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1214 18th Street, NW

Good news for chicken heads. My sources deep in the fast casual chicken world have a juicy tidbit for us today – Chick-Fil-A cometh to 18th Street. I’m hearing 1214 18th Street, NW (near Nando’s buckle up son) and Eighth Street Lounge, Shake Shack etc. It’s not clear exactly which space it’s taking, not sure if the Rabbit Hole fell through or if the  Eritrean Cultural & Civic Center is being split. These spaces were formerly home to MIA Lounge, Lupe Mexican Cantina and Sesto Senso

Anyway I give this scuttlebutt an 87% accuracy rating.


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680 Rhode Island Ave, NE

Thanks to Juan for sending:

“Went to satisfy a Popeyes craving at the Rhode Island shopping center location and everything to the right of the Save a Lot food store is fenced off including access to the MBT.”

So what’s the story with the planned development here, anyone recall what’s coming?

Alamo Drafthouse coming:

“Alamo Drafthouse Cinema today announced its first Washington, D.C. location at MRP Realty’s Bryant Street development along the Rhode Island Avenue corridor. The 44,000 square-foot theater is set to open in 2019 and is the fourth theater for franchisee Cojeaux Cinemas.”

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202 M Street, SE

From sweet, sweet scuttlebutt in December 2017 to a sweet, sweet soft opening tomorrow!!
It’s no secret that I love Wiseguy Pizza – arguably the best slice of pizza in the District of Columbia. So, they could open in a cardboard box and I’d be excited about it. Well, I’m hyperventilating as I type this because the transformed Il Parco space is freaking beautiful. You can see for yourself in a sec but first let me quickly add the important stuff – soft opening tomorrow at noon [Tuesday] until the pizza runs out [stay tuned for regular hours], Counter Culture coffee and pastries will be kick off in it’s beautiful space starting in about a month. There will be beer. And when the weather warms up again there will be house made gelato. Congrats to Navy Yard, you are very, very lucky peeps.

Feast on the new space:

Many more photos (more…)

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2428 Wisconsin Ave, NW

Thanks to Carly for sending on Saturday:

“Another one bites the dust in Glover Park…walked by Jimmy John’s today and the windows were papered over with a “For Lease” sign in the window.”

Jimmy John’s opened here back in January 2014. Updates when the space is leased.

Side note: Who knows what’s going on in the Pearson’s parking lot?

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Photo by Josh Breisblatt

Thanks to Josh for sending early this morning:

“BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Gourmet still exists at DCA!”


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