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“enduring issue of grease spills in the rear of 1116 H St NE, ie the alley in the back of this property of Taylor Gourmet”

by Prince Of Petworth May 9, 2017 at 12:30 pm 33 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

I’m hoping you could bring attention to the enduring issue of grease spills in the rear of 1116 H st NE, ie the alley in the back of this property of Taylor Gourmet.

Yesterday afternoon they spilled more grease and it’s been tough to get the city to take any real action to prevent further incidents.

I would also highlight that even though the business has been reopened for three months, It remains in a state of disrepair in the top two floors. See a photo taken this morning attached below.”


OP includes responses from the District:

From Food Safety and Hygiene Inspection Services Division:

“DOH has visited the restaurant also to address the grease issue and other concerns expressed by the complainant. We do not issue fines for spilled grease but gave written instructions to address the violations we observed. In addition, DOH does not cite for the placement of the grease container which appears to be a major concern. We did cite the establishment for leaving the lid opened on the container and that violation was corrected while we were there. Some of his concerns appear to issues DOH has no authority to address.”

and DPW’s Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Program:

“Following is an update of activity regarding inspections by SWEEP at 1116 H Street NE:

4-10-17-Notices of violation were issued for Spillage from a solid waste container, and Improper storage of solid waste

4-13-17-Members of the DPW Environmental Crimes unit, DPW, visited the premises and instructed the manager on site to abate; clean the alley and storage area.

4-19-17-Property will be re-inspected today for compliance.

We will continue to monitor this location closely for compliance with city sanitation regulations.”

  • OP

    OP here: thank you for posting Dan.

    Efforts to contact the business have gone unanswered, the city has come out to take a look and issued fines, but it’s hard to get any movement beyond that. TG has not been a great neighbor to the H street community between the rats, overflowing trash and (now) second major grease spill.

    I enjoy walking the neighborhoods in DC and this was a particularly nice alley in the back of the business that the city spent a lot of money redoing about a year ago, but it has been black with grease for the last two months.

  • Anonthony

    The only thing you can do at this point is report them to the health department every single time you observe the violation. Also, you might want to tip off DCRA regarding that haphazard mess of tarps in the back. The likelihood of violations back there seems high.

  • anon7

    Ok I’ll bite. I understand the concerns, but I think that an alley behind a major restaurant/bar district is going to have more leakage than a regular residential alley. Not saying that excuses their lack of communication, but just saying that it shouldn’t come as a surprise, and what I see in those photos doesn’t seem that bad for a restaurant. Second, it looks like they have permits for the roofwork.

    • MR

      I understand your point, but if they are leaking grease then (1) they need to fix it, and (2) they should respond to OP’s complaints about the issue. Just because it’s a restaurant doesn’t mean we lower their expectations. It’s not so hard to fix a leaking grease trap, and it’s inexcusable that TG is just ignoring the issue.

      • MadMax

        No offense to the OP, but this world we live in where we think everyone owes us a response just because we’re mildly offended / inconvenienced and use the strong arm of Internet Outrage is pretty absurd.

        • Jake


        • anon

          If the situation was remedied, no response would be expected/needed. Since it is not, a “we’re working on it” would be good public relations. I read this post as first and foremost about the actual concrete problem of violations (and even the city agrees they are violations).

          • textdoc


  • BoycottTG

    Not only does TG have terrible food, but their owner visited the WH to support Trump. Simplest answer is just stop going there so that it closes down.

    • MadMax

      Can we shut down the New England Patriots too? Almost the whole team was there last month!

      • dcd

        I agree with both the sarcastic meaning (I am really tired of the “so-and-so voted for Trump, they must be punished!” mantra) and literal request in this comment (can we PLEASE shut down the Patriots?!?! Please?) – signed, a Jets fan).

  • Anon-y-mouse

    Don’t know if it’s still true but when they first opened it was reported that Casey and David lived above Taylor (the one in question on H St.). Maybe they still do?

    • danger dave

      They sold their condos long ago

  • soozles

    I’m wondering if you may have any luck with DC Water. Fats, oil and grease (FOG) from restaurants are a major problem because they can clog sewer pipes. If it’s spilling in the alley, it may be running into the system through a drain pipe. Just a thought.

    • Laura

      Agreed. Restaurants are required by law to control oil and grease. I cannot tell how bad the problem is from the photos but it may be a violation of storm water requirements. I work for EPA in DC — will mention this to the Region 3 office in Philly.

      • Anon

        If a large spill occurs and reaches or enters the storm drain, call the District Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency at (202) 727-6161.

  • An

    You folks need a life. The grease doesn’t look that bad and I doubt that the grease will be clogging pipes.

    It is amazing what people preoccupy them selves with. Nothing better to do?

    • Anon

      You new around here?

    • MR

      Your life must be so amazing if you have all this time to comment about something that you feel is so trivial. Also, thanks for your solid analysis about the grease probably not clogging the pipes.

      • Rich

        Much less trivial than hardy perennials like people not standing on the right, passing on the left on Metro escalators.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Well according to GM Wiedefeld and a rep from the professional association for manufacturers of “moving staircases,” nobody is supposed to walk on escalators because it causes premature wear and tear.

  • Industry

    Valley Proteins (the grease collection company used there) is the WORST. I’ve luckily never worked at a restaurant that uses them but I’ve heard my share of horror stories from those who have.

    I’m not saying that Taylor isn’t partially to blame, but it’s not uncommon for Valley to be very irregular in their grease pickups and very sloppy when doing so.

    If this is really bothering you, I’d try calling Valley directly to complain that it’s overflowing.

    • Andie302

      I saw one of their trucks literally yesterday and was curious about what they did. I forgot to look it up, but now I know!

    • Snon

      Taylor could certainly hire someone else.


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