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  • Meh. The BBQ was pretty uninspired at the Cleveland Park location. I would say disappointing, but I have a pretty low bar for DC BBQ at this point.

    • MtP

      I find it to be wildly inconsistent. I have had some really good meals there and some truly awful ones.

      • The best I could say was that their brisket was “not bad”. I went once with an enthusiast from Alabama and he came close to insisting they remove the white sauce chicken from the menu because it was such a misrepresentation… It feels like corporate shill BBQ, even more so than Hill Country.

      • Luckycat

        I agree that it can be inconsistent, but I think the pulled chicken is pretty good. However, I think they are far, far better than Hill Country!

    • ezzles

      what’s your favorite place in dc?

  • lizcolleena

    oh the PVA building… Amorini used to cook bacon in the late afternoon (presumably for next day’s service) and the smell would waft all the way up to at least the 7th floor of the building. It used to make my mouth water all the time, basically making dieting impossible, and I’m not even that huge of a fan of bacon (by modern bacon-or-die standards anyhow).

  • Rich

    Inconsistent or mediocre BBQ might find a niche in the lunch trade which is how this place will survive. The one problem is that a BBQ-centric menu might not be want people want everyday.unless they have a great salad or something as an alternative.the sandwiches all look pretty awful or things you woudln’t necessary hazard to try in a BBQ place.

  • MtP

    Just read in City Paper that they are going to be driving over meat smoked in Cleveland Park. While this is a surefire recipe for mediocre BBQ at the downtown location, I think this could really help the CP one. One problem with BBQ places is lack of volume because then meat just sits and sits. Fingers crossed that this helps the CP one get more consistent.


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