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Farmbird, Grilled Chicken Restaurant, Coming Soon to H Street, NE

by Prince Of Petworth March 6, 2017 at 10:10 am 11 Comments

625 h
625 H Street, NE

While we’re on the chicken tip, thanks to a reader for sending word about Farmbird.

This is the building where the Starbucks and Unleashed opened across from the soon to open Whole Foods. Farmbird’s Facebook says:

“Farmbird is a grilled chicken restaurant opening in Washington DC in early 2017. We’ve spent years developing the best way to prepare chicken and are incredibly excited to finally share it! At Farmbird, we slow-roast our chicken, grill it to order, then serve it alongside sauces and sides made from scratch daily.”

farmbird logo
via facebook

Their website says:

“Our menu items are prepared from scratch daily, using fresh ingredients and classic techniques. No freezers, no fryers, no microwaves. We’re committed to serving only the highest quality, never-frozen chicken. Our birds are raised humanely on an all-vegetarian diet without growth hormones or antibiotics on regional farms in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.”

Check out their catering menu here: farmbird_catering_menu (PDF)

625 H Street, NW is the retail of The Anthology building also home to a Buredo coming soon:


  • kapitolhill

    Soooo…. it’s basically another Nando’s 3 blocks down the street?

    • thunder

      yep. More chicken. Could have used a seafood place, but no… more chicken.

      • MoldieOldie

        thank god you got a Starbucks and an Unleashed though, right?

  • anon

    Wait, a Buredo is coming to Anthology? Very excited about that news! I’ve never heard of Farm Bird, and it does sound a lot like Nandos. The menu looks good though and it’s several blocks closer to my house than Nandos so no complaints here!

  • MadMax

    They spent “years” developing the best method for cooking chicken and what they came up with was roasting it, and then cooking it again on the grille? No wonder they need a bunch of sauces, they’ve basically dried the bird out by that point.

    • Anonymous

      After years, they decided “the best way to cook chick” was without the bones? The bones add flavor and keep the meat moist as does the skin.
      My family always called this stuff “boneless, skinless, tasteless chicken breasts.” The kids knew when they were little that chickens had bones but did not have fingers.

  • Julia Vipsania

    I hate to tear down anyone’s concept or hard work, but this sounds terrible. They’re just slapping chicken breasts on top of things? H Street doesn’t need an organic Nando’s; we’re fine with actual Nando’s, thanks.

  • Rach

    Ooo Buredo I exciting, but this knock-off Nando’s sounds lame.

  • ejh

    tough crowd! i’m excited to check both out. welcome to h street.

  • Sa

    I think it sounds pretty good. I by far prefer organic chicken (not that they actually say it’s organic) – and that’s why I won’t put a foot into Nando’s. Looking forward to this place opening.

  • Bassy

    Tough crowd indeed. I met these guys when they were doing some work out of union kitchen and thought their food was really damn good — not Nando’s-like at all. They seem like solid guys — very passionate. Glad to see they landed a good spot in the neighborhood.


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