• Joshua

    There’s that magic word – concept.

  • So, Just Sayin’

    I won’t miss them. Even by DC standards — where the “Thai” food is superloaded with waaaaaay too much sugar — that was some bad Thai. Very oily.

    • INWDC

      I have to disagree. There was one dish – forget what it was called – but it was basically a boneless fried chicken version of larb gai and it was so damn tasty…and surprisingly the least oily fried chicken I have ever had. Probably not healthy but super delicious. That being said, this place was definitely due for a big refresh of it’s interior.

  • textdoc

    Please please please don’t let their new “concept” be small plates.

    • Joshua


  • dcd

    New concept = edible food?

  • Teri

    Thank goodness it really needed it! The food is not as good. New ownership?


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