Dentist Recs?

“Dear PoPville,

I finally got around to calling my dentist’s practice to make an appointment for my first cleaning since the pandemic began… only to find out that my dentist has retired.

I’m not wedded to that particular practice. Which dentists do PoPville readers recommend? Read More


Random PoP Observation

I think I may have inadvertently stumbled upon a grand dentistry conspiracy.  As one with dental insurance I take full advantage of it and religiously go to 6 month cleanings.  So on my last cleaning I was told to buy an electric toothbrush.  So like a good kid, I ran from the dentist and got your standard electric toothbrush.  It has treated me well, or so I thought.  All of a sudden one of my teeth got super sensitive.  I thought I was going to need a root canal or something.  So I go to the dentist Monday and explain the problem. He asks me after poking around for like 10 seconds, ‘am I using an electric toothbrush’?  Yes, of course I reply.  Well he says to me, ‘oh, you’re brushing too hard and have removed some enamel and exposed some pores that have lots of nerves’ or something like that.  And I’m like, WTF?  You are the one who told me to get an electric toothbrush!  What the hell sort of catch 22 is this?  By the by, his resolution was to gently glide the electric toothbrush and use sensodyne.  This is kind f’d up, no? I’m fairly certain it is a conspiracy among the American Dental Association, Electric Toothbrush Manufacturers of America, and Sensodyne…


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