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“Dear PoPville,

I’m wondering if your readers have any recommendations for fun date night ideas in/around D.C.? My husband and I haven’t done anything new recently beyond trying different restaurants or bars, and I’m hoping the community could provide some fresh ideas with their favorite things to do with their SO in advance of Valentine’s Day next week. Pricing isn’t really an issue, although cheaper is always better.”

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Here’s one that I’m just curious about because I think for the first time since I was maybe like 8 years old, I’m not planning on watching the Super Bowl this year and I wondering where others stand. For those who do plan on watching, will you be watching at your house/condo/apartment or at a bar or a super bowl party?

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As one married to a fuloughed employee for me it’s gotta be the whole not knowing when it will end. Like figuring out how many paychecks we can miss and still get by. I know we’re luckier than many in that we have some savings to tap into but it is an awful feeling doing those longer term calculations. Like it can’t go into April can it? But now it feels like it can which is freaking me out. Anyway, I’m just curious how everyone else is doing. Fed or not, how has this shutdown hit you? How long do you think it will go on for? What will the ultimate compromise be? Here’s to hoping we see a resolution real soon!

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OK I’ve only watched one episode but I’m loving ‘When Heroes Fly’ on Netflix. I also think the show Flowers is insanley disturbing/funny but you need to have a special sense of humor to enjoy it I think. So besides the Columbia Heights opus on Amazon, obviously, what are some other must watch shows for those with some free time on their hands? Has anyone watched Murder Mountain?

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I call it rideshare reek. Let me apologize for being impolite but the last few times I’ve taken a Lyft, a serious issue has arisen. Arose? Stuck to me. I’m talking odor. So let’s talk odor. It’s not a bad odor. I simply end up reeking of perfume/cologne when I exit the car. And the smell sticks to you for hours. So a few questions. First, is this happening to others as well? Second, is the perfume/cologne used by drivers to mask smelly passengers? It feels like the height of awkward to mention it to the driver. Should I leave a comment in the app?

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I really just want to make sure I’m not losing my mind – so is this happening to others too? If so, about how often does it happen.

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Back in 2013 I asked if AdMo had become an acceptable abbreviation for Adams Morgan. There was a resounding no in the comments. In March of 2018 66% of poll respondents supported using AdMo as an abbreviation. And now it has official branding:

I think the takeaway is that resistance is futile. Also that neighborhood names can only have a two syllable limit. So looks like we got a lot of abbreviating to do. Can any coders out there whip something up right quick where we can type in the neighborhood name and have it spit out a two syllable abbreviation?

And what’s the deal with Lanier Heights LaHeights anyway?

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It feels like we’ve been posting so many closures lately. I can’t tell if it’s more than usual since at blog school I was told there would be no math. So math I will not do. However, here’s a few that have closed, or will be closing soon, this year:

Taylor Gourmet, Yang’s Market, Beef n Bread, Ruta del Vino, Hank’s Cocktail Bar, Good Silver, Justin’s Cafe, CF Folks, Stanton and Greene, Graffiato, Pizza Autentica on L Street, Town Danceboutique, The Rhode Island Ave Popeyes, Tulips, a few Buredos, Toscana Cafe, Scion, Ming’s, Simit + Smith, White Apron, 100 Montaditos, Burger, Tap & Shake, Quarter + Glory, Rosario Italian, Brass Monkey, Spaghetti Garden, Roxanne Restaurant, Peyote Karaoke Cafe, Pasha’s Kitchen, Maxime, Old Glory BBQ, some Five Guys, some Pete’s a Pizza, Lincoln Park Kitchen and Wine Bar, Ping Pong Dim Sum, Loaf Coffee, French Quarter Brasserie, Bold Bite, Stonefish Grill, Tadich Grill, Jenkins BBQ, Capriotti’s, Soapstone Market, Acadiana, J. Paul’s Georgetown, Ventnor Sports Cafe, Honeygrow, (more…)

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We spoke about Best Pizza in D.C. back in 2013 – man a lot has changed since then but a reader requests we talk specifically best pizza delivery this week. They are keen on learning of spots that deliver to Columbia Heights/Petworth but I’d be interested in general recs. So in the comments in addition to who your favorite is, please also let us know what neighborhood(s) they deliver to. I’m gonna be keeping a close on this list for personal reasons. Mmmm, pizza.

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This was one of my all time favorite Friday Questions and since my head probably hurts from the 12 year anniversary happy hour last night – indulge me with a revisit!! It’s funny when I first asked this question back in 2012 my answers were Howard Stern or Doris Kearns Goodwin. But today my answer without a doubt is Amy Schumer. So who’s the most famous person who went to your high school? Most famous from college? From your hometown?


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