• LoganRes

    YESSSS! Cheers to more bikes lanes! on a side note, I had a taxi driver repeatedly honk at me and call me a “lazy b*tch” for obeying a stop light near Union Station. Guess he was in a hurry to get nowwhere.

  • SF

    This bike lane is just spectacular. If bike lanes like this could reach throughout the city… oh boy. Please put one of these in on Florida Ave to connect H Street and U Street!

  • quincy

    Fantastic! This is on my commute, and I’m thrilled to see this link of 1st St NE completed. Totally agree with SF that we need many more of these lanes in the city. The massive Metro mess yesterday has only strengthened my resolve to bicycle commute year round.

  • Reality

    Happy about this! I bike through this area

  • js

    this section of 1st st NE has been jacked up for a long time.


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