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  • E

    That’s more than a reverse could do. Head on and cross lanes…. Yikes

    • Anonymous

      I used to have the same car (Pontiac G6, looks like its from 06/07) I’d guess that it was a right turn cut too close, and the thing pulled right off. It’s not a heavy duty piece. You can see the rub marks in the crumpled part of the panel closest to the camera. I had to have the whole front bumper replaced too. Hopefully for the owner the headlight assembly broke off at the tabs that bolt to the chassis, as opposed to something worse happening with the actual metal pieces of the car.

      • Anonamom

        I also had a Pontiac G6 (06) and those bumpers peel off like plastic film on a food container. If this is a G6 (I’m not a car person, I can’t tell without looking at the bumper lol), the damage doesn’t surprise me. The person could have hit the side and it just sheared the clips off. They had to have been going at some speed, but hey, he/she did the right thing by calling the cops and leaving their number. Any number of assholes in this city would have driven off like nothing happened.

  • jdre

    $20 says it’s a fake number.
    But seriously I hope it isn’t.

    • Soco120

      So this is my Girlfriend’s car, and thank God the person left their real number, name and has taken care of Everything (this happened over the weekend). We got really lucky

      • textdoc

        This is very heartening — thanks for the update!

  • Looloo’

    OMG! That’s my car!
    FYI it was not a fake number

    • Petworther

      Well now the popville commenter above also owes you $20. Hopefully they leave their number!

      Seriously though, glad it worked out.

      • I Dont Get It

        He’ll probably leave a fake number. ;-)

        • Jason


  • wdc

    My parked car has been hit twice. One left a number, one didn’t. I don’t think those are bad odds, considering.

    • Anon

      There’s a special place in hell for people who don’t leave a note with a real number. My family has been on both sides of this. One time a neighbor saw someone put a nice sized dent in my bumper and pointed out my house. The driver knocked on my door and after looking at the damage I decided not to ask for her info. It’s a bumper on a street-parked city car. It’s bound to get dings in it, after all. The other time my wife scraped a really nice parked BMW on the 1700 block of California trying to avoid someone driving down the middle of the street. She left a note and our insurance took care of everything for the other car’s owner; inspection, payment, etc. It was all pretty hands-off for us and we could live with ourselves after. As far as I can see our rates haven’t gone up appreciably either.

  • SydneyP

    “T-boned by a parked car!”


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