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  • Then what’s going where Caribou was? I thought that was going to be a Peets once the construction was over? With this and then the starbucks a block north, that’s officially too much coffee on a 1 mile radius. Granted, it’ll still all be busy but at some point it’s just a joke.

    • Truxton Thomas

      I think Peet’s abandoned their plans for 14th and RI some time ago. With Dolcezza a block north, I don’t think it’s any loss at all. My thoughts on this Peet’s: you have two great independent coffee shops (Wydown and Peregrine) a block north and a block south, respectively. I can’t imagine not going to one of those instead.

      • Except you can never get a seat in any one of those.

      • James

        There’s also Bake Shop a half block to the west. Given that there are soon to be 8 coffee shops in the area, how did the one at 16th and R fail?? (Where Red Light currently is.) It’s kind of amazing that only 2 stores have failed in that area and one was the first coffee shop after the Starbucks at 13 and U.


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