Washington, DC

Photo by C JRCook

Thanks to Maggie for sharing this crazy story:

“My partner lives in AdMo, and I live Glover Park, and use a visitor’s parking permit when the car is there. I usually have 0 issues, but for a period of several months in 2019 I received at least a dozen tickets on the same stretch of Calvert Street by I think the same officer. I was cited for several things, none of them accurate, including illegal spot, no permit, no visible registration sticker, etc. My car is registered, with plate and sticker, in the District.

At one point (early Fall 2019) I got so fed up I called the appropriate offices to essentially say WTF. I was transferred a few times, gave them my plate/tkt numbers, etc. I never heard back, so I paid the tickets. I was not happy about it, but didn’t want it going to collections, etc.

On Tuesday, my partner grabbed the mail (we’re sheltering in place with our dog and cat at my condo) and mentioned I had several envelopes from DC CFO Office. I asked him to put them in the desk drawer, assuming they were property tax docs. He opened the drawer and remarked that these envelopes looked different, so I opened them.

THEY WERE FILLED WITH MONEY! Check refunds for 2019 parking tickets in $72, $120, and $140 denominations! Totally $800!

Today, I got two more! For another $480!



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