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by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2012 at 12:00 pm 28 Comments

Lots of folks have been wondering about the status of the Z Burger coming to the Tivoli (remember when this was Mayorga coffee?) in Columbia Heights:

From Aquiline, Laina (ANC 1A05) via the Columbia Heights Listserv:

There will be one FINAL community meeting with Z Burger in an attempt to resolve the three remaining issues of contention surrounding Z Burger’s sidewalk cafe (NE corner 14th St & Park Rd NW) application to the DDOT Public Space Committee. The issues, in order of concern, are:

1) proposed removal/relocation of an existing granite bench
2) proposed fencing around the seating area
3) number and arrangement of seats

The meeting will be:
Mon. Apr. 23
Park Triangle Apts., rooftop
1375 Kenyon St NW

Please attend if you can. Your voice is important to helping Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 1A – www.anc1a.org – make the best decision when it votes on the application at its Wed. May 9 meeting.

The community’s desired alternative proposal and Z Burger’s best counter (Option 1) are attached for your review.

alt community CAFE PLAN


Ed. Note: Multiple inquiries I’ve made with Z Burger about their status remain unanswered.

  • speaking of cohi scuttlebutt… anybody know what’s going on with Margot’s chair?

    • Anonymous

      Or the taco place at 11th and lamont?

  • anony

    There’s a better chance of a Zebra Girl opening up in CooloHigh.

  • Anonymous

    i will shed tears if this doesn’t happen

  • bb

    Just get it done – the neighborhood has been waiting long enough. Can’t they open the inside now and then add the outdoor seating later?

  • jdc

    I’m a little up in the air on this…I’m all for sidewalk cafes and seating. but will this be a sidewalk cafe? Will it have a staff waiting on customers and cleaning up potential mess? Or is this an outdoor area where patrons take a tray or bag full of fast food to sit?

    • Anonymous

      I was feeling the same, the last thing that is needed is more paper bags and wrappers flying around. Will this just turn into a place for the regular loiterers to squat down and have a rest?

    • ah

      You get your food at the counter and then sit down.

      I know in their Tenley location they have at least a couple people who are very diligent about cleaning up both inside and the outdoor seating area . Unless they change their approach I would have confidence Zburger will work to keep things clean outside.

  • Andy

    I like Z Burgers plan much better. More thoughtful layout, rather than just a bunch of small tables/chairs lined up as closely as possible. Plus it looks like they’ll put a much greater critical mass by that dead area along Park Road. I’ve really had enough with the passed out drunks and people pissing in the corner by that landing in the middle of the day.

  • I had the same thoughts. If there aren’t waiters, then there will be trash everywhere. (I’ve never been to a Z Burger, so I don’t know how they operate.) The alt plan seems adequate to me. I’m not sure why a burger place would need to take up so much of the sidewalk. I also think they should have to continue the pattern of the sidewalk pavers.

  • NoLongerNew2CH

    Well, at least all they need to do now is change the the last “1” in the Opening Summer 2011 sign, and perhaps they will be accurate. Seriously, why post a sign like that when you KNOW you are planning to focus on another location first before even coming close to opening this, oh well.

    Regarding El Chucho’s, word is (including on their Facebook page) that they plan to open in early May, seems like a lot to do before that, but so long as it is open by this summer, I’ll be psyched!!


    I’m also curious to hear about the new diner, there is constantly work being done there, and it seems like most of the interior demolition and framing is done, but the rest of the build out and all the cosmetic work is still forthcoming, so you have to figure at least two more months, maybe three, at this point …

  • Anonymous

    Finally – a place in DC that sells hamburgers!!!

  • Sir Douchy

    Be careful what you wish for! I live near the one in Tenley Circle and the smell from the Z-Burger can be a little overwhelming at times. Personally, I’d be happy to see that one close and move to Columbia Heights and then I could finally breath again!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad this place is about to open, but I’m not so sure that’s the sort of place where a lot of people are going to want to dine al fresco. Ever since DDOT totally destroyed that intersection, there has been a 24/7 backup of traffic westbound on Park at the intersection with 14th. I don’t like exhaust fumes with my burger, personally.

    • Anonymous

      DDOT ruined that intersection and have you SEEN what they did to Florida Avenue and New York Avenue? Dude it took me forty minutes to go three blocks there on a Saturday!!!!

      It is really unbelievable. I guess we will all just bike soon.

      • Anonymous

        Ah yes, Dave Thomas Circle is probably one of the worst ideas ever implemented at a busy urban intersection, EVER.

  • The one at Waterfront has an outdoor seating area. No waiters, you order your food and take it with you to sit down. If that’s what they are trying to do here then there’s not enough space for them to pull it off. I’m talking about benches and tables, almost a picnic like set up. It’s too busy of an area for them to do this, so I’m not understanding why they haven’t opened. Hard to believe they would delay opening by a year b/c of seating issues. It’s not that serious.

  • Neutorious

    The homeless don’t have nearly enough places to sit down, this needs to get approved immediately.

  • kc

    Looks to me like the seating plan — which will mean more outside seats than inside seats — will destroy a thoughtfully constructed public space by moving specific elements (the granite bench, paid for with our tax dollars) and usurping ownership of the space with the fence. Let’s keep the space for the people (insert “Viva” here) — and if the burger eaters want to sit on the benches with the rest of us, they can.

    • There is – sadly – nothing “thoughtful” about this public space. It is a A to Z – planning 101 – travesty – yes, better than empty lots – but that’s not saying much. More the failure because it was blank slate construction and design, with 1000 years to examine and understand the public forum – and still came up crap.

  • Anonymous

    J***s F**ing C. I pay taxes for people to sort all this out. I don’t have time to measure every square inch of sidewalk space for whatever. Open the freaking place and let it crash or flourish as it will. Seriously???? And trash??? – have you ever gone to Dupont Circle on a weekend afternoon? Every trash can is overloaded 10 times with Starbucks. There is a hundred pounds of coffee trash in every can.

  • CoHeightsRes

    Every time I pass by I keep thinking I should nominate it for POP’s horses-ass award. After all, the sign says “Summer 2011.” I’m not buying that outdoor seating is what’s really delaying Z-Burger from opening.

  • James

    I think this will be a great gathering place for families especially with the warmer months ahead. The proposed railing would help the large number of children and parents enjoy themselves while dining out in our nations Capitol. Not having not worry about the busy streets would be a huge plus for Columbia heights.

  • anonymous

    An outdoor seating would be great!

  • Jim

    The proposed railing would help the large number of children and parents. Not having to worry about the busy streets would be a huge plus for Columbia heights. If u have ever been to a zburger it is all to go in a bag. Can’t wait. Please open soon

  • CarlosA

    I am a regular at the Z-Burger near Tenley as my kids love it. The workers there clean the dirty crap off the tables every five minutes and I would guess that they would do the same thing here. i have 2 liitle kids and having the railing there would make me feel a liitle bit better about the traffic there. Just let them open the damn place so I can get burgers closer to home!

  • Claire

    This is typical DC and why I hate living here. Let them have their damn patio with a railing so they can keep the homeless out. I get bothered by them with comments every time I walk by and this will send them somewhere else.


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