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    Oh no! I’m not seeing their awesome dish that was sort of a spin off of larb gai (but made with delicious batter-fried chicken strips)…I hope I am wrong and it’s actually on the menu. It was the main reason I went there.

  • welshi

    I don’t understand listing the lunch and dinner prices in whole sections when they are the same price.

    Anyone know if this is the same people that took it over a few years ago? I was very disappointed with my experiences there after that. Siam House up the street in CP is my go to, people should try it if this disappoints.

  • JillB

    A bit further north? Isn’t this the same location?

  • J

    Has it changed management? It’s so close to my work but I have always had horrible experiences there. Would only be willing to give it another go if it actually changed hands, not just paint and menus.

  • S

    I used to go to thaiphoon all the time, that is until I was sitting and saw a rat scamper across the dining area. Look up their health code violations–they kept roach spray next to food prep materials. Agree with the comment about the management change, restaurant went way down hill after it switched hands.

    • textdoc

      Ai yai yai!! I hadn’t been there in years, and after reading this I don’t think I’ll be going back.


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