• Betting you don’t do yoga – all of the bodies are doing the poses that animal heads are named after – cat pose, cobra, downward dog, cow ears, and hanuman (monkey god).

    • Gnegony

      I recognize the one that used to be called Standing Doggystyle, but the name was changed to something else, for obvious reasons.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Since the window is a yoga studio I was able to figure that out. I stand by my initial reaction – those images are freaky as hell.

    • Anonymous

      Naked half human half animal creatures in semi-erotic positions cut out of colorful construction paper and pasted to the window in the manner of a preschool? What’s so freaky about that? :)

  • flex

    is it advertising naked yoga? where are the clothes?

  • Cindy

    I prefer to do my yoga at home. I gave up trying to deal with all the farting that happens in a class with other people. Yeah yeah, I know it’s natural and part of the whole process, but for me it’s just too gross.

    • Charle Nelson Reilly

      Farting is part of Yoga??? Then I must be a Yoga Master.

      • Anonymous

        If you aren’t relaxing those muscles, then you’re doing it wrong.

        • Disgusting.

          • Cindy

            I know! That’s why I quit going to classes. It’s vile!

    • NotScott

      Say what? Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I almost never hear any farting…seriously…never! Maybe this is because they are mixed classes or maybe I’m just not that cool and don’t go to sufficiently organic-bean-eating-vegan-populated yoga classes.

  • Anonymous

    The bull reminds me of that creature on True Blood. She was a total freak, so I agree with PoP, these things are unsettling…

  • yoga yes

    I think they’re funny and whimsical–love ’em! Also, I’ve never heard anyone fart in yoga class.


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