• PJ25

    Wow.. $200 perfume?!!?

  • Josh

    Meth lab chic

    • Anon

      haute coutoure, mon frere!

  • anon

    If a home had walls like this it would get slaughtered in a GDON post.

  • jim_ed

    Sweet “abandoned mental asylum chic” decor. You can’t get that kind of authentic grittyness at just your average artisinal perfumerer.

    • textdoc

      Oooh — maybe they should be a new candidate for businesses to occupy St. Elizabeths East!

  • Looks like a Portlandia sketch.

    Hard pass.

  • jaybird

    Smuggled a bunch of little bottles from a Fairmont resort last winter. Rose 13. Sweet stuff but I could stay in a Fairmont for 1 night and take the shampoo and conditioner for the price of the stuff retail. Sheesh.

    • TX2DC

      Their soaps are absolutely amazing. Love Rose 13.

  • Mike

    For the price they’re paying for the square footage, you’d think they’d want to use some of it.

  • LS

    Oh good, they’re doing “Sleep No More” here in DC!

    • Lol

      • tonyr

        Hopefully they’ll hand out “Scream” masks at the door.

  • Quotia Zelda

    I like a little more luxury and prettiness in my perfumeries.

  • The comments are pretty funny, but I don’t know why I would care what my scent manufacturing store LOOKS like. How does the stuff smell? That’s what I’m paying for.

    • SaraEP

      +1 thank you. it’s the juice that matters.

    • very high qualify perfume and candles are actually expensive to manufacture. I’m sure the mark up is high, but really good stuff at $200 should last for a REALLY long time since you only need a very little bit. They’ll also have a good gift market probably.

      • Yeah, I still have some good stuff that my father gave me probably 15 years ago. One mist is all it takes.

  • SaraEP

    I think the idea for the decor comes from old apothecaries. If you google images that, it looks similar. The prices are pretty comparable for quality perfume these days.

  • anon

    I think it looks sweet to be honest. You would never know what they are selling by looking in the door, but if they are already a recognizable brand to their potential clientèle, it doesn’t matter.

  • KingmanParkRes

    When a retailer has too low of a stuff-to-space ratio, you know immediately it’s too expensive.

    • jumpingjack

      Yes. This is a perfect example of a business that I can’t figure out how it pays the rent. How many $200 custom bottles of perfume can they sell each day?

      • Shawz

        They’re probably getting the space for next to nothing. The businesses are there to ‘create a sense of place’ so the apartments above can rent for $3k/month.

      • TX2DC

        Believe it or not, there are plenty of people that can afford such items in DC.

        • jumpingjack

          I know there are plenty of people who can afford this, it just surprises me that enough of those people choose to buy it.

          • I’m surprised how many people think $4 for a PBR is a “good deal” in this city. Oddities exist at all ends of the spending spectrum.

          • TinkerTaylor

            This. But then I’m always complaining about the olfactory pollution of folks wearing fragrances in close quarters. Save it for the boudoir!

      • SaraEP

        Estee Lauder, the mult billion dollar cosmetics company, bought Le Labo in 2014. I’m pretty sure they’re not concerned with the cost of rent haha

  • Chareth Cutestory

    I kind of like the decor. I mean, when I think “fragrant,” the first thing that comes to mind is a Civil War convalescent home.

    • jim_ed

      You might be on to something here. God knows if anything deserves to be covered in the luxurious fragrance of $200 perfume, it’s the smell of a gangrenous stump caused by a rebel cannonball in defense of our Grand Republic. Consider me converted to their noble cause.

  • KMB

    For some reason, I am reminded of the AbFab episode “White Box”.

  • LedroitTigah

    I think it looks cool (but I like this kind of industrial chic). When are they opening Aesop?

  • Truxton Thomas

    It must have taken a lot of effort to make a brand-new building look that dilapidated.

    • textdoc

      Hahaha, I was thinking similarly!

  • Chris

    And the New York-ization of DC continues. Le Labo’s schtick is that they mix the perfume in front of you when you order. Yes, it’s very expensive even by niche perfume standards, but it’s also quite good. Try Rose 31 or Bergamote 22.

    • brookland mom

      I am embarrassed to say this, but I actually just purchased Bergamote! I used a gift card though, so it was drastically cheaper than the 260 price. This store is actually from NY or San Fran, so this isn’t the first location, but it goes well in this new shaw area which has more hipster but expensive stores.

  • stacksp

    Pretty good date idea actually. Take your lady in there before/after dinner or a night out on town and a fragrance especially for her or better yet have her make something that she likes….

    *inserts bookmark*

  • Duponter

    Does anyone know if they will carry Drakkar Noir?

    • TinkerTaylor

      That takes me back! Let me crank up the GnR and take a bath in the stuff while you head over here in your Fiero.

    • AnonV2


    • jd

      I prefer the scent of johnsons baby powder and cool water cologne


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