Heads Up: While Resident Suns, Laptop Stolen Off Back Deck

by Prince Of Petworth July 30, 2012 at 1:30 pm 22 Comments

A commenter writes this morning:

This past Saturday at about 2:30 pm I was sunning on my back deck on the 600 block of Kenyon St, when my computer was stolen from me. I was working on my computer and listening to music (headphones, which of course I really regret). A few minutes after flipping onto my back I felt my deck shake a bit, when I turn to look I see arms grabbing my computer and it disappearing over the side of the deck. I was feet from the railing and my computer was under a table to shade it. There was even an adirondak chair between my computer and the railing. Previously, I saw a group of guys looking up at me, but I didn’t think too much of it. I am 100% confident it was them. They saw me as an easy target went and got a chair and a towel to cover his face and grabbed my computer by leaning over the railing, grabbing the monitor, and then bailing down the alley. Looking back at it, I am so mad at myself for so many reasons, but as having never been robbed before I didn’t really have my guards up. I had my roommates call 911 and I chased after him in my car, but obviously lost him. My deck backs up to the alley between Kenyon and Luray/Lamont st and I wanted to send this out to warn people that thieves are extremely desperate and ballsy. My computer was inches from my head and connected to the headphones I was wearing and he just grabbed it. I am extremely happy that he didn’t do anything to me, but I wish I didn’t have to lose all of my music and photos either. I filed a police report but as computer thefts are so common, I do not expect much to come of it.

I also had a friend recently robbed and the guy took all of their computers from their house. I want to remind everyone to download a program to be able to track your valuable devices after a theft and to back up your files onto an external hard drive frequently. Before its too late!

And if you find a 2011 white Macbook for resale let me know!


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