evenings – while they have a small wine and cocktail list – the focus will be on good beer. Four draft lines, four cans, four bottles and a small cellar list. and Porkslap will only be $3!

As for the ping pong – it’s upstairs. One table. The space wasn’t photo ready when I stopped by but they are very very close. And you could definitely get a feel for it. It reminds me of when Temperance Hall (now Looking Glass) first opened on Georgia. It doesn’t remind me of the same style but in that what a huge deal it is. There is nothing like this around the 3100 block of Georgia (all due respect to Bravo Bar which is great for different reasons.) This place is a game changer for this section of Georgia Ave. You will see very, very soon.


I take this as a very good sign:


This is so much nicer than I was expecting, just a taste, but wait till you see proper photos:


There will be bike parking out front:


To properly gauge the amazing transformation – here’s how it looked in 2009 as Hadiya Cafe before it became Ma Ma’s Southern Cuisine:


04/01/15 9:30am

Photo by PoPville flickr user  Phil

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A reader reports:

“There was another accident at Kansas Ave and Quincy St this morning. This is the same intersection that residents of the neighborhood have been asking Mayor Bowser and DDOT for a stop sign for over two years. It’s very dangerous not only cars, but perhaps more so pedestrians. A year ago there was a petition that gathered a significant amount of signatures asking for a stop sign Kansas/Quincy and 13th/Quincy. Ultimately, DDOT only put a stop sign at 13th St. Since then, people cross at Kansas Ave and Quincy at their own risk. Nearly every day there are “close calls” between pedestrians and automobiles. The sounds of screeching brakes and horns is constant. Yet DDOT has does nothing. Quincy is the main street that leads to the metro as well as the Raymond Rec Center. It’s a shame DDOT has done nothing because eventually someone is going to be seriously injured. The last reply we received from DDOT stated that the accident data and traffic flow study did not warrant a stop sign. They went on to say that we were “one accident short” of the needed number to warrant a stop sign. Maybe this accident will solidify the need.”

04/01/15 8:55am


From @MayorBowser’s State of the District last night:

“We all know that the Streetcar has been long on promises but short on results. That changes now.

I promise you that we will get the Street Car along H Street and Benning Road line up and running.

Then we will extend the line to downtown Ward 7 so that Councilmember Alexander’s constituents along Benning Road can ride to Union Station and eventually all the way to Georgetown.”

What about Georgia Ave and Walter Reed…?

03/31/15 10:22pm

150 M Street, NE

Back in February we first heard NoMa was getting a beer garden. Now a bit more info from Wonder Garten’s liquor license placard:

“Food will be served from food trucks, which will be permitted on the premises. Total Occupancy Load of 300. Entertainment Endorsement with Cover Charge, dancing and possibly occasional live music.”

Hours are listed as Sunday 12pm – 10pm, Monday and Tuesday 4pm – 10pm, Wednesday and Thursday 4pm – 11pm, Friday and Saturday 12pm – 12am.

In other good NoMa news:

“The theme of this year’s NoMa Summer Screen is Dance, Dance, Dance! Please select your top 10 favorite dancing movies here.”


03/31/15 10:02pm


“a couple of ducks have taken up residency in the fountain at Blue Duck Tavern! Two mallards to be exact, according to the hostess they flew in last week and have been enjoying life in the fountain ever since. No sign of a nest yet, but we’re eagerly watching and hoping!”