Tynan Coffee Closes in NoMa and What the Hell Happened to the Bus Depot?

by Prince Of Petworth March 7, 2016 at 10:22 pm 30 Comments


God dang it, they closed way back in November – how come nobody told me? Last month we learned about the ownership change in Columbia Heights. Their Friendship Heights location closed back in 2013 (now a Le Pain Quotidien.) Actually a Le Pain Quotidien would probably kill in NoMa…


In other breaking NoMa news – ok I’m kidding about the bus depot but why is the development taking so long?



Maybe not a terrible thing because their marketing is suspect:


  • sanantino

    Ha – I’m picturing some American Beauty-style provincial New York real estate developer who heard there’s money to be made in DC and, unable to think of any reason anyone would possibly want to live here, figured the ability to get out of town quickly would be the best selling point.


    • Anon

      Huh? I think proximity to Union Station is a valid selling point. I’d venture to guess that NYC is the most frequently traveled non-commuter route from Union Station, so why not highlight that fact? It’s just one of many posters currently hiding that ugly parking lot; doesn’t appear to be a central part of their marketing scheme from where I’m sitting.

      • ***

        Agreed. I spent 2 solid years making a regular commute to/from NYC for work and many a time considering moving closer to Union Station to minimize commute time to/from home and imagine there is a huge market of people doing the same.

  • Anon

    No insider knowledge here, but I presume they haven’t moved on this project due to a lack of funds)(it’s not a zoning issue). With so many other large residential projects slated for the immediate area (along with Union Market), the developer might be having trouble rounding up the necessary cash to get construction going.

  • Noma
    • PCC

      Yeah, First Potomac has been going through some major restructuring. That they even got involved in it was a bit surprising, since they had never built a downtown office building before.

  • Mike

    http://www.nomabid.org/noma-junction-storey-park/ This has a bit of info on the art.

  • KM

    Am I missing something on why this is suspect? An Acela train from Union Station to Penn Station is 2h45m. The regional is only 3h30m. Huge selling point to be that close to those trains if you’re in any sort of business that requires you to travel along the NE Corridor. I market commercial real estate for a living and this would be something I’d be featuring for sure, if I were on this project. However, I have no intel into why this development’s taking so long!

  • Adam on Hanover

    Re: Tynan – The fact nobody really noticed that this closed for months says all you need to know about the store. I’m all for patronizing local establishments over chains, but Tynan was so disappointing so often that I’d opt for Starbucks 10 times out of 10 when I was in Noma. (Of course, when I have time I still prefer Big Bear in Bloomingdale and Sidamo on H Street.)

  • Anon NOMA Res

    This space has not been developed much like other lots due to the fact that there is already a surplus of both office and apartment rentals in the area. I personally like the fact that until the developments come that they utilize it for other needs such as movies, food trucks and other events for the area. I am happy that they are being conservative in the developing of 1st st and NOMA

  • K

    This totally.

    I work on that block and when they first opened (and their were no other coffee options) my coworkers went their every day. After other options starting opening in the area we pretty much stopped going. Every few months someone would say, “We should go to Tynan for a change of pace.” But other then simply doing something different their is really no reason to go there. Mediocre coffee and lack luster customer service. You could go to Starbucks for mediocre coffee with decent customer service. Or walk up to Peregrine Espresso at Union Market for great coffee and great customer service. I really wanted to like Tynan but after many years of working in the neighborhood never really did.

    • K

      Meant my comment as a reply to Adam on Hanover’s comment. Clearly I need to walk up to Union Market for coffee before I try to post a blog comment.

    • Sean

      Couldn’t agree more. I wanted to like Tynan. I’ve even had good experiences with Tynan’s other locations. I tried going to Tynan many times when I first moved into the neighborhood. Sadly, they took way too long, they almost always screwed up something in my order if I tried to get food, and I never once saw an employee there who acted like they could possibly give a shit about a customer. Often I would have to wait for the person at the counter to finish a cell phone conversation before I could order.
      Say what you will about Starbucks, but at least they can execute the basic task of serving me a cup of coffee.

  • Mylisia

    Tynan was really the worst. Poor service, so-so coffee. Hopefully something much better moves into that space.

  • tom

    NoMa in general just seems kinda stuck in place. It’s alter ego Navy Yard is finally taking off, but it has the water/stadium to help it along. Just not sure the rational for NoMa. I’m sure the apartments are very nice inside. But, the neighborhood is just so bland and isolated. Union Market is a nice, but not an everyday kind of place. Sure, it’s only a 10-25 min walk to H Street and a 20-25 min walk to Gallery Place. But, would anyone recommend walking it after sun down?

    I keep waitng for things to come together in positive feedback cycle as housing drives ammenities, which drives still more housing, and in tern still more ammenities. But, I have been waiting for a few years now and NoMa just can’t seem to get escape velocity needed for take off.

    • stacksp

      Take off and do what exactly?

      • Timebomb

        Soar over the hilltops, obvi.

    • Hill Denizen

      There are new apartment and office buildings opening up constantly, more and more restaurants and retail are following. There are areas that had pretty much nothing before that are starting to fill in. It looks drastically different than it did five years ago. If that’s not “taking off” I don’t know what is.

      • stacksp

        Kind of where I was going. I am not sure what is expected from that area that either hasnt occurred or isnt planned for.

      • Wan

        I suspect the feel is that Noma has become like an Arlington neighborhood. Functional, nice on paper, but just missing something to make it dynamic as an urban neighborhood.

    • Truxtoner

      First, there are two enormous buildings literally going up right now (one beside the NPR building and one due north of it along M Street). When the N Street development starts up and they put more restaurants and a movie theater in, I don’t think anyone will care about walking to Gallery Place. I’m not sure why they would anyway since Gallery Place is garbage. Noma’s appeal is that it has a metro stop and a grocery store dead in the middle of it. You can walk to Union Station or H Street or Shaw pretty easily. If you work on the Hill, it’s pretty close. Anecdotally I hear it is popular with the intern crowd for those reasons. What it is missing is much in the way of restaurants/retail. CVS and Starbucks are nice, but you need a bit more. And you are right, right at this moment, I probably wouldn’t walk at night to Mount Vernon/Gallery Place. But that is going to change very very quickly. The literal center of the city is rapidly becoming the actual center of city life. And Sursum Corda, which contributes to a lot of the fear of walking west from NOMA is slated to get razed and redeveloped as well. I think NOMA is moving pretty well along. I’m surprised people disagree.

    • reality

      What? There are several construction cranes all over Noma right now.

    • Nancy

      As someone who watched my beloved Adams Morgan go from an actual neighborhood to a night life scene, I’m kinda pleased with the life I’ve found in NoMa since moving here last year. It’s walking distance to actual neighborhood stores and restaurants as well as Union Station, Union Market as you noted, the 9:30 Club/Atlantic Plumbing theater. So I can have my fill of old Adams Morgan and new, as is my want any given day.

      • Nancy

        But then I’m an old fuddy duddy. No doubt them young ‘ens have different expectations.

  • stacksp

    Not a coffee drinker by Tynan had a delicious Passion Fruit Green Tea Smoothing. It was my $4.79 guilty pleasure each morning after I got in to work.

  • SWChick

    Tynan was awesome when it first opened. Before the Starbucks. I worked across the street and remember craving their Belgian waffles. My co-workers and I would go there after work for a glass of wine. Not sure if they sold alcohol in their last days, but in the beginning we were obsessed with it. I passed Tynan maybe 4 times in the last week and a half and didn’t even notice it was closed :-/

  • reality

    I appreciated Tynan on the weekends. I live a few blocks north and would go there every so often as an alternative to Big Bear. The chai was always delicious. I went a few weekends ago and discovered it was closed. Disappointing.

  • funkyTreat

    Tynan use to crush it with business from BATF and Homeland (?, or GSA). Unfortunately, they sucked on the operational end – poor ownership and weak director of operations. And once they bought Tortilla Coast and Cafe Deluxe they abandoned Tynan.

  • No Bikes

    I think the staff killed the NoMa location. I went in there a few times and they seemed way more interested in goofing around than helping customers. It was just annoying to stand there at the register while they couldn’t be bothered to do their jobs.

  • AnonAnon

    Right now they are using this for a Park/Event space, so they can take their sweet time with it for the time being. This is not a whole in the ground while it’s not being developed, or a parking lot, but a place stuff happens. I realize one day it will be something else, but until they get an anchor, I am not fretting over the lack of development on one lot in an area seeing significant development. Especially since they are making the space available to the community.


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