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“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if I can get a little help with my attempt to get my scooter back. It was stolen out of my garage in Ivy City yesterday and I’m devastated.

A little back story: when the pandemic first hit I was working at NBC4. I was living in NoMa with roommates but decided to stay with my partner and her family in McLean since she drove and the metro wasn’t running. I also worked the overnight shift so the metro wouldn’t have been any use to me anyway. Anyway after the first case of Covid at my job, my partners family freaked out (for good reason) and I got the boot back to NoMa. For months I biked in the sweltering summer heat from NoMa all the way to the tv station in Tenleytown. I’d bike in the rain, at midnight, during the curfew due to the George Floyd protests. As the summer months tapered off and things cooled down I grew to enjoy that peaceful bike ride but i still was fearful that one late night someone knucklehead would try to knock me off my bike. One night after a long shift my mom drove from Baltimore to surprise me with a motorcycle helmet for my new scooter that would soon ease my fears biking home alone at night and my tired body from biking up Woodley Rd in the summer heat. I loved that scooter. It gave me freedom and safety in a time when my world was very scary. My mom who doesn’t have a lot of money bought me that scooter. She worked hard for it. I worked hard to maintain it. Read More

1408 Okie Street, NE

Thanks to Theresa and all who passed on from The Lane:

“To our beloved community,

A month ago we sent you the hardest news we’ve ever had to share (and man, we’ve had some tough ones), but as always, you lifted us up and showed up big time. We were absolutely floored by all of the kind words and desires to keep The Lane open, and even more so when so many of you raised your hands to help in truly meaningful ways. Thank you!

Today, we are SO happy to tell you that two members of this community will be taking over ownership of The Lane as of March 1st. Read More


1408 Okie Street, NE

“Dear PoPville, [thanks to all who sent]

An incredibly sad closing of another small women owned business. This one hits hard as it was conceptualized, opened and run by two moms who happened to also be super funny. The timing was not great – I literally have pics of my son enjoying the ballpit a week before lockdown – but they tried their creative best to offer what they could and really try and help their/our community. Camps, tutoring, safety measures, outdoor yoga, partnerships with local food and breweries. This is a visceral sadness and disappointment – and I hope we as a city can really all recover together.

From The Lane:

“We tried. We really did.

To our wonderful community, Read More


courtesy Green Hat

From an email:

“The grand reopening of the Green Hat Bar and Gin Garden is tomorrow, June 5th from 12 – 8.

Taking things slowly, the Gin Garden will only be open on Saturdays in June from 12-8. Retail / to-go options will be available Thursdays through Saturday.

Expanded hours, tours, weekend punches, and full tastings will return in July.”


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