In Other Retractable Roof News – Sauf Haus is getting one too!

by Prince Of Petworth August 7, 2015 at 12:10 pm 10 Comments


From an email:

Sauf Haus is currently working on adding a retractable roof to the biergarten. Best part is that it’s on track to be completed by the first day of Oktoberfest!

We’re looking forward to being able to provide some comfortable, toasty, rooftop bier drinking throughout the fall/winter season.

It’s also great news for residents in DuPont as noise levels have been a concern, particularly with bars in the Golden Triangle area. The covered roof will contain much of the noise that may overflow–this was a big motivating factor in the owners’ decision as they’re working hard to become part of the neighborhood and not just another bar on the strip.

Designer Adam Ford (@glassdesigns) of Rollacover created the design, he’s also designed retractable roofs for the Argonaut, Jack Rose, Ivy & Coney and Red Rocks on H Street.

Also worth noting–we recently added wall to wall air ducts the blow some serious cool air on the roof so guests can enjoy the outdoor weather comfortably.”

sauf haus
1216 18th Street, NW at the corner of Jefferson just off Connecticut Ave

  • Ryan

    shake shack paid for it so the burger smell can get in easier

  • Boomer

    This is probably the loudest bar I have ever been to in DC. It’s painful.

  • sproc

    Bro-tastic! I’m sure there’ll be endless humor found in the roof extending.

  • Bargain

    Wait, they air conditioned a roof deck? That is the most obnoxious, entitled move I can think of.

    • textdoc

      If they’re air-conditioning the roof deck but still allowing smoking, I hope the A/C system for the roof is separate from the one(s) for the rest of the building. (Or at least doesn’t have any air returns on the roof.)

      • brob626

        There’s no smoking allowed on the roof

        • textdoc

          Ahh, OK. So it’s not an issue.

  • Gloomingdale

    Tried sauf-haus for the 1st time last week. Bro-tastic indeed. It was all late 90s alt-rock, $8-9 beers, and sweaty dudes.

  • The OP Anon

    If you want to see an impressive retractable roof, check out the one at Flash on Florida Ave. It’s like a Transformer! Really awesome.

    • textdoc

      “More than meets the eyes”? ;)


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