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“pizza-centric” Declaration Opens Saturday across from 9:30 Club – Check Out the Menu

by Prince Of Petworth February 1, 2016 at 10:22 pm 37 Comments

8th and V Street, NW

From a press release:

“Keeping with their presidential restaurant theme, PRG Hospitality is proud to announce their third venture: DECLARATION, scheduled to open Saturday February, 6.

PRG Hospitality is the first-ever restaurant group in the National’s Capital to center its concepts on past American President’s. Its first presidential restaurant, LINCOLN Restaurant, pays tribute to Abraham Lincoln and opened in April of 2011. A contemporary twist to Abraham Lincoln’s legacy was thoroughly incorporated throughout LINCOLN Restaurant’s design elements and culinary creations. From the penny floor to the gingerbread whoopie pies, LINCOLN is committed to its presidential theme. In summer of 2013, PRG Hospitality opened its second presidential restaurant concept: Teddy & The Bully Bar paying homage to 26th President Theodore Roosevelt. PRG”s mission is to bring DC restaurant concepts that embrace and enjoy history through dining and nightlife.

Declaration Menu

Declaration Drink Menu

Declaration Happy Hour Menu

DECLARATION will be a 52 seat, pizza-centric restaurant featuring an Marra Forni brick hearth oven, thoughtful, farm to table cuisine with a location in the emerging neighborhood of Shaw at 804 V Street, NW. PRG Corporate Executive Chef Demetrio A. Zavala will be at the helm of the restaurant and looks to create some memorable cuisine in the North Shaw neighborhood. In addition to traditional Neapolitan style pizza, there will be 13 pizzas on the menu representing the 13 colonies when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Serendipitously, the restaurant is 1776 square feet – 1776 was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed. A distinctive hand crafted cocktail bar (designed by Bar Chef/Mixologist John Hogan), select draft beer and a specially selected wine list will be offered. Declaration will also have 12-18 outdoor seats for seasonal, street side dining.

A peek in the window:


Longtime DC Restauranteur and PRG Co-Founder Alan Popovsky says, “While we won’t go complete kitschy, we will make some fun associations to this momentous historical event in all aspects of food, service and the overall design.” Local artists Matt McMullen and Howard Connelly have collaborated on the design resulting in some very special visual elements.” The restaurant also features a centerpiece bronze chandelier that hung in the Maryland State House in Annapolis for over 25 years.

PRG Hospitality, co-founded in 2010 by distinguished Washington Businessman Melvyn J. Estrin, who passed away in July 2014, and longtime local restaurateur Alan G. Popovsky, will continue bringing to the Nation’s Capital venues centered around historical figures and events– blending our everyday lives with history. The group is excited to continue to expand its presidential restaurant concept in the district and is expected to bring its brand beyond Washington, DC; PRG is considering other east coast cities like Philadelphia and Baltimore to establish their brand of hospitality.

With LINCOLN and TEDDY flourishing in two different business districts of our great city, the opportunity to make an impact in an emerging neighborhood like North Shaw with DECLARATION is exciting.”

  • mcd

    Thank God! I’ve been looking for a new “concept” that really brings some farm to table action to #NoSha.

    Barfed in my mouth a little at this part: “there will be 13 pizzas on the menu representing the 13 colonies when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Serendipitously, the restaurant is 1776 square feet – 1776 was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed.”

    The day it opens I will be in there measuring the floor- because I’m calling bull*hit.

    • sproc

      C’mon–it was pure serendipity! The architects had no idea how many square feet the finished structure would yield. The plans probably had several measurements ending in “-ish.”

    • Anonynon

      lol some one is Hangry. But yeah I kind of agree. Why, why why do these places need press releases and who is coming up with this bull.

      • oh2dc

        People who have to justify their fees come up with these. Also, people who know many traditional media outlets often copy and paste from these releases.

      • rob

        Cause it’s not just an owner and a partner working to get it off the ground anymore. These “concepts” have PR teams, HR depts, board of trustees, etc. Really wish there were a few simpler places offering a good bite!

        • Rich

          Because we always think of the 13 colonies when someone says “pizza”? This is why pizza in DC sucks.

      • mcd

        As pointed out below I think they need press releases because they are going to charge $4 for high life ponies. But at least they aren’t going completely kitschy. On another note I am in the wrong line of work- I should really be working on a pizza farm. :-)

    • skj84

      The 1776 square feet part is eye roll worthy, but I kinda dig 13 colonies/13 types of pizza. And each pizza actually matches it’s theme. I guess I’m easy to please. I’ll probably check this place out. Happy hour looks solid.

      • anonymous

        I agree. It may be a little cheesy (no pun intended), but at least it shows they are putting some thought into what they are doing. I think the 13 colonies thing is creative to be honest.

        • Rich

          This is DC–mediocre, overpriced hipster bait has been the norm even when hipsters were the leading edge rather than the affluenza.

          • Anon

            Rich, you must be well over 40? DC is largely devoid of Brooklyn-style hipsters, and those that are here aren’t likely to cross your path.

          • skj84

            Like “Millennials”, I think “hipster” is the go to phrase for some people when they want to show derision for something they dislike.

          • anon

            Rich’s comments are almost always negative. Don’t know if he’s a grumpy old man, but he’s definitely a grumpy man.

          • I Dont Get It

            Wait I thought I was the PoPville grumpy (old) man?

          • Kevin

            “…overpriced hipster bait”

            I’m curious why you think of this as “overpriced hipster bait.” It doesn’t seem remotely hip to me. Do you understand what “hip” is? Even wannabe “hip”?

            It seems more patriotic-theme-park-kitsch to me…and I don’t know that that will fly in that neighborhood. It’s not like it’s going to attract many tourists in there.

          • Boozehound

            What’s so hipster about it? Given the prices and the neighborhood it seems to be far more “young urban yuppie” than boho-hipster. My guess si that hipsters are rolling their eyes at it and staying at places where the beer is cheaper and the ambiance more dive-y.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Clearly there’s a DC-centric version of the hipster business name generator out there.

    • Boozehound

      I don’t see much that’s hipster about the name. Sounds like the kind of place that’s going to be aiming for the young, affluent, law-bro and sorority crowd. The name sounds like something you’d find on a tourist-y joint by the Mall or in the frat-bro worlds of Arlington or maybe Bethesda.

  • U neighbor


    • U neighbor

      52 seats — a political statement about DC and Puerto Rican Statehood??

      • ron

        serendipity had to draw the line somewhere

  • pizza

    will it be DOC certified?

  • annonny

    Do the people who write this crap think there will be anything more than bile poured over their contemptible efforts to create relevancy in this distracted age? What in the hell is “emerging neighborhood of Shaw” even supposed to mean? Emerging from what? A cave? Its chrysalis? The closet?

  • LittleBluePenguin

    What on earth is the “National’s Capital”? I’ve heard of D.C. being referred to as the “nation’s capital,” but unless the Caps are hitting this place up every day after practice, that phrase needs to be rewritten. Actually, all of it should be rewritten, but that’s another issue entirely.

  • KAG

    That $4 High Life pony makes it the most expensive beer per ounce on the menu.

    • JB

      This needs to be made a bigger deal. THERE ARE 4 DOLLAR PONY BOTTLES OF HIGH LIFE. 7 OUNCES FOR 4 DOLLARS!!!! This is a deal breaker.

      • Bad beer tax.

      • Anon

        I’m okay with this.

  • I Dont Get It

    After reading that press release I’m now #TeamKingGeorge.

  • CVR

    What’s up with the weird pizza prices? Am I missing something?

    • annonny

      I thought that perhaps they signified dates in the lives of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, but can’t find that pattern in the numbers. In any event, they list “Francis Hopkins” as a delegate from New Jersey, but in fact the guy’s name was Francis Hopkinson. See here: http://www.ushistory.org/declaration/signers/index.htm.
      But I did check a few colony founding dates and it seems they are trying to match the prices to the date on which the colony was established. However they use 1620 for Massachusetts even though the official founding date of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was 1628, and 1732 for Georgia even though that’s when Geo III signed the charter, not when the colonists established their claim in 1732. I didn’t do a comprehensive check on all the others.

      • annonny

        Sorry, colonists established their claim to Georgia in 1733…#typingfail

      • skj84

        can I just say, I love that you actually researched this. Bravo!

      • CVR

        This was my first thought too but when I looked up Delaware it said the founding was 1787 not 1638 and Thomas McKean wasn’t born until 1734. Glad my first thoughts weren’t far off from someone else!

  • Anon

    Didn’t really intend to get on the hate train, but couldn’t help myself when I saw their Ricky is made with cucumber air.”

  • Boozehound

    I know it’s like waving your fist at the wind, but really, $5 can of PBR and Natty Boh. Beer prices in Shaw, U, and Logan are just awful. Oh, and $5 beers at Happy Hour? Wow…what a deal…

  • anon

    Hyphens and capital letters are free. They should use them.
    And making cheese sauce is not that complicated. Anyone can make it at home. Maybe someone did and that’s why they call it “housemade”?

    I’m not convinced that it is 100% grass-fed beef. A source on the menu would be helpful.


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