319 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE previously home to Stanton and Greene, and before that the longtime home to Pour House.

Thanks to ps for sending: “Looks like Zoca on Capitol Hill is history. That was fast! Replacement looks like a hastily thrown together generic oyster and seafood place.”

Coastline Oyster Company’s website says:

Grand Opening on March 1st, 2023 at 11:00 AM

Coastline Oyster Company is the newest Restaurant Concept by Chef-owner Danio Somoza and Partner Donna Serafini. Coastline Oyster Company is a raw bar, seafood house, and sports bar with a fantastic menu, live music, and a fun bar. Enjoy the games on many TVs and game time specials. We are ready for all sports fans! Read More


1800 Connecticut Ave, NW

Update from Twitter: “Believe it is going to be the Dupont location of Brine, the oyster bar on H St.”

I walked by last weekend and the space was getting completely cleaned up. In December 2021, before the invasion of Ukraine, we heard “Here’s what’s up (we, Brine Oyster Bar, share the same owners as Russia House!):

Most RH staff relocated during the pandemic, so they’ve been restaffing up and almost there! RH completed an entire remodel including a new bar, kitchen, bathrooms, & decor, & shooting to open early January!”

Then we heard from owner Aaron McGovern in April 2022: “To date we’ve experienced nearly 20K in property damage and an undetermined financial loss of business because of these circumstances. Russia House’s future is uncertain and we still have faith that it will one day provide DC with another 20 years of amazing experiences.”

Still no sighting of the sacred Sakharov sculpture in storage: Read More


1309 5th Street, NE via Rappahannock Oyster Bar

Update from Rappahannock Oyster Bar owner Travis Croxton via email:

“I just saw a story on PoPville from Sarah and wanted to clarify a couple things for Rappahannock Oyster Bar. Our last day is Saturday. The post states that “it doesn’t fit their business model anymore” – that’s out of context a little bit – it’s not our business model but rather is the only explanation the landlord gave to us (meaning “their business model”, not ours). They told us to vacate the premises and gave us two months notice, which puts us at the end of August. But we really want to get our great staff incorporated over to the Wharf and that’s why we may leave a little sooner.

The restaurant was doing great – this is by no means a financial decision whatsoever (and again, it was not our decision) – we had rebounded in an amazing way after the initial COVID onslaught and had better success than ever, so honestly the news hit us like a punch to the gut. Read More


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