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Union Market News: Red Apron, Cordial Wine Now Open; Takorean Applies for Liquor License

by Prince Of Petworth — January 31, 2013 at 12:30 pm 16 Comments

1309 5th Street, NE

Union Market continues to get more options. I stopped by on Sunday and it was smashed crowded. Since I last stopped by in December – Red Apron and Cordial Wine have now opened and Takorean has applied for a liquor license.

And I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a roof deck beer garden one day…

  • AC

    Anybody has any idea of the destiny of the merchants that were in Union Market before it was renovated? There were a few butchers, veggie stands… where did they move to? Seems unlikely they just closed shop?

    • Anonymous

      I believe many of them just closed up shop. One of the produce vendors I think is the only one left. Harvey’s meats was housed in another old location but has been operating in DC for something like 70 years, so I guess you could count them as an “old school” market vendor. They were even in the original O St Market I believe.

    • Not sure, other than Harvey’s and Alma’ala Farms, which I believe was also in the original farmers market.

      I’m fairly sure the farmers market building was gutted by a fire a year or so before Edens took over, so they may have been displaced well before the Union Market revamp.

      • anon

        I don’t think the current Union Market building didn’t had a fire, it was one of the other buildings in the complex the next block over (that’s where Harvey’s was previously).

        To the seafood comment below, when it first opened there was occasionally a seafood vendor set up where the dining tables near Takorean/pickle stand are. Basically a long table with buckets (literally) of various seafood. It was odd. I would love to see a real fishmonger open up in there as well.

  • bfinpetworth

    We talked last night about going over there for some pre-Superbowl shopping on Saturday. Were there before the Christmas and were impressed, albeit a bit shocked at the juxtaposition of this high-end high-priced market next to the various wholesale shops in the old section of the market. It brings the “two DC’s” into such close and glaring proximity. I wonder how long it takes before other high-end joints to take over space outside of the official Union Market space.

    • reality

      Soon I hope … or atleast renovate the other buildings a bit.

  • JD

    I was there on Sunday also – for the first time. Awesome place. Really enjoyed it. Had samplings from a bunch of the different vendors, but there is too much to try all in one visit, so I’ll be back soon. At this point, while most vendors have a combo of things to eat/drink there versus foodstuff to take home to cook yourself, I think they are still missing a couple types of vendors to make it a true subsitute for an upscale grocery – specifically, a fish market and dairy.

    • saf

      There’s already a dairy – Trickling Springs is there.

    • There is a dairy vendor – Trickling Spring Creamery. They are closed on Sundays however, it is an Amish run shop.

      I also believe a seafood vendor is slated for an open area on the east side of the market, so hopefully soon!

  • EEeeek

    Everyone in the top pic looks like they all shop at the same stores to include CLothing/Shoes…… Dreadful

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand why anyone would shop or eat there when Litteri’s is a stone’s throw away.

      • saf

        Some of us go to both!

        • Yep, I always stop at both! Litteri’s for a sub, olive oil, soap (I swear by olive oil soap), and wine (among other things). Union Market for pickles, beets, bread, jam, and milk (also among other things). Both have great options!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I have never understood the skinny pants tucked into tall boots look that’s been so prevalent for the past 10 years or so… I think it makes women look really stumpy.

    • women in dc are required by law to wear skinny jeans tucked into brown boots.

  • Reality

    I <3 Union Market!


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