Sounds Like it’s From a Movie, Sadly, This Really Happened

by Prince Of Petworth February 5, 2012 at 10:05 pm 61 Comments

At least they were caught. From MPD:

Shortly after 3 AM on February 5, 2012, three complainants were driving in the 1400 block of Park Road, NW, when they were cut off by three vehicles. Four people exited one of the vehicles and approached the complainants. Two of the suspects produced handguns and pulled one of the complainants out of the driver’s seat. The suspect attempted to take the complainant’s car, but the other two occupants fought the suspect off. The suspect took the complainant’s property, exited the complainant’s vehicle, and fled in the suspect vehicle.

The complainants chased the suspect vehicle onto Georgia Avenue, NW, when they observed a Fourth District patrol unit and reported the robbery/attempted carjacking. The Fourth District unit located the suspect vehicle and conducted a traffic stop in the 7000 block of 9th Street, NW. Two of the suspects were apprehended, but two additional suspects fled from the vehicle on foot. The two suspects who fled were apprehended a short time later in the 400 block of Butternut Street, NW. An identification procedure was conducted, at which time the complainants identified all four suspects as the ones who had robbed and attempted to carjack them. The suspects were placed under arrest.

Congratulations go out to Fourth District for apprehending these dangerous criminals and bringing a swift closure to this robbery!

  • wmd

    great job MPD, now let the judicial system of DC give these, obviously-about-to-change-their-lives-around individuals, saaaaaay, 2 1/2 months probation, that will surely teach these individuals a lesson about armed robbery…
    +2 for the victims of chasing them down
    -1 for not running them over

  • John

    Some common sense tips to observe while driving through the ghetto:

    1.) Always leave 1.5 car-lengths in-between you and the nearest car in front of you. (This provides maneuverability if you are approached.)

    2.) If possible, drive in the left-lane (or lane nearest) the center median. (This assures you can never be boxed-in between the curb and 3 cars.)

    3.) If the neighborhood’s really ghetto, stop at red-lights, look both ways, and go. (If you’re pulled over, most cops will not ticket, and if they do, a reasonable court will redress).

    4.) Obviously, keep doors locked.

    • Anonymous

      um, 14th/park is NOT the ghetto.

      • Anonymous

        +1. John, you sound like you need to get out more.

      • indc

        Actually a more appropriate term would be “transitional.”

        • Payton

          So I followed your “stop at red-lights, look both ways, and go” advice at this very intersection several months ago (at 1AM, on a bicycle!) — and was promptly pulled over by the very cops you say encourage such behavior. Guess I should have protested that I feared being carjacked.

      • Anonymous

        Right, it’s not the Militarized Zone in Anacostia or Graffiti City in NE by any stretch of the imagination, but for some reason, that zone of NW is a huge concentration of crime historically. With the recent huge bust in that area, I wonder if some thugs from other hoods are moving in…

    • Anonymous

      And the ignorant comment of the day award goes to… John!

    • elded

      um, john.. your ignorant comment leads me to believe you must not know this area well. park road is a narrow one lane, one way road with cars parked on both sides. try to maneuver around that. or just stay in bethesda.

    • Anon X

      I think I’ve seen you post on WTOP too.

      Just a note, if you run a light, in the ghetto or in Beverly Hills, if a cop sees you – he’s not going to let you off because you say you looked both ways.

      I have to ask, do you really drive like this? Have you ever left Reston? How do you get anywhere by only driving in the left lane?

    • so much for helpful comments…

      first of all – thanks for the reminders about driving safely, john, and being aware of your surroundings.

      all of this john-bashing is ridiculous. forget semantics of the ‘ghetto’ or however you choose to qualify that corner… sh!t still happens there and everywhere. do i really need to bring up the stabbing death that happened mid-day on a saturday? or any of the other carjackings in the area? frankly, i think everyone else’s comments are ignorant – it’s as if you’re all trying to defend a corner where this serious event took place. get over yourselves.

      in other news – those ‘complainants’ are really f*cking lucky to be alive. glad it all worked out.

      • I do remember hearing, when I first moved to DC long ago, of cops pulling over white college girls in really rough neighborhoods and telling them how to drive out of there and telling them not to stop for lights or stop signs if they could avoid it. Not that I think it was commonly done, but there is a certain mindset in this area that is a legacy of those times even though DC has come back to this extent.

      • The “John-bashing” is not ridiculous. He lost all credibility in his very first sentence by describing 14th & Park as “ghetto” and again with his later use of the word as an adjective. It’s not just semantics. It shows he’s clueless and should stay in Clarendon or wherever.

        Street crime does not equal “ghetto.” If you think it does you should get a clue, too.

        • Anonymous

          Likewise, your comment “…should stay in Clarendon or wherever” shows your ignorance.

          • Anonymous

            it’s not ignorance, it’s snobbery. and I agree with it. 🙂

        • Anon X

          To be fair, Columbia Heights can be pretty rough and uncomfortable feeling – I would argue more uncomfortable than many other parts of the city that are often characterized as being more dangerous. Also, there is a high crime rate here.

          That said, this type of incident is far from common no matter where you are in the country or in DC.

          However, John’s “common sense tips” are idiotic even if you’re driving down Orleans Place NE in 1992.

          This whole “white people as surefire victims of crime if driving through the hood” thing is largely SUBurban legend born out of fear and a misunderstanding of statistics.

          Sure you’re more likely to be a victim of crime if you drive down one street versus another, but you’re still probably more likely to get t-boned at the next intersection than anything else.

      • John

        It’s obvious I’ve touched some raw nerves here.

        FYI, I live in Lanier Heights (I have for years) and though I don’t think this neighborhood is the ghetto anymore, it’s a fact that all neighborhoods west of Georgia Ave. up until the park still exhibit “ghetto tendencies.” If you don’t believe, just search the crime tags on this blog, and many of them originate on the cross streets between 14th and 16th.

        Just because you likely overpaid for property in this neighborhood — and likely feel the constant need to justify your decision through self-assurance — doesn’t mean the neighborhood isn’t still crime-ridden. Car burglaries and house break-ins in Mt. P, drug busts on Monroe, and de-rigeur armed robbery and car-jacking suggests that this isn’t Cleveland Park or Chevy Chase. Sure, every neighborhood has crime, but these neighborhoods have a more.

        Now, as to the original nature of my post, these are tried-and-true tactics taught in most defensive driving courses or by institutions whose employees have to drive through bad neighborhoods. Just trying to help, as I find many people don’t know about them.

        Having lived in this neighborhood for so long, I routinely avoid the one-way east-west streets after 10 p.m. for this exact reason, and you should too.

        • Anon X

          Do you just not drive after 10pm? How does one get home without going east or west? Do you live on a major North/South street?

          You’re still not making sense – and your driving tips still suck.

          You sound like you live in a lot of fear.

          Carjackings, or even armed robberies, aren’t “de rigeur”.

          Even if your driving tips would help (they wont) – avoiding car jackings is like swimming in the baby pool to avoid alligators. Sure, alligators have attacked people in regular pools and far fewer have been attacked in baby pools, but whether you’re in Florida or Alaska, its not very likely.

          • John

            Anon X,

            Ask any police officer how to drive through bad neighborhoods, and you’ll get these three tips every time. The only thing that sucks is getting car-jacked.

            Why not take some simple defensive precautions to minimize the chances of it happening to you? Too proud to learn a new trick?

          • no John he is offended by your comment that his neighborhood is a ghetto so he isnt going to listen to anything you say no matter how sensible.

        • fixit

          I think the point is that while our neighborhoods are far from perfect, they’re not a ghetto. Visit any number of other places in DC or other cities that are far worse. Also, look at the real definition of ghetto, and I doubt that you’ll find any areas in the US that qualify.

        • Anonymous


          you need to be gentle. people are very sensitive and you might hurt their feelings.

          • To be fair, calling any neighborhood a “ghetto” would elicit a negative response. Name calling doesn’t endear you to other people. We have to be sensitive to the fact that not everyone can afford to live in Adams Morgan, and we shouldn’t use spiteful terms to describe where other people live.

        • Wow, you are PoP gold. Hmmm. Two comments. The average buyer can’t have overpaid if they paid the average price at the time, unless their offer factored in future appreciation that never occurs. Why are you making this about money? Tangential. Second, the alarmist attitude is unwarranted. Yes, you should exercise common sense when in transitional neighborhoods. But part of living in a city is not being so paranoid that you can’t enjoy yourself. If you don’t like it hereabouts, consider Cleveland Park or other points north.

          Ghetto is dated language. You might want to update your vocabulary, if not your outlook.

          • Anonymous

            being street smart is not the same as living in fear. and yes, generally people who pay a lot of money for their places are more sensitive about insulting names to their neighborhood. shit, this post is about a bizarre and scary as hell crime, but people are crying over a dis on the hood. focus ya’ll.

    • Anon X

      Look, after reading all this back and forth… there is nothing common sense, street smart, or safe about running red lights. It doesnt make sense to drive in the left hand lane to avoid car jackings, and no one ever would say that it does. AND leaving space between you and the car in front of you is just basic driving and only helps you out of car jackings in certain instances, but certainly no where close to all of htem – unless you need that 1.5 car lenghts to make your car take off and fly.

      And for the record, I dont live in Columbia Heights – and I dont care if someone calls it the ghetto. I just hate jack bauer wannabe’s spouting off dumb ass ideas while at the same time living in fear of extremely rare events while at the same time advocating to running red lights which will exponentially increase the likelihood of you getting into a car accident, something that was already more likely than you getting car jacked – no matter where you’re driving.

      • BitterElitist

        ^^right here.

        I’ve used right left right in cities where there are frequent carjackings and FEW pedestrians.

        • Try right left right left up up down down B A. That’ll help you out with carjackers.

          • Kam

            Don’t forget to hit start. At least you will get 9 more lives if chasing down carjackers goes wrong.

  • OMG If you’ve got guns, you can have my stupid car, that’s what insurance is for. I’m also not chasing you. I don’t want to die by gun over a stupid car.

    • indc

      +1 Life>4 wheeled machinery

  • Anonymous

    holy badass complainants.

    • Allison

      Haha yeah, the word “complainants” makes them sound kind of lame. It should read thusly: “Shortly after 3 AM on February 5, 2012, three badasses were driving in the 1400 block of Park Road, NW, when they were cut off by three vehicles . . . The badasses chased the suspect vehicle onto Georgia Avenue, NW . . . .”

      • That’s awesome

      • Allison — Thanks for making me smile this morning!

  • Peter

    hey what happened yesterday around 2pm when there were over 20 cop cars near New Hampshire and Newton Place in Petworth?

    • NHAve

      Also wondering about 6 cop cars outside a house near the corner of NH Ave & Spring Rd around 11 pm on Saturday, 2/4. I’m not finding any info so hopefully nothing too heinous.

  • anonymous

    WTF please don’t vote

  • Anon X

    The KKK blog is next door.

    But just to play your game, a white guy was caught on tape, posted on this blog, stealing from a retail store after hours just a few months ago. And an asian guy shot a ton of people at VT.

    But, since we’re into dumbass generalizations, after Pol Pot, Genghis Kahn, Hitler, and Stalin – I dont think asians or white people should ever lead countries. I’m not being racist though.

    • Anonymous

      You mean WTOP right?

      • ChrisDC’s comment has been removed.

        • One more

          Please remove “thc” also. It’s a re-post of the comment you deleted.

          • thc

            Why would you delete my post? I’m trying to offer ideas. What’s the big deal?

    • ew

      Although I agree with you about sweeping generalizations, don’t forget that Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Augusto Pinochet, and Fidel Castro led countries too. Maybe it’s men who shouldn’t lead countries 😛

  • fixit

    You need to get your cause and effect figured out before you start trying to figure out “solutions”.

  • Anonymous

    Is no one else very suspicious of the “details” of this case? THREE cars somehow decide to target one car for carjacking? On Park? I can’t even logistically figure out how this would work. And the perpetrators have handguns but still somehow are fought off by the non-handgun wielding victims? And then the victims pursue the three cars all the way up 14th?

    I’ve found out that when something makes no sense, it’s generally because we don’t know the whole story.

    • Anonymous

      we never do.

    • In CH

      Thug on Thug? ? ? ?

      I say they knew the victims and the victims were probably pretty “street-smart” themselves.

  • thc

    Man, crazy story. Those “complainants” sounds pretty bad ass, wow!


    Unfortunately crimes like this do seem like it’s primarily black and Hispanics. It’s a shame, because as I hope you know, this isn’t a true representation, but in DC, crimes like burglary and assault seems like it’s getting worse and worse.

    I’m not sure what the solution is, but it seems to basically boil down to Economics (poverty), Education and Parenting. Better parents, better education, more income = less crime. So what’s the solution to help? What about more VoTech type schools? You know, teach trades like car mechanics, plumbing, carpentry, construction, computer repair / computer networking, etc…Learning technical skills could possibly help get some of these trouble makers off the street while learning something, and hopefully getting paid later. I guess there are the issues of like who’s paying for stuff like that (private or tax dollars?).

    I’m not sure what the answer is, but things in the city seem as bad as ever and people / politicians need to start figuring something out. Personally, I’m hoping education is a better path than throwing more people in jail and making them worse.

    • anon

      Maybe you could try mentoring some teens?

  • Kam

    This is a PSA to anyone who thinks that what they victims did was anything that was remotely right.

    A lot of you have a lot to learn and unfortunately by the some of your comments, you aren’t going to learn until you get shot or get someon else hurt and/or killed. There is nothing badass, cool, smart or intelligent about chasing down 4 dudes who just rolled up on you with guns. This is exactly how people end up crippled or even dead. As someone with some sense pointed out, let them have the car, that is what insurance is for, it is not worth your life or the life of others. I know that sometimes you just react but you have to be smarter than that. There are people out there that will not hesitate to pop you for trying to play billy badass/the hero. Really people, use some common sense. These people are very lucky to escape with their lives. Those dudes VERY easily could have had fully automatic weapons in their car, been on any kind of drug and let off a whole clip at them. If you think I need to chill or whatever, then you have a lot to learn. Do some research and be smarter than that.

    • Anonymous

      the fighting off part was done inside the victims car. by the other passengers. no way in hell i would get out of the car while 2 other cars and guys are outside with guns. and no way would i want to stay in the car with a gunman.
      what should one do?

      but whatever, we were not there and it sounds like a lot more happened that the story is telling. did they all know each other? kind of sounds like it.

      • Kam

        I get that but I am really talking about this part “The complainants chased the suspect vehicle onto Georgia Avenue, NW”. Not a smart move.

        But yeah, we don’t know the whole story and I get that but the people on here that thought they were badass for chasing them down need a reality check.

    • Kam

      And what happened to the other two vehicles? Totally forgot about them, just makes them even dumber. This story does sound a bit off, the more and more I think about it.

      So 3 vehicles cut you off, boxed you in but you were able to chase down one of them? Umm…

  • parkviewj

    All of this for a Lexus???? Wow

  • Anonymous

    Who knew Butternut was such a hotbed for Thuglette activity. A shooting there last week too? Nice to hear the cops nailed these guys, who wants to bet about when they’ll be back out on the street doing crimes?

  • hmmm

    I saw this from my cab, it happened on 14th between park and monroe. I didnt realise it was a car jacking at the time. It looked almost comical there were purses being swung and a lot of shouting back and forth. It caused a traffic jam and there was a bus with people on board right behind the cars honking his horn for them to get out of his way. pedestrians walked right by cos it just looked like a fight about someone getting cut of

  • MyaB

    I’m probably the only person who agrees with John !!! I’m a 30 year Washingtonian, dont be fooled by the inflated home prices and the changing color on the “faces” on your blocks (NO SHADE, IT IS WHAT IT IS) DC is becoming very much like NY in that people with money are moving in and thinking that it will improve crime but you only make those who are disenfranchised in the process even more resentful and prone to taking what they think is rightfully theirs….. Crime happens , get over it. And yes, the stop and go on the red light is real I suggest you try it especially in this area off the late night – 90% of the time the police arent looking and do it too lol !


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