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  • FridayGirl

    I just looked at their menu on their site and I don’t understand — they literally look just like a lazy version of Chipotle with some kimchi thrown in. (Who eats cheese and potatoes on BiBimBap? Plus the sauces are totally wrong…..)

    • theharleyquinn

      I agree. I’d rather have SeoulSpice

  • CapitalDame

    My family in Ohio has been there a couple times and found it to be “just okay.” Its a decent sized chain out there, but with so much competition I’m not sure they’ll make it in DC.

  • LGformerlyofMt.P

    Seems like they’re more vegetarian friendly than Shophouse was. I always wanted to support them but only one sauce was vegetarian…

  • Zvuv

    Meh. There’s already a very similar place within walking distance of Union Station. I was really hoping for something more interesting as a lunch option.

  • Rich

    Beyond maybe fastfood like Wendy’s and the once loved Rax, nothing very good comes out of Columbus in the way of food. Outside of Atlanta, I’ve never seen a place where the Zagat and Yelp ratings were so inflated.


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