Man Shot in Leg and Thigh in the 700 block of Shepherd Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth April 24, 2013 at 9:21 am 27 Comments

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From MPD:

This morning at approximately 1:00 AM, 4D units received 911 calls for the sounds of gunshots around the area of 7th and Shepherd Street, Northwest. Shortly thereafter, 4D units located an adult male suffering from a non life-threatening gunshot wound in the 700 block of Shepherd Street, Northwest. The individual was transported to a local area hospital for treatment.

Fourth District Detectives are investigating the shooting. Anyone with information is asked to call 202-727-9099.

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“D Shooting //700 block Shepherd Street, NW //Adult male shot in the right leg & thigh he is conscious & breathing”

Ed. Note: A police station is located at 801 Shepherd Street, NW.

  • Hilltop

    Also multiple gunshots at 4am near Webster and NH Ave, though it’s always tough to tell the location.

  • Anonymous

    Shot in the leg and the thigh? Isn’t the thigh part of the leg?

    • Anonymous

      Popeye’s considers them to be separate body parts.

      • Anonymous

        Keen observation. Bojangles does too.

        • I know what I’m having for lunch now!

  • Anonymous

    So Petworth is averaging one shooting every two days now that the weather is nicer? Good job.

    • And…

      … I wonder how much of a percentage RE prices will jump this month?

  • Anonymous

    It sure seems like that area has had a lot of incidents.

    • I’m actually completely surprised to see this. I moved to Petworth in 2005 and there was a LOT of activity at that time around the 700 blocks of Taylor and Shepherd, but it has been very quiet for at least a couple years on Taylor Street (the two problem houses were sold/renovated). I know that Shepherd Street is still an issue but it’s been a long time since there was a shooting.

      BTW one of the Taylor Street houses was vacated due to it being identified as a drug nuisance property and the owner being sued by DC. The owners were eventually forced to sell. I’ve wondered why the problems on Shepherd Street have gone on for so long, while there was such a concerted effort to close down this house on Taylor.

      • Any Chance you know exactly which house we’re talking about? Only because I bought on that St. pretty recently.

        • I’m not sure of the exact addresses of the problem houses on Shepherd St NW. The problem houses that were on Taylor St NW were 723 (that was the one shut down as a drug nuisance property – I also posted a link in another comment on this post) and 816 (there was a homicide in front of this house in 2006). Both of those houses are completely renovated now, no sign left of their former lives!!

  • dat

    First: Word is the victim is not cooperating. I don’t know the victim, but my gut reaction is that if the victim isn’t cooperating, they probably know the shooter.

    Second: The 700-500 blocks of Shepherd St have been a problem for years. Every Friday and Saturday night you are guaranteed to see in the 500 and 700 blocks of Shepherd:

    1. Open-air drug dealing
    –> Cars pull up to groups of guys hanging out on the sidewalk/porch. Usually one or two guys are 50-100 feet down the sidewalk in either direction playing “lookout”. Items are exchanged and car leaves within a couple minutes. Multiple cars per hour.

    2. Public intoxication/DUI
    –> Guaranteed between the hours of 11pm and 3am on Friday, Saturday, and random weekdays. The usual M.O. is drinking out of plastic cups on and in cars parked in the street with doors open and music playing. At some point (once they’re all hammered, I assume), they pile in the cars and speed off to wherever they’re going for the night (probably to shoot up 8th and Buchanan or 2nd and Webster).

    2. Folks smoking marijuana on the porch/sidewalk
    –> I understand that this is more or less harmless, but it’s the same group of folks that are disregarding the laws with impunity. They know they can get away with breaking the law and the cops don’t do anything.

    3. And then every once in not-such-a-long-while, someone gets shot. Gee, I wonder if that could be connected to the other activity?


    And it’s not like the residents haven’t tried to take action. While the police typically respond to public disturbance/noise complaints, they don’t actually do anything. The most they do is roll up with their white lights on… slow down and observe the group… and then drive away. And that’s if they come at all. All it would take is one weekend of discrete observation to see exactly what’s going on here.

    What are we, as residents, supposed to do??

    • dat

      Oh, and I forgot to mention the fine gentleman that stepped out of his truck and took a piss on the street right in front of people walking to the polls yesterday. Classy 700 block of Shepherd, classy.

      This is one block from a motherf#*($ing police station!

    • See this link for more info on what was done regarding a problem house on Taylor St NW http://newsroom.dc.gov/show.aspx/agency/occ/section/2/release/11687/year/2007/month/7

      This house got a crazy amount of attention from high-level DC officials and still it took years to resolve the problem, but I also don’t see why this couldn’t happen on Shepherd Street.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always wondered: We all see the dealing, but I have no idea WHAT they’re selling. I guess the regulars have their regulars, but how about everyone else? Are there “tells”? Like, meth dealers have their left pant leg rolled up, crack dealers have 10+ inches of shamrock boxers showing?
      I’m not in the market. Just truly curious.

  • the durp master

    for the 600 block of NEWTON PLACE: repeat everything you said (including police station a block away) and then ADD high volume of prostitution and junkie traffic

    similarly, i’m at a loss of what to do and ive lived there for ten years. its gotten a bit better in ten years in terms of a slightly ramped down market but i just accept these illicit markets as a part of urban poverty

  • Anonymous

    Something needs to be done. Why do the police and council members ignore this problem? What can we do?

  • Anonymous

    I guess we have to tape it and put it on the Internet, like we were Chinese anti-corruption activists.

  • This may have been why I heard what sounded like 4 gunshots followed by cop sirens at around that time last night.

    • I heard the gunshots too. I’m never sure if they are firecrackers or gunshots.

  • Anonymous

    You have to keep texting 50411. For everything. It gives a good record of what’s going on. I live over by Sherman Circle and we’ve been doing it for years. We get a quick response from the police. Stupid things still happen, but not at nearly the same frequency.
    I’ve been on that part of Shepard enough times to be able to pick out the two trouble houses on the end . Watch them. Report them.

    • dat

      I’ve been calling 911 – I didn’t realize you could text 50411 for things that needed relatively immediate response. I thought that was only for tips about crimes. Good to know.

      • PT Varnum

        That’s also a main reason to use 50411. it’s like the diary. You see something, you text it to the police. They in turn, make life harder for the party people and these emergencies get rarer and rarer. It worked n my little neck of the woods, it’ll work in yours.

  • wobble

    What annoys me, is, guess who pays for these worthless gangstas medical treatment — you and me. It is free to them, but not to us. We pay for it in taxes and increased insurance costs.

    • Anonymous

      but remember, its the gentrifiers that cause people to be “victimized by fear” around here.

  • dchix

    Something tells me it is the 720 house on Shepherd


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