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“there have been two broad-daylight break-ins in Brightwood and Crestwood within the past several days”

by Prince Of Petworth May 25, 2017 at 2:45 pm 11 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Jim Havard

“Dear PoPville,

Please be aware that there have been two broad-daylight break-ins in Brightwood and Crestwood within the past several days. In both cases homes were entered while someone was in the home. On Sunday on Underwood St in Brightwood around 10:30 AM a suspect climbed on top of an AC unit to enter through an 8′ high open window with a screen. On Tuesday around 2:30 PM on 18th St in Crestwood a suspect entered through an unlocked door.

The suspect in both incidents was a b/m wearing a ski mask, and also in both incidents he pulled a knife. The Brightwood suspect wore a long sleeve, tight fitting black shirt (compression type material) with gray/olive drab pants, and white high top sneakers. The Crestwood suspect wore grey/black sweat suit.

As a PSA reminder DC has a great home surveillance camera rebate program for up to $200 per camera, up to $500 per home. More info here.”

  • AA

    ugh!! Live in BW. Really bummed out to hear this.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not just these two neighborhood. North Columbia Heights and other parts of Petworth have seen a big increase in break-ins and robberies.

  • JM

    Not a break-in, but also a theft. My wife had both credit cards stolen last night out of her wallet inside her purse while at a restaurant on Upshur in Petworth. Also had a laptop, cash, expensive camera, and other cards, but the thief only swiped the 2 CCs.
    Props to the cops as a side note – we had an officer at our house within 15 mins of reporting the incident to take information and attempt to get surveillance footage from the restaurant and the stores where the card was used.

    • Anonymous

      Just curious. Someone reached into her purse, took out the wallet, stole the credit cards, and then returned the wallet to the purse? And what restaurant was this?

    • Anon NS

      That is bizarre. No chance she accidentally dropped them, and someone picked them up and helped themselves? I say that only bc I personally have dropped my cc a few times – and I’m a really careful person generally. Just seems so bizarre that someone would risk being caught replacing the wallet?

    • John B.

      A couple of years ago, somebody got into my husband’s locker at the gym and stole only two credit cards from his wallet–that way you don’t know right away that anything has been stolen, and of course don’t report it right away. They went on a rapid spending spree before his credit card company caught on–even before he got back to his locker after his workout–and sent him a fraud alert. The locker was locked and there was no indication that anybody had gotten into it, we’re still scratching our heads over that one.

      • Pcojt10

        John B. is exactly right. By the time she noticed they weren’t there, thief had put over $4,000 on the cards. I’m surprised nobody noticed it happening too, but apparently this person had pretty quick hands (and some cojones).

  • DC1

    Does the OP have a CCN# for the Brightwood break-in? I have footage of the suspect walking down the alley.

    • Craig

      OP here. Sorry for the slow response. CCN#17 085-312

  • NToTheTwo

    PP/OP: would you pls share what block of Underwood? I didn’t see anything on the DC police twitter feed. Thank you.

    • DC1

      1500 Block


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