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  • Josh

    What is going on with the first door? I’m seeing a tweaked out Mr. Miyagi with a sinus infection.

    • Adam on Hanover

      Weird, vaguely Asian George Washington graffiti artist. The hairline and chopped (presumably cherry) tree tattoo are dead giveaways.

      • TKPK

        Additional context. The characters on the backpack say “good child” While the two characters on the knees say “naughty”. It’s like an amazing, deranged garbage pail kid.

        • Tinker Taylor

          GPK was my immediate thought as well. Children of the 80s.

  • hatem

    I appreciate the artistic merits, but I don’t care for the themes at all. Life can grind you down easily enough without having to look at scenes like these. I know I may be old fashioned and prefer the “city beautiful” movement sort of things (think Three Graces fountain), but I’d rather see something uplifting.

    • Anon

      I hear you, but completely disagree.

    • wdc

      I’m with you. There’s enough ugly/gross stuff around the average city. Anyone who likes looking at this kind of thing can just admire all the loogies on the sidewalks and smeared rats on the streets.

  • SEDC

    The first one is a well known Taiwanese street artist named Mr. OGAY



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