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  • ah

    Sunday is a key question – big travel day, and would leave a hole in the food options if they stick with corporate policy.

    • Ben

      The Dayton airport one is closed Sundays so little chance this one will be open on that day as well.

  • FridayGirl


  • Franj

    They won’t be open on Sunday. What a joke.

    • FridayGirl

      I mean, there are other places to eat….

    • Anon X

      Just curious – do you feel similarly when kosher places are closed on Friday evenings and Saturdays? When people fast for Ramadan?

      Its easy to get bent out of shape about orthodox Christianity – coming from a mainline protestant background, I especially jump on fundie christians more than other religions – but their stance is not all that removed from those of the other world religions, when practiced with orthodox adherence to the rules…

      • textdoc

        Kosher places that are closed Friday evenings/Saturdays are WAY less common than Chick-Fil-A.

        • Skeeter

          But if they expanded nationally and became a chain business would you want them to be open on those days too?

      • MadMax

        I’m guessing most people in the U.S. frankly aren’t even aware of what other religions do on various days of the week, and certainly not “holy days”, and even if they were you don’t often see major chain food locations incorporating the owner’s beliefs into their operating schedule. Like I literally cannot even think of another big name one.

        • Target always closes on Easter.

        • Michael Pierce

          Come to think of it, the really good Kosher stand at Nats Park is always closed on Fridays and Saturdays, which I find slightly annoying. But like Chick Fil A, it’s not exactly worth losing sleep over. It’s not like I have a constitutional right to eat at these places on their respective holy days.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I find it amusing and perplexing that a private, for-profit business has decided to put something (in this case, the religious beliefs of the owner, details of which are secondary to the discussion) ahead of their profit-seeking motivation to be open to make money, and they have become so successful, despite having never been open on Sunday, that people are voicing frustration with their not being open on a Sunday *because they are so big.*

  • Evan

    Chick Fil A locations in other airports are also sadly closed on Sundays

  • Dan

    They definitely will not be open on Sundays. Not sure why you think they would change their policy here.

  • Pleasanter

    Did the Cosi relocate?

    • fhsmct

      Nope: it closed

  • miacane

    I loooove Chick Fil A, but the airport really shouldn’t lease its limited restaurant space to a brand which won’t open on one of the busiest travel days of the week, regardless of the reason.

    • FridayGirl

      I disagree, especially since this seems to be before security anyway (which always seems less in-demand than food options next to the gates).

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised the airport authority for DCA allowed them to do this in their lease. There’s no lack of restaurants wanting to establish a presence in DCA.
      I wonder if there was some Congressional meddling in this decision?

      • Committee to Investigate Fried Chicken Sandwiches

        This can’t be serious…..

        • stacksp

          +1 LOL

      • Michael Pierce

        I doubt it. Jeff Sessions flies out of Dulles when he’s going to Moscow.

        • textdoc

          Actual LOL.

    • MadMax

      Somehow Chik-Fil-A remains quite profitable despite being closed on Sunday, so clearly they’ve figured out how to pay rent.

  • GS

    As long as the airport’s not giving them a rent break for Sundays, not sure why a Sunday closure’s an issue. If the traveling public are upset by religion encroaching food choice in a public space, they can always make their case known – by avoiding this place when it’s open.

  • B

    Will never, ever, ever, ever set foot in a Chik-Fil-A. Did I mention never, ever?

    • MadMax

      So you’re saying you prefer the drive-thru?

      • FridayGirl


  • M.

    Oh, they’ll be closed on Sundays for sure. The one in the Atlanta Airport (their hometown) is closed on Sundays, so you can bet it’s policy everywhere.

  • Audrey

    The Chickfila in the Atlanta airport is NOT open on Sundays, despite it being the busiest airport in the country. Sorry friends, it’s not happening.

  • fhsmct

    The concern is that the fees et al from concessions and parking are the source of airport income that pays the salaries et al of airport authority employees (not airlines nor concession employees)


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