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You can see last week’s most popular posts here.

Major Progress at Pub and the People hoping to Open in Bloomingdale in February

Smashburger Closes in Dupont

Grilled Oyster Company joining Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar, Raku and other retailers at Cathedral Commons

Rep. Andy Harris Not Welcome at Capitol Hill Bikes

Holy Cow this is really Happening! Colony Club, “coffee shop, bar and ping pong club”, coming to Georgia Ave

Black and Orange (fomerly Rogue States Burgers) closes in Dupont, 24 hour Surfside opening around the corner in January

Metrorail service suspended in both directions due to water main break

Dupont Underground Signs Lease With D.C. for Abandoned Trolley Station

“Starter Condos” on H St, NE start in the “mid $300,000’s”

McDonald’s Gets a Paint Job at 14th and U

Atlas Brew Works Offering Beer in Cans

Wake for the Burgundy and Gold at Lou’s City Bar this Saturday

Glover Park Hardware Closing Jan. 15th after 10 Years – Hopes to find new Location

The Barbies are Back in Full Christmas Gear

Epic Edgewood/Brookland News: ‘Dew Drop Inn’ Tavern from owners of Wonderland Coming to space above Chocolate City Brewery/Chocolate City closing at the end of the year

One Eight Distilling (D.C.’s First Vodka and Whiskey) Grand Opening Sat., Jan. 10th in Ivy City

“OFFICIAL: D.C. United will finally have a home of its own, right here in DC, at Buzzard Point.”

Scuttlebutt: The Heights Sold in Columbia Heights? The Counter Burger Coming? Ed. Note: Sale confirmed.

Heads Up – Do Not Drink/Use Water Advisory for Parts of Shaw/Logan/U Street

Update on Bistro coming to Woodridge – Nido Restaurant opening this Spring

Dolcezza (and other official retail) coming to CityCenter

Very Cool“real-time customer information displays at four bus stops in preparation for a wider rollout next year”

Jose Andrés, “I have long respected Donald Trump for his business acumen and am proud to partner with him to create a truly remarkable, fine dining restaurant in the city”

More Jose Andres NewsBeefsteak, “vegetable-focused fast casual restaurant”, opening in GW’s new new Engineering Hall in February

Shooting at Georgia and Quincy near the Petworth Metro at 12:50pm

Sad News for another Long Time Adams Morgan RestaurantMeskerem For Sale

Phenomenal! Metro video spoofing the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads

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@dcwater tweets the good news (and photo above):

“The advisory has been lifted. #shawdc #logancircle

Residents should flush their water for 5 minutes to remove any old water in their lines. #shawdc #LoganCircle

We will continue to look for the source of the contamination but our flushing program has worked according to two EPA certified labs.”

From MPD:

“The DO NOT DRINK advisory has been lifted for affected DC Water customers. Customers in the affected portion of Northwest DC should flush their household or commercial plumbing before using tap water for all purposes. Please see the interactive map at www.dcwater.com or at http://bit.ly/1xrvzFM to review the boundaries of the previous impact area.

DC Water lifted the DO NOT DRINK advisory after confirming that the drinking water meets EPA drinking water standards. DC Water tested water samples from multiple sites in the affected area after extensive flushing was conducted in the pipe system. IMPORTANT***DC Water and EPA strongly urge you to flush water through your home or building by following the instructions outlined below: (more…)

12/19/14 3:55pm

3118 Georgia Ave, NW

On Monday I was overjoyed to share an update about Colony Club, “coffee shop, bar and ping pong club”, coming to the former Ma Ma’s Southern Cuisine space by Georgia and Kenyon St, NW. I was able to get in touch with the owners who say if all goes well they should be able to open by early February. I was curious about the ping pong aspect and they share:

“We’ll probably just have one indoor table to start (space is tight!). We’re going to have a professional caliber table (probably from Joola) and gear. We’ll have a system for reserving the table, certain times will be open play, and we’ll host tournaments and a league. In keeping with everything we’re doing, we welcome people to take it as seriously (or not) as they want.”

Lots more updates as they get closer to opening.

12/19/14 3:30pm


“This evening while walking my pup, I ran into a woman whose dog Bunker got away a couple of days ago. (My heart is breaking for her; in her place, I’d be devastated.) Thought I’d spread the word.

Bunker is a chihuahua mix, about 10 lbs, and apparently he is a shy and skittish fellow. He was last seen around the corner of 4th and G Streets SE. Marion Park and Garfield Park are nearby.”

Ed. Note: Thanks to Michelle for putting together this list of adoptable pets. It will be featured the last Friday every month. If you are interested in submitting an adoptable pet you can email Michelle at Help.the.Pups.DC(at)gmail(dot)com

Superman - Rural Dog

Superman – Rural Dog Rescue

Superman is an adorable 6-month old black lab mix from Rural Dog Rescue. He is an amazing pup that asked Santa to find him a loving home for Christmas. If your home might be it, Superman would fly right into your arms. You can apply to adopt Superman or any of our adoptable animals here. If you are interested in fostering one of our animals, please apply here. You can meet many of our animals every Saturday at Howl to the Chief from noon until 3pm.

Rocket Boy & Twister - Homeward Trails

Rocket Boy & Twister – Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

Rocket Boy (male tabby with white) & Twister (female tabby) are 6-month old kittens from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. Rocket Boy is just as friendly as can be and is happy to be picked up, held, and cuddled. Twister is up for playing at any moment and loves to explore. For adoption information, please visit their Petfinder page. If you are interested in becoming a foster, please send an email here. You can also meet some of our adoptable animals at one of our events!

More great pets after the jump. (more…)

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“Dear PoPville,

I noticed this new graffiti on my neighbors’ building this morning, cattycorner from Cardozo High School. It’s also on a few other buildings around the block, but this one is disturbing because someone clearly got to the fire escape to do it, right outside the residents’ windows. I don’t know who did it, and I don’t mean to accuse Cardozo students, this is just located across the street from the school. Whoever the were, they’re jerks.”


12/19/14 2:55pm

2130 N Street Northwest

This rental is located at 2130 N Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Dupont, West-End location, South facing studio efficiency with approx. 445 SqFt. Nicely furnished and designed with bedroom area, desk area and dining area. Wood floors and plenty of closet space and shelving. Water and Gas for heating and cooking is included in rent amount.”

You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $1,700/Mo.

12/19/14 2:30pm


“Dear PoPville,

Has anyone else in DC had trouble receiving packages from UPS that require a signature? I work from home, and UPS deliverymen have outright lied on several occasions, claiming that they attempted a delivery but I was not available. Customer service is no help. They just read from the computer that they attempted delivery, and tell me the only possible way to get my package is to go to Landover, or pay $5 to have it delivered to a UPS store. It’s a total scam. They have no intention of ever attempting delivery. They never leave a slip; I honestly doubt they ever even leave Landover. I receive packages from FedEx just fine, and I receive non-signature-requiring packages from UPS. But if it needs a signature, you might as well not even bother imagining it will ever show up.”

12/19/14 2:15pm

“I lost my engagement thing this morning 12/19 in NW DC on my way to work. I took the 43 or L2 bus from Columbia road and Mintwood place to Farragut north and then took the red line from Farragut north to judiciary square and realized it was missing. It’s my fiancés family heirloom and it means so much to me and I’m desperate to find it! If anyone has any information please contact me and a reward will be offered. Please call me at 410-236-1294.”

12/19/14 1:20pm


“Dear PoPville,

See subject car in frame. When I arrived last night I had to squeeze in between 2 SUVs, now during the day they’re gone and it looks like I poorly parked (never mind that it’s midday and half the block is empty anyway). These people with entirely too much free time and concern over how other people park are really getting tiresome. Maybe a PSA to assume we all know what the hell we’re doing and unless you legitimately OBSERVED someone as they were parking you keep your hands off their car.”