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  • justinbc

    So…what’s different?

  • Interesting promotion– Do people actually want a tee shirt from a fast food (albeit local) establishment? If I am a fan of their food, I would rather have a BOGO or future coupon for free food which is probably around the same price point to Taylor’s. Interested if others feel the same or actually do want a Taylor Gourmet tee.

    • ah

      Sure, I’d rather free food to a t-shirt, but Taylor doesn’t get the free promotion when you walk around with a full stomach.

    • If you have their app you had credit of 5 bucks added to your account with them. Good for this week only at this store.

  • northeazy

    Took long enough. Unfortunately, in their long, inexcusable absence, I have moved on and found another lover: G by Mike Isabella. While nowhere near my apartment off of H st NE, I am so mad at Taylor for taking so long, my immediate hoagie fix will be quenched by Whole Foods if I am not up to trekking to G

    • Harsh. Can’t say for sure, but I’d find it hard to believe they purposefully closed for that long. Why take it as a slight?

      • northeazy

        I do not believe they did it on purpose, just either a) grossly disorganized/incompetent or b) H st location was not a priority. As their flagship store, I would think the neighborhood that originally supported them would have gotten a little more attention, no matter the construction/DCRA/internal problems they may have encountered. Just way too long of a closure.

        • As someone who’s dealt professionally with obnoxious permitting issues, I can tell you that it’s perfectly possible this could cause a delay of this length.

          Again, no idea if this is the case with Taylor, but just assuming that the delay was due to them not prioritizing the neighborhood seems odd.

    • Check out the porchetta sandwich at Sospeso in the 1300 block of H. You will never go back to Taylor.

  • Is the food back to the high quality of when they first opened or is it the cheap garbage they’ve been serving the year or so leading to the closure?

  • Linc Park SE

    What’s different? A new hoagie called the Trump Munch or some such thing?

    The delay was due to building permit (or lack thereof) issues, or so I heard…

    • Brooklyn Brawler

      + real reason here. Actually live in the neighborhood and walk pass their weekly and for those long eight months I would see permits on top of permits on top of permits with different dates.

  • Will Trump visit?

  • I f el like their food quality has really slipped. The bread is disgusting and they are sloppy with their ingredients. Luckily H St residents have a lot of good alternatives nearby.

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