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Residents Report Daytime Shots Fired around Franklin and Rhode Island Ave, NE

by Prince Of Petworth August 10, 2016 at 10:00 am 4 Comments

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From the Brookland Listserv around 5:45pm:

“I think I just heard at least 10 gunshots coming from the Franklin St and/or RIA Ave area. Its sounded very close. I don’t think it was fireworks. Very scary. Anyone else hear it?”

One resident responded confirming they also heard it and an additional resident wrote:

My daughter and I had just rounded the corner of Franklin and 13th after going to the farmers market. We stopped on our porch because she had fallen asleep and minutes later we heard the shots on that corner–so close they had woken her up and she was crying. I grabbed her, abandoning our stroller and things, and went inside. I love our neighborhood but I have a hard time with the thought that she could have been killed by stray bullets on a nice afternoon walk.

  • JPC

    On a similar note: Anyone know anything about the police at 4th and Franklin last night? Helicopter was circling low for like half an hour between 11:30 and 12.

  • Nicky

    There ain’t nothing good going on at that area in front of and behind the fire station. Dudes are hanging out there all the time in the triangular park and on the sidewalk in front of the liquor station, and apparently, it’s getting dangerous. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phDwF1GJ_Y0


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