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Lam Lam wrote us last week:

“I witnessed a major accident on DC 295 beside DC Water, a car was totaled after running into the back of a Safelite van, the van saw the speed camera and slammed on the breaks.”

The last couple of months have reinforced, to me anyway, that we definitely have a car/transit safety problem in D.C. Simply way too many crashes. I’m wondering what you guys think the solutions are? Are the cameras helping us? Do we need more stop signs, slowing measures etc.? Do we need more enforcement? What needs to be done to make our streets safer for everyone – cars, bikes, scooters and pedestrians alike?

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828 Upshur Street, NW in 2012

Folks talking about the new brunch at Slash Run got me thinking – it’s time to talk the tastiest eats in Petworth circa 2018 (5779). We’ve documented the explosion of the food scene in Petworth over the years and I’m blown away by how many options there are now. So without further ado, and apologies to any that get left off the poll (please voice those in the comments), where’s your favorite food in PoP’s Petworth? The poll is pretty massive so I’m putting it after the jump. (more…)

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Yesterday WAMU reported:

“The D.C. Council will vote next Tuesday on a bill repealing Initiative 77, the ballot measure approved by D.C. voters in June that would gradually raise the minimum wage paid to tipped workers.

The bill repealing Initiative 77 already has seven co-sponsors, the exact number needed to pass the Council. But because it is being considered as an emergency measure, it will need nine votes to pass, and would only remain in effect for 90 days. The Council would eventually have to vote on a permanent repeal bill.”

So should the Council repeal the bill completely, not at all or work on some sort of compromise?

To the polls!!

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“Dear PoPville,

The other day I stopped by Union Kitchen Grocery near 3rd and F St NE. I usually stop here for some local products and home essentials. It’s convenient and they offer some great products. I noticed they now offer pizza alongside their sandwiches, so I ordered a regular wild mushroom pizza for $6.99. I assumed it was a personal size pizza given the size of the box, but when I arrived home and opened the box I could not believe what I received. A seemingly microwaved pizza smaller than my hand with 3-4 small pieces of mushroom. Capitol Hill folks beware!”

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Bekah Richards

Perhaps correlated with last week’s question, I’m wondering how many hours a week you work on average. How many hours do you work at the office, and how many hours do you work from home? Do you respond to work emails from home? Regarding the photo above, do you feel like you are fairly compensated for your work?

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

OK, maybe I’m just curious about this one because I’m exhausted all the time – but I am super curious to see the results for this one. So let’s do a two-parter – what time do you go to sleep during the week and what time do you go to sleep on the weekends? And a three parter actually – and what time do you wake up in both scenarios?

I used to stay up until 2am during the week and later on weekends. This makes me laugh because nowadays I’m ususally fast asleep by 10:30-11pm during the week AND on weekends. In my defense I have lunatic children who wakes up between 5am-6am everyday of the week. Let me live vicariously through you guys – how much sleep do you get a night?

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So I was at the dentist the other day getting my teeth cleaned and I’m staring up at the ceiling thinking a million thoughts as one does when they are getting their teeth cleaned and it occurred to me – being a dental hygienist must absolutely suck. Nobody likes going to the dentist, you don’t get paid the bucks of an actual dentist, you have to dig into some nasty mouths, I’d imagine, and there it is – dental hygienist. [No disrespect, it’s a vital job, I just think it’s brutal. Arguably more important than the actual dentist.] All I kept thinking from that point on was how does somebody decide they want to be a dental hygienist? And yes I could’ve asked but my mouth was being destroyed cleaned so it wasn’t easy to talk.

Anyway with Labor Day weekend coming up and all, let’s talk labor. How did you decide to do the job you currently do? Besides money what were the other factors? Are you doing something today that you never thought you’d be doing when you were younger? Do you enjoy your job?

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19th and K Street, NW. Photo from Nora

Thanks to C. for sending in this suggestion after “not surviving her 90 day probationary period.”

I was fired from my first job ever, I think I was 12 years old. My parents had to sign a document that allowed me to work if memory serves. Anyway, I was an ice cream scooper and I broke a glass into like a 50 gallon container of vanilla ice cream. That thing was huge and they had to throw it all away. It was awful and I was fired on the spot. It’s a dog eat dog world on the south shore of Strong Island. You guys? By the by this was on my very first day. What’s the shortest you ever lasted at a job? Any good quitting a job stories?

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

“Dear PoPville,

I’m looking to have a very basic living will drawn up. Nothing fancy. I don’t have faith in the online DIY programs, so a suggestion to use one of those is a nonstarter for me. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on it. I’m hoping to keep the whole thing under $500.

Does anyone out there in PoPville have any suggestions for a decent wills & trusts attorney in DC? FWIW, I’ve asked friends for recommendations, and none of them have such documents.”

In addition to recommendations I’d also be curious to know what types of wills folks have? Health, finances, online life?

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Rudi Riet

It’s been a long week. It’s gonna be a longer weekend. So indulge me!! I was talking with a buddy of mine about an essential question: what song would you walk out to if you were lucky enough to be a professional baseball player. Ed. Note: Go Nats!! This is a very, very hard question – you can only pick one song. After much consideration I ultimately went with Sure Shot. What’s yours?


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