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  • Guillermo Brown

    I sent these guys an email with my thoughts and got radio silence. I thought this was gonna be a British sandwich shop? Just stick to the plan…

    • anon

      So you offered unsolicited advice and got ignored? Now you know how my mother feels.

      • BlueStreak

        In the posting on the door they specifically asked for ideas and sugggestions. So that would make it the exact opposite of “unsolicited.”

    • Alex

      HI Guillermo! We have had a ton of responses and i have not yet been able to get back to everyone personally. I do read every email and am definitely taking everyones opinions to heart on this! Goal is to be neighborhood first, affordable, fresh & fun without alot of pomp. We are still moving forward with the concept we set out to do, but more want to hear what the neighborhood wants in terms of offerings.

  • Ross

    Great news. BTW I’ll save some of you the Googling: He was a Food Network show contestant.

    • Anonymous

      Casual, quality food in a relaxed atmosphere. A similar concept to Duke’s Grocery would absolutely kill it. Anything with sandwiches during the day and entrees at night for dinner… This area still needs a coffee shop, deli or bakery. Great to see how lively and heavily visited this block has become!

      • NHAve

        YES – Duke’s-esque would do so well.

      • stcohi

        Yes a hundred times yes! There is a dearth of decent day-time options in Park View / Petworth. A nice sandwich joint with decent made to order / carry-out / prepared would be great.

        Also worth bringing up again – the empty space at the metro, at Rock Creek Church and Georgia, would make a stupendous Glen’s Garden Market (ahem)

        • theharleyquinn

          100% agree. It’s overstated by this point, but some food options at Park Place would be excellent

          • A

            Actual legit, quality tenants at Park Place? Keep dreaming. It’s been vacant for nearly eight years while still receiving tax credits. No one seems to care. DC got screwed in that deal.

          • textdoc

            I’m wondering what’s up with the Wells Fargo in Park Place — originally it looked like it was going to be a full-scale bank branch, but now it seems like it’s going to be only an ATM vestibule. Permanently.
            I’m contemplating contacting Wells Fargo to ask WTF is up. The neighborhood could use an actual bank branch.

        • Anon

          I believe Small Fry/Sundevich is open during the day…

          • Tony

            DC Reynolds is open for lunch.

        • Sara Herrera

          Flip It, off of Georgia and Buchanan, is pretty darn good, from the veggie panini to the homemade cantaloupe or pineapple juice. Plus, the ladies that work there are always so sweet and hospitable.

    • textdoc

      Thanks for the info, Ross.

  • kate

    Since they asked what we want: I’d appreciate a comfortable neighborhood hangout with decent acoustics and friendly service. I really don’t care what sort of food that features.

  • updog

    variant of dukes OR build something around khao soi

  • JM

    I miss the Thai concept he was running down Georgia. We really have no good Thai food in the neighborhood (sorry Sala…) and something like that would really fill a void. Thai street food – yum!

    Sandwiches? Eh, not for me, but I bet it would be popular. I get enough sandwiches at work during the week – don’t need any more when I get home for dinner. But that’s just me.

    Also… could we have a decent amount of seating and not have the restaurant be 100 Db? I’m really tired of shouting across the table at my dining companions.

    • Bobert

      Judging by the building, I’m guessing that this spot will be relatively loud.

    • textdoc

      I don’t understand all the dissing of Sala Thai. Sure, it’s not extraordinary, but it’s reasonably good Thai food for a very reasonable price.

      • Anonymous

        The food is mediocre and the service and ambiance in the restaurant are about the same. For the price, the food I’ve had there is fine. I’ve heard a moderate amount of “dissing” which seems appropriate when you consider that you usually hear mostly from the dissatisfied people.

        • textdoc

          I’d say that food is better than mediocre. I agree that the service and ambience are… serviceable.

    • Alex McCoy

      Thanks JM! We are planning on running a rotating chalkboard menu at night, weekly specials and such and you will definitely see plenty of dishes off the Alfie’s menu making an appearance. Sandwiches won’t necessarily be the focus of the menu, but we will have a solid takeaway component during the day that will offer bagels, sandwiches, coffee and salads elevated to an extent, but not necessarily with a price that will reflect “reinvented” cuisine. I dont want any of you to break the bank dining with us. The goal is a chill, relaxed spot that the neighborhood can come hang out any day of the week without having to wait in lines, get all dressed up or worry about refinancing your house to fund.

  • Jamphel

    Khao soi and thai street food!

  • ftoast

    I’d love to see a good taco place.

    Kidding! Sandwich shop sounds great. I’d especially love decent NY bagels.

  • Dan

    Is it just me or has Alex changed his restaurant concepts more times than most men change their underwear? Alex, I’d be interested to hear why you don’t stick to just one concept?? Alfie’s seemed to be doing great, then the Po Boys, and now we’re on “all you can eat” crabs?? I don’t get it…

  • Petworth Mama

    Loved Alfies! Had the most awesome meal the night before I went in to labor there. Thanks for that! I know what I don’t want for this new space: Mexican or Burger Joint. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!


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