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photo via GoFundMe

The GoFundMe says:

“Hi, my name is Marissa, and I am fundraising for a family of 5 fleeing Venezuela’s violence, corruption, and poverty. The family is seeking asylum here in the United States with hopes of a better life for their 4-year-old, 10-year-old and 13-year-old.

This family has been living with my husband, toddler, and me in our home while we help them get on their feet in a new country. The three children are enrolled in our local elementary and middle school, and the parents hope to set down roots in our community. We are raising funds to help them pay rent on an apartment in the neighborhood so that the children’s schooling is not interrupted and they can focus on building a secure life here in D.C. Read More

“Dear PoPville,

When walking my dog on our usual route I noticed two trash cans on the street in Petworth/Brightwood Park had gone missing. Is trash can theft a common thing? Or is there another reason they disappeared? Should I report this to the city?”

The last time we spoke about missing trash cans folks wrote that it was actually D.C. government that is removing them on purpose because they were getting filled up with too much household trash.


Update: “East metro access closed due to a shooting, the glass at the bus stop on NH is shattered out. Security guard in my building reported shooting”

From MPD: “Alert: Shooting in the 3700 Block of New Hampshire Avenue, NW. Lookout for a possible white Ford Escape last seen southbound on 5th Street, NW.”

“Dear PoPville,

what happened on Georgia Ave by the metro at about 5:00 p.m.? I heard a loud sound and didn’t see anything, but they’ve now closed off the whole street from Quincy to New Hampshire and there are police cars, firetrucks, and ambulances. Paramedics just wheeled a teenager out from the Dunkin Donuts on a stretcher.”

Mathew writes: “Georgia Ave/Petworth Metro east entrance is closed. Heavy police/EMS presence. Looks like Georgia Ave is closed. Someone being loaded onto a stretcher now.” Read More

“Dear PoPville,

10th st between Quincy and Spring has been closed for a long time because of construction.
The building has been done for I think 2 months and no sign of work anymore, but they never reopened the road. It is paved and painted. Seems like they just forgot to pull down the fences. Read More


From an email:

“The Petworth Jazz Project is back!

Please join us this Saturday, July 30th, from 5-8pm on the lawn at the Petworth Recreation Center, at 8th and Taylor Street NW. Saturday’s concert is the first of a monthly three part series. This show will feature the incredible Brian Settles Quartet with an opening set by legendary kids performer Baba Ras D.

Series Schedule: Read More


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