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  • Idaho Ave

    Best Pho I’ve found in DC so far. My girlfriend and I LOVE Pho and have found this place to be the most consistent and not way overpriced for the portion.

    • Rukasu

      You are correct

    • Cpark

      I would have to disagree. The small pho comes in a kid’s cereal bowl, overpriced and watered down. They also seem to have a syrupy and brown sauce they drench on everything else. I’d rather make the trip to Eden Center or Maryland then eat here.

  • amethystdeceiver

    Idaho Ave: have you been to any other Pho places in DC? Cause this one has I think one option, serves a tiny portion of it and the broth sucks. Most gringo-fied Vietnamese place in DC. Stick to the places on 14th/Park.

    • Stacy

      I have to agree. Some of their entrees are decent but the pho is tied for the most disappointing pho I’ve had in the DC region. It’s tied with the place above Eggspectation in Silver Spring, both of which are actually WORSE than what you used to be able to get at the Blimpie’s (that also served a handful of vietnamese…) at my office building in Bethesda.

      All of the pho I’ve had in Columbia Heights has been SO much better.

    • Cornholio

      +1 – this is one of the most mediocre pho places in the city.


    • Anonymous

      WHOA! Gringo is permitted on this site. This slang is offensive and should be removed. Come on PoP, what’s next.

      • Anonymous

        oh please. you’re not offended.

  • katesmash

    I’ve been to the VA location several times and always enjoyed myself. It’s not life-changing, but the staff is super friendly and the food is satisfying and reasonably priced.

  • Cornholio

    Pho 14 in Columbia Heights or any of the Pho 75 locations in the area.

    Or anywhere, really. I ‘ve tried this place a few times, and leave very underwhelmed each time. No more for me, thanks.

  • oneal

    They do have a great Bun, i.e. grilled pork/beef over rice noodles. However, as stated, the pho falls way below par, and the goi cuon, is average. Certainly,if you want vietnamese, just cross the park and go to 14th.

  • NewWaveGuy

    Could you guys recommend some really great Pho restuarants, I’ve been dying to try it!

  • LoganGuy

    This place USE to serve mediocre pho but now it is terrible. I swear they served us heated water last time! DC needs good pho place though. The best ones I have been to are in Virginia or Maryland.

  • o2bncdg

    Agree that Pho Viet is not the best in DC. But, it does make a quick, easy and cheap meal if you’re en route to a movie at the Uptown across the street. It’s not going to kill you (maybe). Agree with all the above that Pho 14 is about as good as it gets in DC.

    I got my office hooked on Pho and every few weeks I take orders and schlep to Pho 75 in Arlington to pick up take-out. (Don’t call in advance! Just order at the cashier and it’s all ready in about 5 minutes.) You have to ask for a separate bag for everyone with the number of the Pho written on it so as not to get them all confused on your return. But, as long as you go before 1100 or so, you can park in the strip center’s parking lot. Unfortunately though, they pack up the soup and meat together (they insist on it) and by the time you go anywhere, the meat is overcooked.

  • Anonymous

    File under “Any restaurant on CT will be worse or substantially more expensive than the same thing a few blocks away,” which is actually a subheading of “There is no reason to go to Cleveland Park.”

    • anon

      Agree the pho at this place sucks, but CP still one of the best clusters of low-key (hipster-free) restaurants in town.

  • B

    When is Pho Q going to open on Q street?!?

  • Anonymous

    I heard Eden Center got busted for illegal gambling ring, I need to stop going there for Pho, I don’t want to get raided, any other good spots besides Pho 75 in Rockville?

    • Anonymous

      There was a bust of a Vietnamese gambling ring over the weekend, but you don’t seriously think that the entire Eden center was shut down, do you? Anyway, I had lunch there over the weekend, it was business as usual.

    • Stacy

      I like Pho 88, just past IKEA on Rt 1 in Beltsville.

      • oink


      • anon

        +1 They have great pho at good prices.

    • jumpingjack

      Pho 75 in Courthouse/Rosslyn.

      And Eden Center’s a huge shopping center – absolutely no way the whole place is shut down. It’s probably just one or two of those shady bars in the interior corridors.

  • Sunsquashed

    Meh food. Thoroughly meh! One of the worst (if not THE worst) Vietnamese restaurant I’ve ever been to.
    Pho Viet and Pho 14 are much, much better. Two of the best reasons to live in Columbia Heights.

  • Petworthy

    It’s no great shakes but it’s funny how many people judge Vietnamese food based on Pho alone. It’s just a soup – the cuisine has a lot more interesting aspects than that.

    • amethystdeceiver

      Agreed but, pho aside, nothing else I’ve had at this particular restaurant has been very good.

      • amethystdeceiver

        or rather, the pho sucked and the other stuff wasn’t anything to write home about either.

  • Anon

    The problem with pho isnt that it tastes bad, it doesnt. Its pretty good. The problem I have with it is that anytime I would want it, I want something else more. It never induces a craving

  • RD

    no reason to go here with pho viet and pho 14 right on the other side of the park. mediocre to the point that before the CH pho places opened up, it was worth the drive to pho 75 in rosslyn.

  • hh

    Speaking as a Vietnamese person, Nam Viet was very disappointing for pho. The best pho in D.C. would be, in my opinion, Pho Viet on 14th Street (I’ve had pho at Nam Viet, Pho 14 on Park, too, and Pho Viet is the best).

    The pho at Nam Viet may have been the worst pho I’ve had in my life. The service was lackluster too. Their bun looked decent though. I wouldn’t go back.

  • Seriously

    Seriously? Nam Viet is a DC institution. Nam Viet and Pho 75 started the Vietnamese Pho Noodle craze in the 1980s. I’ve been going there since the late 1990s and I have to say the soup was and remains awesome. You guys are probably just fuming because it’s not trendy and new like the places on H street.

    • 11th

      i have also gone to nam viet since the late 90s (though not regularly) and also agree it’s something of an institution (one of the VN places folks know about). that said, it’s just not that good relative to other places (IMO). for example, the last time i went to nam viet, they were using bun in the pho. that’s not good, whether you’re on H street or conn ave or wherever.

      • LoganGuy


  • PetworthRes

    Hmm, am I only person who never gets pho at the pho places? I always get the vermicelli dishes and thought the food was pretty good. I do think the Vietnamese food is better generally in Arlington, but happy new places are opening in DC.

    Anyway, I’m just happy to hear that Nam-Viet is doing some renovations. I always thought the food was pretty decent, but last time I went I was just overwhelmed by the gross old carpet and shabby bathrooms and kinda decided not to go there anymore. I’ll give it another chance…

  • NamViet Lover

    I’ve been going to Nam Viet in Cleveland Park for at least 15 years. And while the atmosphere is nothing to write home about, the food is quite good. I can’t speak to the pho, but the Bun dishes (I get mine with beef) are fantastic, as is the grilled shrimp on skewers, vegetable and chicken soups, rolls, salads, and some of the curry. I like Pho 14 as well but they have a much more limited menu. What Nam Viet could work on is the wait service. Most of the staff barely speak English and have little to no personality. As someone who has been a regular for so many years, it would be nice to be acknowledged occasionally.

  • Katie

    Hate it. I loved it the first two times I went but then the service became awful. Additionally, I got food poisoning after eating there once.

  • Alan

    At Eden Center the restaurants are busy and business is as usual. A couple of new restaurants look like they are almost ready to open. The police thing last week affected some cafes that had video card machines, but not the restaurants.


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