Huge Turnout for Tweed Ride

I’ll admit, I forgot that the ride was going on Sunday (I’ve been out of town the past few days). Anyway, I saw a few riders around 1st and R St, NW but then when I made it to Adams Morgan – I hit the mother lode on 18th St, NW. Of course they were finishing up for a party in the Stroga space so it finally made sense. And most importantly it looked like it was a ton a fun. And to the commenter who will eventually say – stuff white people like – you couldn’t be more wrong as this was one of the most diverse groups (of this size) that I’d ever seen in DC. First of all I’d say there must’ve been close to a thousand participants, if not more. And during just the few minutes I watched, I saw tons of races and ages. And the weather couldn’t have been better.

Anyone participate?

A few more shots after the jump.

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