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  • been here several times. The food is pretty good although a bit higher in price than other Vietnamese places in the city (but of course this is Georgetown and they pay Georgetown rents after all). I recommend the spicy tom yum soup with seafood.

  • Tim

    Does anyone know if this is the same “Little Viet Garden” that was in Clarendon before they tore it down for condos? That place was awesome. I assume they’re the same, given the unique name, but I’m not sure if this was a second location or re-location.

  • giax

    SO DIRTY. I went in once, went to wash my hands after being out in Georgetown all day, and managed to get a peek in the kitchen on the way to the restroom. Let me just say I felt bad but left right after that experience.

  • Easily the worst, most overpriced food I’ve had in DC. Generic chinese-type food, hardly anything viet on the menu, and got sick afterwards. The Pho options are limited. I suggest going to a more authentic, not in Georgetown, Pho place. lots of options in town!

  • Anon

    I’ve only tried their pho so I can’t speak to anything else on the menu. If you’re in Georgetown and you need to get your phix, it will do the trick (barely), but you’re definitely better off somewhere else for pho.

  • Heather

    No good…as with most restaurants in Georgetown, overpriced for sub-par food. None of the menu items were good and service was disappointing. Try Pho 14 if you want Pho in the city and Eden Center in Falls Church for every kind if Vietnamese food your heart desires

  • natalie goins

    SOOOO delicious…its my little secret spot in Georgetown. Amazing spring rolls and good quail soup.


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