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Dear PoP – Stolen Bike

by Prince Of Petworth November 12, 2010 at 12:30 pm 13 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I’m sorry to report that an old friend of mine was stolen from our home at the 2100 block of V Street NW. My Raleigh road bike was in our back yard inside of a 14 foot high locked gate last Saturday night – and gone on Sunday morning. Although the race cycle is probably not worth much money these days, it helped me through several triathlons and a half Ironman over the past 10 years. I had planned on tuning her up again to loan to a friend who is in need of city transportation. Here is a description: Raleigh racer, Bright yellow and black, aerobars for long rides, toe clips, women’s comfort seat.

The bike is too old to still be on the company website, so I’ve attached a photo that looks pretty close. The logo is the same. If you see it, or have any information please contact me; [email protected] Thank you!”

  • Anonymous

    Just yesterday was looking again at the photo I took of the bike thief in action operating up here around Sherman Circle. Police were thinking about a bait bike to nab him, but I suspect they have other things on their to do list. He got my $1000 bike, plus 4 from our neighbors. Quite an operation he must have.

  • ontarioroader

    Check the 9th & U flea market. Lots of nice bikes there a few weeks ago being sold by dudes who don’t know a damn thing about them.

  • Tall E

    I just had two bikes stolen too, thanks for the tip to check the flea market. I check Craigslist daily as well.

  • Anonymous

    seriously? has pOp run out of things to write about? Bikes get stolen everyday. Mine got stolen last summer too. Big deal.

    • This is a local blog… for our neighborhoods. Do you realize that? This is not a news website.

      Information regarding bike thefts, I bet, is considered valuable, almost vital information for the neighborhood.

      Like your momma once said, “If you have nothing nice to say…”

      Oh forget it. You haters are just full of it.

      Thanks for the info POP.

  • DCDave05

    A “14 foot high locked gate” . . . that’s hell of a gate.

  • Riggs

    Pro Tip lock your bike

  • EPF

    If it makes you feel better, I once found my bike months after it was stolen sitting unlocked outside a bar. Yes, I stole it back.

  • Lester

    Mine was stolen a month ago. Locked solid. Stolen off my porch while I was at home. I can’t imagine how many dollars worth of bikes are stolen each year in the District.

  • Alex

    If police aren’t going to set up a bait bike program around here, I say, lets all get together and do it ourselves. Nothing could go wrong right?

  • I would love to do a bait-bike program. Despite being unsafe, does it fall under entrapment or some such thing?

  • briefly

    AFAIK many bikes stolen in DC are driven to Baltimore, Philly, or NYC for sale, and bikes stolen there are driven here. Not sure if its true but if you drive 95 you can see trailers full of bikes in transit.

    In DC, if its out in public, it is public. And yes, your backyard is out in public, sorry to say.

  • Bike Rider

    Question for those who had their locked-up bikes stolen: were they locked with a cable lock or U-lock?

    I know 2 people who’ve had their bikes stolen and both were cable locks. Are U-locks as easy to break?


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