11/30/15 11:40am

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe Flood

From an email:

“I am pleased to announce the release of the Washington, D.C. Indie Coffee Passport on December 1st.

The Indie Coffee Passport gives customers the opportunity to discover Washington, D.C.’s independent coffee culture drink-by-drink, neighborhood-by-neighborhood. The Passport gives customers one free drink at DC’s best and hippest cafes. The Indie Coffee Passport hopes to encourage Washington residents to step outside of their regular coffee routine and explore the burgeoning coffee scene in our city.

There are 17 stops on the Washington DC Indie Coffee Passport: three Peregrine Espresso locations, Ebenezers Coffeehouse, Chinatown Coffee, M.E. Swing Company, two Pleasant Pops locations, BakeHouse, The Blind Dog Café, Sweet Science Coffee, The Potter’s House, Flying Fish Coffee and Tea, Harrar Coffee and Roastery, Qualia Coffee as well as Java Shack in Arlington, Virginia and Bump and Grind in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The $20 Passport runs from December 1st to June 31st; passport holders can visit each café and pick one of the 4-7 drinks each café has picked out for passport holders. These drinks range from a shot of espresso, to a honey lavender latte, and many other exciting options. Each café also offers a tea option for those who don’t drink coffee.”

11/30/15 11:10am

William S. Preston

“Dear PoPville,

In case you haven’t seen them, I encourage you to read the NY Times op-ed “What Woodrow Wilson Cost My Grandfather” and the follow up op-ed from the Times’ Editorial Board “The Case Against Woodrow Wilson at Princeton.” Both of these articles are important in putting the economic struggles of some African-Americans in Washington, DC in context. Woodrow Wilson’s actions prevented many African-Americans from being able to hold onto their jobs, stay in the middle class and build wealth through home ownership in Washington, DC.
While this story pales in comparison to the one in the op-ed, my great grandfather was an elevator operator in the Court of Claims in DC. Woodrow Wilson came to that building to see Judge Booth. He entered my great grandfather’s elevator.  A photographer took a picture of Wilson in the elevator with my great grandfather. Wilson ordered that the film be destroyed because he didn’t allow himself to be photographed with African-Americans.
When commenters write harshly about African-Americans, education and crime, for me this history provides important context. It was no accident that some people had the ability to pursue opportunities to make their lives better in Washington, DC and others had their hopes and dreams dashed. “
11/30/15 10:40am

via Lilith

From a press release:

“Bertwood Realty is pleased to announce the signing of an 1,100 square foot, 10-year lease for the French clothier, Lilith to City Center D.C.. The store will open before Xmas.

Lilith brings together art and fashion. Known for its offbeat fabric blend and mixtures of non-traditional colors, its collection is part novelty, part restraint, part eccentricity, providing ample opportunities for customers to make their own statements with unique combinations. With over 300 specialty stores carrying its collections in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, this marks Lilith’s third U.S. location—the other two are Soho and San Francisco.”

You can see their collections here.

11/30/15 10:30am

via google maps

From MPD – Saturday, Nov 28th:

“At approximately 1:55pm, Officers responded to the sounds of gun shots in the 700 b/o Somerset Place. Approximately 3 to 4 shots were heard. Shell casings were located and recovered by MPD.

No injuries or property damage reported.

This incident is still being investigated. There is no further public information available.”

11/30/15 9:45am


“Dear PoPville,

Are you (or your readers) aware of any organizations in DC that sell Christmas trees to support a good cause? We’d love for our purchase to support a charity, if at all possible. Happy Holidays!”

Besides 6th Engine I’ve gotten a lot of emails from Elementary Schools having fundraiser tree sales – Ross – 17th and R St, NW; Bancroft – 18th and Newtwon St, NW; Eaton – 3301 Lowell Street NW. If you know of others please add in the comments.

438 Massachusetts Ave, NW

11/30/15 9:30am

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kevin Wolf

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