Good Deal or Not? “Brazilian rose flrs” edition (Reader Request)

by Prince Of Petworth November 12, 2010 at 1:00 pm 29 Comments

This condo is located at 1100 7th St, NE:

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The flier says:

“6 fabulous new condo residences, 1-3 BR. Brazilian rose flrs, stone kitchens, baths with spa tubs and custom vanities. SS Appl, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, W/ D (Delivery), patio, prewired alarm system and speaker system, intercom. Select units roof deck(great views of Capital and Monument) and balconies, wine chillers and high end appliances. Parking available with select unit”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

The reader writes, “I admire the property as it incorporates a Victorian style turret with a modern floorplan and two sweet roof decks. I thought it might generate some good chatter on PoPville.”

Does $269,900 ($83.75 condo fee) sound reasonable for this 1 bed/1.5 bath?

  • Yuppiehell

    I really considered buying in this area based on how affordable it is. Long term value coming from the future trolley cars and very close to the H street Corridor. Also you not that far from New York Ave metro station and there is a police station close to the 4th streeet. However poeople still get shoot over there. Two teens on Hollbrook street. I believe one was killed. Its an upcoming neighborhood but who how long are you willing to wait. You are diffently going to more space for your many in NE than NW. The famous trade off of space vs crime.

    • Anonymous

      It’s amazing how much cheaper the properties get once you cross H Street. But I agree it’s an appropriate trade-off, given that you encounter so much more crime and ugliness once you cross that line.

      This property looks like it would be a fantastic investment if you can stand to live in this neighborhood (I wouldn’t be able to, but many people don’t mind).

    • Chris in Eckington

      Holbrook is in Trinidad, this condo is not in Trinidad, it’s in Near Northeast; they are different neighborhoods with different issues. Near Northeast is much more gentrified than Trinidad. That being said, Near Northeast still does have crime, but that’s the tradeoff for less expensive housing. Personally, I don’t like the pop-up that they put on top of this Victorian. I think it used to be a group house or something, but it looked better (at least from the outside) before.

      • Jason

        If you look at Google Street View this is not a new popup. However they did change the style of the windows on the 3 floor.

  • Anonymous

    The stone kitchen was disappointing…I was expecting the flintstones.

  • Kim

    I think it’s a good deal and my (somewhat arbitrary) line is Florida, not H, so I’d still feel comfortable in this location. I will admit, though that there is a change once you get north of H Street in the feel of the neighborhood once you get north of H Street. For me, though, the development in this area is coming quickly enough to make a purchase like this worth it.

    In adding to the pros/cons regarding this location, I like that it’s so close to the X2 and the 90/92/93 bus lines.

    • Kim

      Ugh. I meant “there is a change in the feel of the neighborhood once you get north of H Street.” Apparently my proof-reading skills are failing me today!

      • C

        “there is a change in the feel of the neighborhood once you get north of H Street.”

        Absolutely. South of H Street people generally ignore me, but once I go further north it seems that every other guy on the street is either glaring at me or catcalling me. While this behavior is unlikely to lead to anything criminal, it’s an annoyance/discomfort that makes me not want to live there. Physically speaking, the blocks are a lot less charming as well.

  • wdc

    Wow – gorgeous! No idea what the condo market is there, but I’m sure it’s a good investment with all the NOMA & H Street development coming over the next few years.

  • Right, because no one gets shot in NW.

    Not to mention the fact that the Hollbrook shooting was in Trinidad, a mile away.

    • Graeme

      Larry, I thought we asked you to stop commenting on these blogs.

    • H Street Landlord

      Great response.

  • SF

    This unit seems priced about right– I’m surprised that at least one unit in this building is $564,000, even if it has multiple bedrooms and/or a roofdeck, it’s hard to imagine recouping that kind of investment anytime soon in this neighborhood, especially when it’s possible to buy amazing renovated two or three bedroom row homes south of H for this price.

    It’s nice that it has a very low condo fee and appears to include heat.

  • kdc

    What cool, unique condos! The finishings look nice. Yes, the neighborhood has some room to grow. But at that price point, I think its a good investment. They shouln’t have a problem selling. The neighborhood already has some great bars and restaurants and the trolly is coming. They are much cooler than the 1br i bought in Colum. Heights.

  • whoa_now

    you can buy amazing renovated three bedroom row homes south of H? maybe around 14th street and further east..this is on 7th. I doubt you can buy renovated row housed south of H and 7th for less that 600K, but maybe. With that said, the 564K price sounds a bit steep.

    on a different note..Big condo unit going in on 8th-10th and H with retail should help the value of this unit as well. I think the one bed room units are a good value.

    • RegO

      I question that comment too about buying an amazing renovated 3bd house south of H for this. They are definitely over 600K. The sub 600K days are gone

    • Caroline

      You can’t. I’ve been house hunting south of H for a long time and I don’t think I’ve seen one for under $600k. Especially not lately. There was a house we were considering over a year ago that was in the high $500’s, but it was further east, close to where Benning Rd. meets H.

      Though you could certainly get a house with an in-law suite, which might bring in enough income to get the monthly payments down to what they would be in that condo.

      • Anonymous

        You CAN find nice, but much smaller, two-bedrooms south of H for under $500K, but you’ll have to really hunt for them and be patient (and they probably won’t be less than $500K for long, once H Street truly explodes with the streetcar, the end of the maddening street repairs and further development to the western portion of that strip).

        Good places to look are the one-block streets that aren’t designated by a letter or number: Pickford Place (where we live), Emerald Street (there are three houses for sale on that street now, I think), Linden Place, Morris Place, etc.

        • Caroline

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the one-block streets are any less expensive. I’ve seen a couple of houses on Linden but I didn’t think they were an exceptional deal. Or are you saying that’s where the smaller houses are located?

          I’ll have to ask my realtor to run a new search (that I’ll cross check against my own) to verify your claim about Emerald Street. I haven’t seen anything available there, though I’ll admit it’s been about 5 days since I’ve done a query.

  • Deal
    • Anonymous

      too bad its buttfucking ugly.

  • lou

    when we were house hunting five years ago, we ended up opting for south of H because the prices north of H were the same and the neighborhood less stable. I’m glad to see the prices have fallen to be more realistic since the bubble burst.

  • happy in Near NE

    I bought five+ years ago and live just down the street from this building. This portion of NE is a great combination of older residents (who have raised their families here), young couples (with or without children), young professionals and students from Gallaudet. While there is definitely crime taking place in the area, I wouldn’t use that as an excuse for not moving here. There is crime everywhere in DC.


    Getting back to the original question, I think its a great deal and investment, especially considering the direction that H Street is headed.

    • Anonymous

      There is crime everywhere in DC.
      stupid. did you even read what you just posted? just start with the headline.

      • happy in Near NE

        Okay, so not ‘everywhere’. I was simply pointing out that by looking at the map, one can see that crime is happening not only in Near Northeast, but also in Columbia Heights, Petworth, Shaw, Adams Morgan,Georgetown, etc…and that it shouldn’t be the only reason one doesn’t consider moving to the area.
        I really like living here(NE off H Street) and just wanted to throw in some positives for people to consider, other than the “cool” factor of H Street. That’s all. :)

  • Charlie

    Since when does calling something “Brazilian” add to the appeal of anything?

    To the average American, “Brazilian” evokes images of reckless, uncivilized debauchery, the misery of chronic STDs, and the harboring of Nazi war criminals. Just the things I want in my Washington DC condo.

  • Blue

    Why did the realtor leave a toilet scrub brush in that one bathroom? it’s all I could look at. Those glass sinks are a pain to keep clean too. Otherwise, all the finishes look very well done and the tile in the bathrooms is really nice. Seems like a great deal!


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