• Anonymous

    Rave: I fought the law and I won! Thanks to Traffic Adjudication, my ticket for running a stop sign was DISMISSED! Sweet…

    Rant: Not long after I got the ticket, on Varnum St my car and another car crashed because of both of our failure to stop at our respective stop signs. Fortunately no one was hurt and my bumper which was knocked off bolted back on quite easy, but it reminds me to say “please stop at the stop signs”

    Rave: Look out for Officer Rios in Adams Morgan near the kiddie parks! He is on it.

    • Take the hint

      more like: watch out for YOU. You’re running stop signs all over town and crashing into people!

      Please consider that maybe you’re not cut out to be operating a 2 ton vehicle? Seems like your Cosmic retribution is escalating: first a ticket, then an accident (thank goodness no pedestrians involved)! Next time you run the stop sign, the rest of us may not be so lucky.

      • Anonymous

        You got that right, if I could only learn my lesson once and for all, slow down and come to a complete stop! Before someone does get hurt. (The kid hit me, not the other way around).

        • Take the hint

          The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem…. ;-)
          I’m certainly not perfect behind the wheel!

  • Marcus Aurelius

    Rant (sort of): I like burgers and pizza as much, if not more, than the next guy. But seriously, how many more designer burger and pizza places do we really need? It’s like burgers and pizza are the new cupcakes – everybody and their step-sister thinks they have a distinctive take on it when in fact they really don’t.

    • Anonymous

      + a million!

      This trend of redesigning ordinary food is getting old, fast.

    • Anonymous

      Its becasue despite all of the pretending and duchebaggery – the yuppies in this town really don’t have any of the sophistication or taste they pretend to.

  • WDC

    Rant: cupcakes. The current popular cupcakes are just gross. I do not want equal amounts frosting and cake. And people look at you really weird if you remove all that icky-sweet frosting! But this afternoon’s office birthday gathering will once again feature these ridiculous nasty confections on which the office manager spent $3 each. I have to remember to pick up a bag of chips beforehand.

    • jilly

      I wish my office would splurge on $3 cupcakes. When there’s an occasion someone always gets a nasty grocery store sheet cake. At least the trendy cupcakes use real butter and not shortening in the frosting.

      • I bought a grocery store cake and asked for butter cream frosting. it was so delish, everyone ate it up! You gotta ask for butter cream otherwise they give you the nasty stuff.

  • American creative agencies that produce TV commercials are wretched holes of no-new-ideas, man. Or are the clients are to blame, insisting on the same shite in their ad spots?

    I don’t watch a ton of TV, admittedly, but it seems we’ve been on this kick for DECADES, commercial-wise, where the target audience of PRODUCT OR SERVICE X is divided into demographic models, all filmed speaking the same copy, and then edited so everyone is continuing what everyone else is saying, via jump-cuts.

    Hard to describe but once you notice, damnsh*t is everywhere. I’m not in the commercial marketing scene, so somebody in an agency, pls. tell me: what is it, the deal, baby? Stop the madness!

    • Divine

      Oh I know what you’re talking about! Isn’t that always the way with advertising? Everyone copies everyone else.

    • photodork

      People still watch TV commercials? I thought everyone had a DVR these days.

  • Anonymous

    Rave: I’m 9 weeks pregnant this week! Time to start thinking about how to announce to coworkers and to the fam.

    Rave: Nice weather this weekend!

    • Anonymous


    • WDC

      At work, put a framed picture of the gummi bear sono on your desk. See how long it takes for people to start noticing.

      • Anonymous

        A girl in my office posted her sono on her door, this upset another coworker who had a miscarriage, after complaint filed with mngt, guess what, we have a company policy, nothing allowed to be taped to the door (apparently it ruins the paint job).

    • Anonymous

      no need for an “announcement”. hey how are you doing? good, i’m pregnant, how are you?

      that’s all it takes.

      • C

        I imagine it’s similar to coming out to coworkers– hard to work into a normal conversation. I’m still trying to figure out that one…

  • Rave: Still getting tomatoes and peppers from my garden, window rehabilitation process is underway, no jet lag from my last trip (usually takes at least a week to readjust).

    No rants- it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    • DCster

      Nice to hear your window project is going well! We’re still (6+ weeks after contract) waiting for installation. Do you have the traditional 6-over-6 wood windows? Front or back of house?

      • I’m having my old six over six windows restored, not replaced. Excited to be getting laminated glass for better sound/weather proofing. And safety.

        • andy

          who is doing the restoration? is that a decent alternative cost-wise? Because I’ve got some pretty rotted out old lead-painted 1920 rowhouse windows and was just thinking of replacement.

          • Because I live in a historic neighborhood, replacement would need to be comparable to the original. When I priced new windows vs refurbishment, there wasn’t much price difference.

            See http://thecraftsmengroup.com/

  • DCster

    Rave: Got to discuss baby names with a coworker.
    Rant: Sounds like she’s going to pick one her husband wants instead of the one it sounded like she (and myself, not that it matters) prefers.

    • jilly

      Discussing baby names with a coworker is my idea of Hell. You’re a rare breed, and I’m sure she appreciated the help!

  • Fellow Petworthian

    Rave: Closing in on 38 weeks of pregnancy (for my partner)! Only a few more weeks left until we get to meet the little guy!

    Rave: Gorgeous day in the ‘hood. And it’s friday!

    • Caroline

      Wow, so many pregnancies! My rave: About to start on a baby sweater, for a dear friend who’s having her shower in December. Just picked up some lovely yarn from Stitch DC and can’t wait to start knitting. Baby clothes are so much fun!

  • JR

    Rave: Date night, tonight!

    Rave: It’s the weekend!

    Rant: Shouldn’t have bothered to come to work today, but I had ONE early morning meeting…and now I’m stuck here.

  • Anonymous

    Rant: Brightwood beware. Earlier in the week I told about my neighbor getting burglarized as I sat blissfully unaware in my living room. After discussions with other neighbors there appear to have been several burglaries in the hood within the last three weeks. In almost all of the incidents passports and laptops were stolen, often with the burglars bypassing credit cards, cash and jewlry in plain view. Alarm systems cut down considerably on what was taken but did not prevent it. Small flat screen tv’s were also popular. The hits are not on the same block and appear random (at least to us).

  • Anon

    Rave: I am NOT pregnant.

    • Anonymous

      whew. i guess i can call you again.

    • Emmaleigh504


  • Charle Nelson Reilly

    Rave: Million dollar homes in Shaw!

    Rant: People who are off work today and left my name as the referral in their email or voicemail yet didn’t brief me on their projects.

    Rave: I read this blog and I’m not pregnant.

    • schweeney

      +1 million

  • Rant: I joined the bike share program! since I was paying $5 a day, I only have to use it for 10 days and then I’ll be biking for free!
    Rave: So far I have been only able to use it 2 times out of 5 attempts, 1 time there were no bikes at the station, 2 times my key did not work: instead of the green light, I get a yellow and then red light and then there’s a sound like the ones on TV contest shows when you give the wrong answer!

    • y

      think you have your rants and raves confused :/

  • b

    rant – house deal fell through.
    rave – i am sad but i think it’s for the best!

    • Caroline

      Same thing happened to me a month ago. Demand is still insane here! But I’m confident something better will come along, and we are nothing if not patient.

  • Melissa Gilbert

    Rave: Pretty golden ginko leaves
    Rant: Skinky ginko fruit

  • mndc

    rant: overwhelmed by school, work, family issues, holiday plans, general lifery.

    rave: morning runs in the park with this weather and these leaves. life is busy, but life is good.


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