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SWEAT DC, the city’s “fun and inclusive” private group fitness studio, understands that raising children can often make it difficult to navigate a consistent fitness routine. But SWEAT DC’s founder, Gerard “Coach G” Burley, knows that “healthier parents lead to healthier families.”

To help those who may be experiencing barriers to reaching their wellness goals because of parenting duties, Burley is hosting a free open house event and classes this Saturday, June 15. The idea is to prove to parents that perhaps even the busiest parent can squeeze a class or two a week into the kid-heavy schedule.

The 20-minute demo sessions — which begin at 1:20 p.m., 1:50 p.m. and 2:20 p.m. — will include demonstrations of what a typical SWEAT DC class involves, as well as free beverages and healthy snacks. Coaches will be on hand to describe how SWEAT DC creates its programs, and those who attend will be eligible for special rates and discounts as well as giveaways from partners Zico Coconut Water, Territory Foods and Athleta.

Free registration to reserve a slot on Saturday is available at this site: https://bit.ly/2EYuxcT

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“The weather is changing and it’s time you do too,” said Gerard “Coach G” Burley, owner of the party-inspired, high-intensity group personal training program known as SWEAT DC.

Coach G warns that the weather may change faster than you do, and you may not have the right plan to get you confident and beach ready. So he’s devised a rapid transformation program called “The Memorial Day Sprint Challenge,” a six-week, 24-session, comprehensive plan designed to maximize your effort in the shortest amount of time. Safely, of course, and fun, as always.

The Memorial Day Sprint Challenge includes a pre-assessment session to determine where you are now and where you want to be in six weeks; before and after photos; a calorie-intake appraisal and a customized meal plan; an accountability partner to keep you on your path; off-day workouts; and prizes for those who meet their goals.

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SWEAT DC, Washington’s judgement-free, inclusive and challenging group-personal fitness gym, is honoring Women’s History Month by offering a female-only, four-week, transformative strength-training program during the month of March.

The program is called BYOB — Be Your Own Bodygoals — and will defy commonly accepted generalities about women and strength training: BYOB will emphasize female-focused functional weight lifting to “unleash your power from within,” said Lead Coach and former track athlete Nazinga Thomas who will be leading the program.

“There will be no shame or stigma of looking too strong, manly or not knowing how to lift properly,” she added. “Whether you are a new mom, a former athlete that got out of the routine or new to weight lifting and ready to feel more confident with strength training, BYOB is for you. We will empower each other to find out how strong we really are.” Learn more about her fitness journey at @activbyzing.

The four-week, early-morning program begins March 4 and includes a fitness assessment and reassessment, photos, goals consultation, nutrition guide and personal coaching by trained and inspirational, non-judgmental coaches to teach and assure proper lifting techniques. The team-based program also includes at-home workouts and unlimited support by a SWEAT DC success coach.

For more info go to SWEATDC.com or sign up here. Use the code BYOB to receive 15% off.

SWEAT DC features more than 40 group-personal training sessions in a fun club setting for men and women each week and is offering free consultations and introductory trial passes throughout the month of March.

For a free SWEAT DC “trial pass” register here for your intro goal setting consultation call. For more info email [email protected].

SWEAT DC is located at 3232 Georgia Avenue, NW, Suite 105. Call 202-509-9051 or text 202-516-7449. 


Coach Will (studio manager of SWEAT DC), who is father of 2 year old, Emery and 6 year old Micaela gained almost 40 lbs while trying to adjust to the stressful life as a new dad.

Even as a fitness coach the lack of sleep, time and added stress led him to unhealthy eating habits and not working out.

Losing the body he loved led him to develop a special program that fit his schedule, used limited time and allowed him to be the super dad he wanted to be.

Dad 2 Rad is a 4 week strength training program that uses barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells, pull up bars, rowers and more to shape your body and uncover the new you. In this course you will go through an assessment, reassessment, learn what supplements to take for your goals, get nutrition counseling and take home workouts to do between sessions. To see some of our before and after transformations, click here.

This program is limited to 20 dads ready for a change!

All dads, dads to be, husbands and guys are welcome. The workout is geared early in the AM when the body’s testosterone levels are highest and to avoid any schedule conflicts or excuses. Sessions are Tuesdays and Fridays at 5:15-6 a.m. starting Feb 5-March 1.

Participants: 20

Cost: $299 Early bird special, save $50 before Friday, January 18

Register at SWEAT DC and follow @sweatdc for before and after transformations!

For questions contact Will at [email protected]

SWEAT DC is located at 3232 Georgia Avenue, NW, Suite 105. Call 202-509-9051 or text 202-516-7449.


In anticipation of the post-Thanksgiving, pre-New Year’s fitness resolution season, SWEAT DC is offering free classes to those curious about the northwest DC boutique fitness studio that offers challenging 45-minute classes in what owner Gerard “Coach G” Burley calls “a fun nightclub setting.”

A pass for two weeks of free workouts for first-time “SWEAT Stars” (as clients are more affectionately known by Coach G & the SWEAT community) is now available for a limited time on the SWEAT DC website here.

“SWEAT DC combines the best workout with the best party,” Burley said of the high-intensity group fitness program offered at the Georgia Avenue studio.

The lights of the neon-accented studio are kept low, the better to show off the graffiti murals and the glow-in-the-dark weights. The darkened studio, Burley said, also “provides a space where no one is judging you.”

And while the lights may be low, the energy is kept high by the enthusiastic fitness professionals who coach members through each program and the lively non-stop music that keeps SWEAT Stars moving.

But just as important as the health benefits is the inclusive, supportive and empowering community that has developed among the SWEAT DC membership. In fact, the boutique studio began four years ago as a fundraising pop-up boot camp to help Burley’s local LGBT basketball league.

“Growing up an overweight, closeted gay black boy in Baltimore, I struggled with many issues in my youth and turned to food for comfort,” Burley said. After losing his mother after graduating high school, “I turned to fitness as my sanctuary to build my confidence and take control of my life. I was inspired to open SWEAT DC to create a results-driven fitness program that builds people up from the inside out.” (Learn what “Coach G” eats these days.)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user mosley.brian

“Dear PoP,

I know this is not as important as a shooting or mugging, but I did want to report yet another massive theft incident at the Washington Sports Club in Columbia Heights on Saturday night (March 26). I blame only myself, because after reading PoP I knew that I should NEVER take my wallet to that sketchy, crime-riddled gym, but I needed to shop for groceries afterwards and I knew I was going to have a very short work-out. I was one of FIVE males whose lockers were broken into between 6 and 7 pm, and whose wallets were stolen.

A policeman responded very promptly after being called, and management was sympathetic, but let’s face it, they really do not care to take any meaningful actions to stop these thefts (such as having staff regularly patrol the locker rooms, or training the ever present cleaning staff to watch for suspicious activity). I am one of many who wish we had a realistic health club alternative.

I continue to hate the over-sold, always crowded, crime scene that is WSC-Columbia Heights. I just want to warn patrons of WSC-Columbia Heights that the crime wave continues and NEVER NEVER NEVER take your valuables to that gym. You are a sitting duck! Thanks for letting me vent a little.”

Very frustrating. Unfortunately, it seems that these breakins happen at many gyms in the city.

We spoke about some reasonably priced gyms here back in Aug. ’10.


Thanks to a reader for sending the word. Back in Sept. ’09 we discussed some rumors that a more traditional gym was thinking about going into the View 14 retail space. However, even at that time the rumor was that the deal had fallen through. Now it looks like the BETA Academy is hoping to move into the space. The owner just released the following you tube video and hopes to raise the remaining funds necessary to make the move happen. BETA currently resides in the basement level of the Calvary Methodist Church at 14th and Columbia Rd, NW. You can see the excitement they feel about this potential move:

While the video is a bit long, there is also mention of a “high-end restaurant” that was going to go into part of the non-housing space. I’ll def. be keeping my eyes on progress on both fronts here. Stay tuned!


“Dear PoP,

Like many Yelpers, I was approached by these guys on 14th St., though I did not interact with them at the time. I looked them up later, and their business practices appear to be super sketchy. What’s the story?”

One World Fitness is located at 1738 14th St. NW south of S St, NW. Anyone ever stop to chat with them? Any positive or negative experiences here? Do you think it’s normal for a gym to solicit members like this?

When I pass them and they start to talk to me I just say that I’ve already donated to Greenpeace…


3910 Georgia Ave., NW Sept. ’08 One of Georgia Avenue’s many retail teases…

“Dear PoP,

I am closing on a house on 4th Street in Petworth on January 25th. I have been doing some research on the area and it doesn’t seem like there are many fitness/gym options in the area for me within walking distance. I used to live in Columbia Heights and there is a decent WSC there, but is that the only option I have? Is there anything planned in the future in the Petworth community?”

Back, back in the day we were told that a Results Gym was going to come to Georgia Ave in the new building at 3910 Georgia Ave, NW across from Qualia Coffee. That deal fell through and a clinic/school is coming in its place. I haven’t heard anything else about a new gym. I assume many use the WSC in Columbia Heights or places near their work. Any Petworth area gyms that I’m not aware of?

We looked at some city wide gym recommendations here and here.


“Dear PoP,

I’ve been a member of U-Street results for the past year and a half and was dissapointed to hear that they are closing. The location is great for me so I’d like to join Vida but they are going to charge me $25/mo than I pay at Results (Vida’s membership is $92/mo). One of my friends is a Results member and pays far less than I do for his current membership. For him to join Vida he’d have to pay an additional $40/mo.

First off I think it’s bad policy that they kick you out of your gym and then raise your monthly membership. Since most of your viewers are members of some health clubs I’d be curious to know how the prices range for different gym and even what the range people pay for the same gym.”

We spoke about some gym recommendations here back in August.

And related:

“I was just curious if you know what is being built in the small alley between Stetson’s and Results on U st.”

Hmm, I just assumed this was going to be a part of the new Vida gym that will replace Results. Anyone know what’s being built there?


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