Original Taylor Gourmet Reopens on H Street at 11am

by Prince Of Petworth — March 22, 2017 at 10:30 am 16 Comments

taylor gourmet popville
1116 H Street, NE

Taylor Gourmet reopens the original H Street shop today at 11am with free t-shirts for the first 100.

  • MadMax

    So…what’s different?

    • istreettoistreet

      A terrible new font?

      • Michael Pierce

        At least someone talked them out of switching to Comic Sans.

  • Anon

    Interesting promotion– Do people actually want a tee shirt from a fast food (albeit local) establishment? If I am a fan of their food, I would rather have a BOGO or future coupon for free food which is probably around the same price point to Taylor’s. Interested if others feel the same or actually do want a Taylor Gourmet tee.

    • ah

      Sure, I’d rather free food to a t-shirt, but Taylor doesn’t get the free promotion when you walk around with a full stomach.

    • Herbie

      If you have their app you had credit of 5 bucks added to your account with them. Good for this week only at this store.

  • northeazy

    Took long enough. Unfortunately, in their long, inexcusable absence, I have moved on and found another lover: G by Mike Isabella. While nowhere near my apartment off of H st NE, I am so mad at Taylor for taking so long, my immediate hoagie fix will be quenched by Whole Foods if I am not up to trekking to G

    • Kingman Park It

      Harsh. Can’t say for sure, but I’d find it hard to believe they purposefully closed for that long. Why take it as a slight?

      • northeazy

        I do not believe they did it on purpose, just either a) grossly disorganized/incompetent or b) H st location was not a priority. As their flagship store, I would think the neighborhood that originally supported them would have gotten a little more attention, no matter the construction/DCRA/internal problems they may have encountered. Just way too long of a closure.

        • Kingman Park It

          As someone who’s dealt professionally with obnoxious permitting issues, I can tell you that it’s perfectly possible this could cause a delay of this length.

          Again, no idea if this is the case with Taylor, but just assuming that the delay was due to them not prioritizing the neighborhood seems odd.

    • Thunder

      Check out the porchetta sandwich at Sospeso in the 1300 block of H. You will never go back to Taylor.

  • Jamin Jimmy

    Is the food back to the high quality of when they first opened or is it the cheap garbage they’ve been serving the year or so leading to the closure?

  • Linc Park SE

    What’s different? A new hoagie called the Trump Munch or some such thing?

    The delay was due to building permit (or lack thereof) issues, or so I heard…

    • Brooklyn Brawler

      + real reason here. Actually live in the neighborhood and walk pass their weekly and for those long eight months I would see permits on top of permits on top of permits with different dates.

  • reality

    Will Trump visit?

  • Andy

    I f el like their food quality has really slipped. The bread is disgusting and they are sloppy with their ingredients. Luckily H St residents have a lot of good alternatives nearby.


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