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Truxton Circle Scuttlebutt – Former Brass Knob Warehouse Sells for over $4 Million?

by Prince Of Petworth April 18, 2012 at 11:30 am 19 Comments

Back in Oct. 2010 scuttlebutt was confirmed that the Brass Knob Warehouse was closing at 57 N St, NW in Truxton Circle. For those who never had the chance to check out the amazing warehouse you can see a bunch of photos I took in March 2009 here. It was a magical place to many.

They officially closed in Spring 2011. This is a huge property near a rapidly developing section of the city:

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Well, I’m hearing that the building has sold for over $4 million. That is a serious investment. Stay tuned.

  • I am definitely staying tuned for this one. That building is dripping with potential and I’m just gonna say it, would be amazing for Eataly!

  • dat

    Wow, loft-style condos perhaps? That building is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Someone really overpaid unless they’re fairly assured of increased density there.

    • tresluxe

      There are over 450 condo units planned in south Eckington, so there’s good reason to expect more development and a massive spike in density in the next 5 years. New construction 2 bedroom condos can go for $450k or so. My uniformed guess is that this is either going to become retail, or built up to become 4 story condo building — not unlike PoP’s worst pop up of all time a block north or so from here, except more tasteful.

      This location is close to metro, and ripe for transformation. It seems like the land value and ability to build up (assuming appropriate zoning is in place already) would justify the price tag.

    • ever heard of NOMA? it’s next door, and it’s dense

  • ET

    I assume that whoever bought is going to put in some insanely expensive condos.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure that area is quite ready for insanely-expensive condos just yet. Maybe someday, but it’s still a “developing” neighborhood as it is today.

  • Anonymous

    Good scuttlebutt, but I think this building has some prime history worth tracking back before 2009. It was an artists studio space, and the artists were squatters back in the day when nearby Hanover Place was one of the most notorious in D.C. A lot of long-term residents and organizations shed blood, sweat and tears to make the area livable. Worthy of a longer post, if you can find a source to share the tales.

    • Can you at least list the artists so people can check them out?

  • It was a magical place! I hope they’re able to transform it into something even better.

  • Sir Douchy

    Whatever happened to all the inventory that was stored at the B.K. warehouse?

    • NFT

      Truthfully, it was donated to Community Forklift and they melted down a ton of it. No real reason, I was disappointed to learn it myself. Now the available supply of door hardware has dramatically decreased. I dont know why CF couldnt just keep it.

      • Anonymous

        what did they do with all of the doors and windows and other such non-meltable objects?

        • NFT

          CF got a bunch of doors. Not sure if second chance got any, but that was in the works for a while.

  • TCRes

    I know what would be perfect there. Another SOME-based social service!

    • no :(

      • dcPp

        agree noooooo
        the area needs more upper income people. so the crime can go down.

    • quit hating on SOME. I’m as sick as anyone of waking up in the morning to yelling drunk dudes, but SOME has a right to be there, and it’s a valuable service. Maybe they’ll put in a business there that catches snarky internet hipsters and detains them.

  • truxtie

    Ill hate on SOME all day long. They dont belong in a residential area, there are too many people that pass through. I agree they are a good cause but should sell the building and relocate closer to the homeless shelters where they bus people in from.


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