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Today’s question was inspired but this psa from Meg:

“I’ve tracked down a local rockstar bartender and thought you may be interested. His name, Walter, comes up when The Heights is mentioned (RIP), like in this post of yours. He started at The Heights, then went to Le Dip, then Rake’s Progress at The Line Hotel, then Columbia Room (!!!) and then was lost to the pandemic. Well, he is back behind the bar at a local place that just opened in Takoma Park called Koma! I’m so excited! I know from the past that he had lots of regulars at his spots and I certainly followed him to new bars, so maybe others will be interested that he is back as well.”

So besides Walter, who’s your favorite bartender and where do they work these days?


I was admiring this little new (to me) park in Mount Pleasant (kids playground is above) and giving the leaves changing I’ve got parks on my mind – so besides the magnificent gem of Rock Creek Park – what are your other favorite parks in DC? In can be anything from a pocket park or smaller like the Spanish Steps, larger like the Franciscan Monastery grounds, or quite large like the Arboretum or anything in between. What are some of your favorites? Also wondering about your favorite parks a short drive to get too?


1815 Columbia Rd NW

Speaking of quits, I think the old Footaction across the street closed here back in 2010, can’t find my original post but it was around then and it’s been vacant ever since. Seems like a prime spot to be vacant for so long. Any guesses as to why? Simply asking too much? It’s been vacant since well before any pandemic issues.

Had hope for a minute there back in 2018: Read More


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