Huge Turnout for Tweed Ride

by Prince Of Petworth November 14, 2010 at 10:10 pm 14 Comments

I’ll admit, I forgot that the ride was going on Sunday (I’ve been out of town the past few days). Anyway, I saw a few riders around 1st and R St, NW but then when I made it to Adams Morgan – I hit the mother lode on 18th St, NW. Of course they were finishing up for a party in the Stroga space so it finally made sense. And most importantly it looked like it was a ton a fun. And to the commenter who will eventually say – stuff white people like – you couldn’t be more wrong as this was one of the most diverse groups (of this size) that I’d ever seen in DC. First of all I’d say there must’ve been close to a thousand participants, if not more. And during just the few minutes I watched, I saw tons of races and ages. And the weather couldn’t have been better.

Anyone participate?

A few more shots after the jump.

  • GuinnessPhish

    I think they spelled hipster ride wrong…;-)

    • Anonymous

      its always useful to label people.

      • Rrrickk

        Hipster or Twee, it’s all the same, mate.

      • GuinnessPhish

        way to take a joke, mother superior

  • andy

    The guys I saw seemed only partly tweedy. “old-timey ride” might have been more a appropriate name.

    and yes, it wasn’t just hipsters, based on the people I saw. An older lady was really getting into it with her riding crop as we sat on 14th.

  • Sully

    Picked out the perfect outfit and even got myself a makeshift bike at the dump for the event, then the stomach flu hit. Hopefully this event will be around for years to come.

  • Gnegony

    Not stuff white people like.

    Stuff nerdy-ass dorks of all colors like.

    • Caroline

      Indeed it is meant to be dorky! :)

  • Kev29

    I’ve got no hate at all for Tweed Ride folks – I think it’s pretty cool (not really hipster or dorky – maybe a little geeky, but in the good way. Hipsters wear dirty rags and ride fixies, dorks play kickball). They’ve got some dress sense, which is pretty rare in this town. Though it looks like the popularity has taken hold, with some people just throwing on a blazer and jumping on their mountain bike – guessing all are welcome though.

    • John

      A few of those people are also kickballers.

  • Amy

    Ha! That’s me in the picture! This was so much fun. Why didn’t you go?? The band was awesome and there was lots of 20-40ss-inspired dancing. The Burlesque show was very… revealing. Coppis’s helped to cater the event, Hendricks gin drinks and kegs of Yuengling throughout. There were tons of young photogs and fashion designers. The light was perfect in the late afternoon for silly pictures and enjoying a beautiful Sunday with the more eccentric side of the city.

  • Bill C.

    Yep, I’m trolling around to share my pics from the afterparty:


    The burlesque dancer was great, and the whole scene was totally fun and cool. And yeah, very diverse. TBD also has a bunch of great shots from the ride:


  • Anonymous

    It was a wonderful affair of people who share in the mix of bicycles, tweed and woolen attire during this time of year.

    I must say however, I don’t think I’ll ever understand this modern frame of mind that places all legitimacy of any human gathering on someone’s idea of proportionate diversity of race or ethnicity within the gathering.

    So what if all the woolen dandies and quaintrelles that showed up voluntarily for this Autumn social gathering were all white, or all whatever ?

    Why dwell or wallow in this, instead of just enjoying those that showed up ?

    What’s the hang up of seeing all of life through the prism of race ?

    It’s just a group of folks that share something together civil on a weekend in Autumn.

    What gives ? So what ? Wassup ?

  • the totten.

    riding a bike without a helmet is stupid, tweed or no.

    hipster fashion does not trump safety.


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